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The crisis in Sri Lanka: Exploited for regime changes in South Asia?

Sri Lankan PM Mahinda Rajapaksa, center, who resigned on May 9, seen with his younger brother, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, who three days before in a Cabinet meeting, pressed for the resignation, so as to buy an elusive peace. Colombo has been a witness to terrorist bombings and assassinations, but not to the scenes of  mass […]

Fauci, NIH Exploited “loophole” to fund gain-of-function research to Build the CoViD Bioweapon

Fauci, NIH exploited “loophole” to fund gain-of-function research to build the covid bioweaponBravo Sen. Rand Paul!  We now know that Fauci and the NIH exploited a “loophole” to directly fund gain-of-function research with communist China, resulting in the engineering of the covid-19 biological weapon.Fauci is a war criminal. And thousands of researchers, bureaucrats and virologists […]

Apple reveals security flaws in iOS that ‘may have been actively exploited’

Apple released a new iOS and iPadOS update that addresses three security flaws located in the previous version that “may have been actively exploited” by hackers.Patch notes for the iOS 14.4 update announced that the vulnerabilities were found in the previous versions of the iPhone and iPad operating systems.The bugs were found in both the […]

Capitol Riot Exploited To Expand The National Security State

 The US national security state failed to prevent the pro-Trump mob attack on the Capitol. Yet instead of accountability, US intelligence officials are being emboldened via increased militarization, censorship, and surveillance. Max Blumenthal and Aaron Maté discuss the dangerous fallout. Rather than prioritize accountability for US intelligence officials’ failure to prevent the pro-Trump mob […]

Data from connected cars will be exploited, monetized by car companies; most drivers have absolutely no idea it has already begun

(Natural News) Lots of cars now come standard with built-in cellular networking technology. Whether a car is autonomous or not is completely irrelevant. Car companies have been selling so-called smart cars for many years now. But just like regular cellphones, which also connect to cellular networks, these cars tend to store personally […]

Bana Alabed the Exploited Child – War, to “Save the Children”

Ken Stone21st Century Wire Today, on her program, The Current, Anna Maria Tremonti introduced the broadcast of a 23-minute documentary record of the voices of 8-year-old Bana Alabed and her mother, Fatima, produced at the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) in New York City. Bana Alabed has been exposed recently, in several forums, […]


AFTER 1492 CARIBBEAN JEWS BUILT PLANTATIONS & EXPLOITED SLAVES TO BECOME WEALTHY & HELPED BUILD THE SLAVE TRADE OUT OF NEWPORT RHODE ISLAND Romanticized Image of Jews in the Caribbean History of the Jews of the Caribbean, by Ralph G.Bennett Click for Source Article on Caribbean Jews 1992 Was 500th anniversary of landing of Columbus […]

Poll heavily exploited in US against Iran exposed as ‘blatantly biased’

Press TV- A recent poll that was recently conducted in the United States and that the opponents of an international nuclear deal with Iran heavily used to make their case has been revealed as “blatantly biased.” A chain of conservative and far-right media outlets in the US as well as “pundits” opposed to the Iran […]

Victims of Rashideen Betrayed & Politicized by Western Media, Exploited by the White Helmets – Part One

The Badawi family. Victims of the Rashideen suicide car attack. Interviewed by Vanessa Beeley July 2017 (Photo: Vanessa Beeley) Vanessa Beeley21st Century Wire “They sieged us, starved us, mocked us and then tempted our children with potato chips before blowing them up. Have they no heart?” That was a question asked by many of the […]

Guamanians, Voiceless and Exploited US Citizens, Now In Bomb-Sights Of North Korea

Guamanians protest the use of their land for military exercises and testing. (Photo: Michael Lujan Bevacqua) GUAM — Tensions rose yet again earlier this week between North Korea and the United States as President Donald Trump issued his strongest threat yet to the rogue nation on Tuesday, stating at a press conference that “North Korea […]

Christiane Amanpour Challenged By Russia To Interview Boy She Exploited For War Propaganda

By Brandon Turbeville Hyped and heaped with praise from establishment corners all across the United States, the heavily opinionated Christiane Amanpour has long promoted the line of the Military Industrial Complex whenever its methods come in the form of “humanitarian bombing” and war under the guise of “Responsibility to Protect.” Amanpour has long […]

90 percent of the world’s fisheries either overfished or fully exploited, new report finds

(Natural News) The ominous sight of empty fish nets is becoming all too common as reports show that nearly 90 percent of fisheries all over the world are either overfished or fully-fished; 31.5 percent of fish stocks are fished at a biologically unsustainable level, while 58.1 percent are already fully-fished, said the Food and Agriculture […]

Hackers Exploited Word Flaw for Months While Microsoft Investigated

Hackers Exploited Word Flaw for Months While Microsoft Investigated April 27th, 2017 Via: Reuters: To understand why it is so difficult to defend computers from even moderately capable hackers, consider the case of the security flaw officially known as CVE-2017-0199. The bug was unusually […]

10 Graphs That Show Why People Get Fat

It is no surprise that people are fatter and sicker than ever before, as obesity rates have increased astronomically in recent years, particularly in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Australia. There are many different contributing factors to this problem and they are clearly environmental; our genes cannot have changed so much so quickly. The following is a list […]

Getting desperate: Saudis, Turks sanction Hezbollah in bid to open Lebanon front

     With a series of blatant measures, Saudi Arabia and its regional allies are evidently trying to destabilize Lebanon. The development is apiece with how Saudi Arabia and Turkey have both sought to undermine the ceasefire in Syria and to escalate that conflict to a region-wide level. A New York Times report this week poses […]

Dunk on Hate and Mad at the World

Israel’s Diplomatic Wars of Aggression By Richard Edmondson Israel these days seems to be increasingly at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world. In just the past few months it has quarreled with: Spain over arrest warrants issued for Netanyahu and six other Israeli officials for the 2010 attack on the […]

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