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Virtual Reality Tracks 75,000-Year-Old Footsteps of Sahul Explorers

Newly published and ground-breaking research has revealed previously unknown information about the populating of the ancient supercontinent of Sahul, which once comprised Australia and New Guinea. This story begins around 75,000 and 50,000 years ago when about 3,000 brave Southeast Asians became the first humans to reach Australia. According to a 2013 study published in […]

Norse Explorers Reached Azores 700 Years Before Portuguese

Until now it was believed that the Azores island group was discovered by Portuguese sailors in the 15th century. However, a new study shows Norse explorers had brought animals to the islands 700 years earlier. Furthermore, the Norsemen burned and engineered the wild wooded landscape to better suit cattle grazing. The view of Mt. Pico […]

Clif High – It’s WooTyme – Explorers’ Guide to SciFi World

» Puddles Shares Quarantine TipsToday at 1:40 am by PurpleSkyz » UK Funeral Director Courageously Exposes Ongoing “Covid” Crimes Against All of Humanity: “Delta Variant” IS Vaccine Damage Today at 1:28 am by PurpleSkyz » Helpful Rulings For Those Declining VaccinationToday at 1:15 am by PurpleSkyz » Why the Biden COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate is UnconstitutionalToday at 1:13 am by PurpleSkyz » Soundtrack for the […]

Pre-Columbian Explorers Settled the Bahamas Earlier Than Thought

New evidence suggests that the Bahamas were settled earlier than previously thought. But that’s not all. It appears that the first explorers to arrive on the islands transformed the entire landscape, rapidly. The Lucayan people were the original settlers of the Bahamas before the European conquest of the Americas in the late 15th century, after Columbus’s […]

Early Siberian Explorers Crossed The Bering Sea With Canine Companions

For decades, archaeologists generally agreed that the first humans in the Americas were the Clovis people, who were believed to have left northern Asia and reached the Alaska region about 13,000 years ago. However, archaeologists have now established that humans reached the Americas thousands of years before that. And now, a new paper looking at […]

Viking Explorers

Some vikings moved Westward across the Atlantic, creating a number of settlements like the one in Vinland, but much about this history remains a mystery. Source Article from

Proof of water for future explorers: New images from NASA show “underground ice cliffs” on Mars

(Natural News) It has been known for quite some time now that Mars is full of water. Regardless of whether or not there is actually flowing water on the so-called red planet’s surface, scientists from the National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA) have long confirmed that water is indeed present on the planet. […]

Russian Explorers Find ‘Swamp’ of Soviet Money

Russian Explorers Find ‘Swamp’ of Soviet Money May 29th, 2017 I’m not sure at what age I’ll begin formal Homeschooling – Cryptogon Edition with my children, but this will be a great one for when I teach them about the fiat currency scam. Via: […]

Explorers Discover Real Noah’s Ark In Turkey

A team of explorers have found what they say is evidence of the existence of Noah’s Ark, hidden beneath volcanic debris on Mount Aratat in Turkey. A documentary team following the Noah’s Ark Ministries International team, say that researchers discovered pieces of wood that originate from a structure said to date back 4,800 years which […]

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