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We are excited to announce that we are pressing GOVERNMENT SPONSORED TERRORISM on RED VINYL for the first time! We have 9 days left to fill our preorder goal and need your help! This limited edition, hand numbered pressing is being funded by all of you! We just need to sell 100 pre-orders to get […]

Israel after false flag bid to get US into war with Iran if they don’t get a Zio puppet President

Israel would resort to a “false flag incident” to torpedo the recent Iranian nuclear agreement and lure the United States into military action against the Islamic Republic, says a former US Senate candidate. “If the Israelis wake up in January 2017 and don’t have a person that they want in the White House, who would kill the P5+1 deal, […]

Martin Place Sydney Australia terrorist seige – false flag staged attack by Australian Jewish Governments

Please Aussies do not fall for these false flag (staged attacks) by our Governments. Especially what just happened in Martin Place Sydney, Bali Bombings and Port Arthur Massacre etc This staged Terror attack was created to pass new laws to control us even more. Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored […]

Fake Climate Change Studies Aim to Influence Public Opinion Through Propaganda

Susanne Posel Occupy Corporatism October 16, 2012     Alarmists from Harvard University published a study claiming that certain thunderstorms expel water vapor miles into the stratosphere, called convective injection, and that this phenomenon…

Turkey and Syria: Is The War Imminent? – Syria, Turkey: The Mummery (Rondo alla Turca, Part 2)

Following is the translation of a German Blog post about the information by a Russian journalist who is currently in Turkey in order to collect information and reports about the machinations..

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Syria: War Preparations in Full Swing – False Flag as Pretext – U.S. units strengthened at Syrian-Jordanian border.

Since grenades from Syrian soil have hit a Turkish border village on Wednesday last week, in which five people have sadly lost their lives, the situation is getting worse at the border between Syria and Turkey.

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Turkey: Erdogan wants a war with Syria – Syria: False-Flag attacks of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) could trigger war with Turkey.

As a long observer of the difference between what politicians say and what they then do, I am aware that one has to always expect the opposite. There are hundreds of examples for ..

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Alert! another false flag US Gov. terror attack building up

Alex Jones calls in to warn about the potential for another false flag attack, urging listeners to activate, call the White House and try to stop the attack. Counter-terrorism expert Dr. Steve Pieczenik concurs with Alex’s outlook and urges the good men and women inside the system to say no to this shameful and dangerous […]

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