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Craig Murray: The Farce of US Diplomatic Assurances (Julian Assange) Volume 29, Number 106 — Wednesday, April 17, 2024 April 17, 2024 The assurance that Julian Assange will be allowed to rely on the First Amendment in his defence is a blatantly weak piece of sophistry. U.S. Department of Justice Building in Washington. (Gregory Varnum , Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0) By Craig Murray […]

The ‘inquiry’ into Covid a farce before it even began

See the above article in pdf version in the link: There apparently is going to be an ‘inquiry’ into the response to Covid where there is a push for a Royal Commission. Let’s look at the past history of Royal Commissions and how they have helped those persons who needed them. Out of the […]

The Fossil Fuel Farce

Oil scarcity is entirely artificial Surely not, who could have guessed? From Scripio Eruditus — Rockefeller Standard Oil logo (1972). Note the inclusion of the torch of enlightenment, an ubiquitous occult symbol. “The Twentieth Century — sometimes referred to as the American Century — was a veritable whirlwind of military-grade PsyOps, pernicious lies, dastardly […]

Biden’s refusal to demand accountability for Israeli army killings is an open farce

The Biden administration’s refusal to demand any accountability from Israel for army killings is now an open farce among media who cover these atrocities. Source

City council’s ‘green’ bicycle lane an environmental farce!

Australia is a ‘money for mates’ (penal) colony, and the businesses called ‘city councils’ are rife with fraud. Useless positions are created within councils that Australian tax payers (usually ‘mums & dads’) have to fraudulently support. So called ‘environmental’ officers is just one example, people who literally have no qualifications to take on such a […]

‘Farce’: China dismisses UK, Canada diplomatic boycott of Beijing Winter Games

China on Thursday dismissed the decision by Canada and the United Kingdom to join Washington’s diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games as a “farce.” China is also not concerned that the officials’ absence would spark a chain reaction, and numerous heads of state, government leaders and members of royal families have registered […]

The Establishment Is Hiding Mass Resistance To Vaccine Mandates With The “Striketober” Farce

By Brandon Smith It is perhaps a sign of the waning influence of the mainstream media that even though they have been incessantly pumping the concept of “Striketober” for the past month, the majority of Americans rarely mention it. What we do deal with on a regular basis, though, are the constant labor shortages across […]

The Farce of Dry days and Dry states

At a conference I attended some time ago, during cocktails, I observed a few delegates from Gujarat sipping their drinks from steel glasses. When I asked them out of curiosity the reason, one of them cryptically replied that if one lived in Gujarat, one too learned to do things this way. What they were trying […]

Covid-19 Panic in Wellington NZ: the Farce Continues

Wellington NZ is in alert level 2 again: From On Wednesday it was revealed that a weekend visitor to Wellington from Sydney, who had presumably taken advantage of the ‘bubble’ that has been created between New Zealand and Australia, ‘tested positive’ when he returned home.  We are told that the Ministry of Health has […]

Dan Rather: Trump Is ‘a Combination of Selfishness and Stupidity’ — His Administration Is a ‘Farce’

Former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” called President Donald Trump “a combination of selfishness and stupidity.” Rather said, “As members of the press, we have to keep doing our job, which is keep telling people, keep reminding people through use of facts and quotes of how unusually unique this is […]

VOCI – Face Mask or Farce Mask?

VOCI – Face Mask or Farce Mask?VOICE OF CHRISTIAN ISRAEL Pastor Eli discusses the farce that is COVID-19 and the face masks that are symbols of muzzling dissent.

Nuremberg Farce: Relying On The Dubious Hossbach Memorandum As Evidence To Convict & Execute German Leaders

From Wear’s War In other words, the sensational document, which was the primary instrument used in securing the conviction and execution of a number of Germany’s top leaders, has never been verified, and there is no reason to assume that it is authentic. After Germany’s defeat in WWII, the Nuremberg and later trials were organized primarily for […]

JFK Files: The Truth Behind the Farce

  October 27, 2017 Source Article from

Big Banks, Lobbyists and the ECB Regulations Farce

What a farce! Al-Nusra’s Name has been Removed from Terror List after Rebranding:

According to a recent report [1] by CBC Canada, al-Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria, which was formerly known as al-Nusra Front and then Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (JFS) since July 2016, has been removed from the terror watch-lists of the US and Canada after it merged with fighters from Zenki Brigade and hardline jihadists from Ahrar al-Sham […]

Is North Korea aiming at the Moon? The farce about Pyongyang’s 2,000 km altitude missile

nsnbc : On May 13 North Korea launched what it described as a new medium-range missile that dropped into the middle of the Sea […]


JULY 9, 2016 MADDCOLDSONOFKUFA by Jonathan Azaziah Fuck the Blue Bacon. Was just watching CNN and one of the propagandists said that cops all around America feel like they’re “under siege”. I kid you not. The heavily armed thugs with unlimited political protection, machine guns and tanks feel like THEY are being besieged, huh? And […]

Newsletter – US Democracy Crisis: Illegitimate System

Print Friendly Above photo: From Alamy. Two years ago we wrote that the task of the movement is to build national consensus. We have shown in previous articles that national consensus is being reached on many issues, but the government is not responding to the public consensus. We have also reported on research that shows […]

House Republicans exploit Zika virus fear to loosen pesticide restrictions, permit chemical dumping in water supplies

(NaturalNews) While the rest of the world awakens to the damaging effects of pesticide pollution, officials in the U.S. are working to allow more pesticides into our water supplies. The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to loosen already weak pesticide regulations in a purported effort to combat the spread of the Zika virus. […]

HRW slams Israel over de facto travel ban for boycott activist

Barghouti lives in the northern coastal city of Acre in Israel and requires the document to travel in and out of Israel and Palestine. After threats were made against Barghouti by Israeli officials, Israel refused to renew Barghouti’s travel documents. Human Rights Watch was quick to respond to the ban, with executive director Sarah Leah Whitson […]

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