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Bezeq launches fiber-optic service

Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ) is launching its fiber-optic project and is due to hold a press conference today at which it will officially announce prices for the service and details of the rollout. The company has notified the Internet service providers (ISPs) in accordance with its obligations under the wholesale market rules, […]

AT&T Owes Fiber Optics to 21 States; 90 Year Old Spent $10,000 on WSJ Ads to Bring Fiber to His

AT&T Owes Fiber Optics to 21 States; 90 Year Old Spent $10,000 on WSJ Ads to Bring Fiber to His Activist Post / Activist Post By B.N. Frank The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is supposed to protect Americans from the telecom industry. Unfortunately, they haven’t been doing so for decades (see 1, 2). This has […]

Bezeq to launch fiber-optic project in two weeks

Bezeq Israeli Telecommunication Co. Ltd. (TASE: BEZQ) announced today that it is officially launching its fiber optic project on March 14. At the launch event, it will reveal all the details about packages and speeds. “Globes” reported exclusively yesterday that Bezeq has already contacted Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and asked what they would be charging […]

Minority Rights Central To India’s Democracy Fiber

Every country, has its share of minorities, whether linguistic, cultural or ethnic. For nearly all the countries, maintaining and securing their interests is a problem. And, for the biggest democracy in the world with largest spectrum of diversity it becomes a far more complex. In India we established a National Commission for Minorities under the National Commission for Minorities act, […]

Google Planning to Link Israel, Saudi Arabia as Part of Optical-Fiber Cable Project: Report

Illustrative. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. i24 News – Google is planning to connect Israel and Saudi Arabia with optical-fiber cable as part of a larger internet infrastructure project, The Wall Street Journal reported Monday. According to the report, the link would be established as part of a major backbone line connecting Europe with India. The 8,000-meter-long cable […]

A low-fiber diet can decrease healthy gut bacteria by 60%

(Natural News) There are at least 1,000 different kinds of bacteria and 40 million microbial cells found in our gut. A balance in the gut microbiome is really vital to keep not just our physical health well, but also our mental and emotional well-being. To be able to maintain a healthy balance of […]

Fiber found to be an underutilized treatment for type-2 diabetes

(Natural News) Getting more fiber into your diet isn’t just good for digestion. According to a study, it could also reduce symptoms of diabetes and help with weight loss. The study, published in the journal Science, revealed that dietary fiber could “rebalance” the gut microbiota, encouraging the development of specific types of gut […]

Appetite-suppressing bread with fiber, protein, dried fruit can reduce calorie intake between meals

(Natural News) According to a team of researchers from the University of Granada (UGR), cereal-based bread can soon help individuals curb their appetite more effectively than other types of bread. The researchers, led by Professor Ángel Gil Hernández and Dr. María Dolores Mesa García at UGR’s Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology II, collaborated with […]

‘Here’s How to Shut Down the Internet: Snip Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables’

‘Here’s How to Shut Down the Internet: Snip Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables’ December 12th, 2017 Via: McClatchy: Hundreds of thousands of miles of fiber-optic cable lay on the ocean floors, a crucial part of the global internet’s backbone, and only rarely do ship anchors, undersea […]

Agave fiber found to improve gut health, help maintain healthy weight

(Natural News) Supplementing with agave extract can lead to better gut health and even weight loss, claim the researchers behind a new study. Their findings, which have been published in Nutrients, suggested that agavins—a type of indigestible sugar derived from the agave plant—can balance out and diversify gut microbiota. For the purposes of their study, […]

Approved seafood imported into the U.S. is often raised on a diet of pig feces

(NaturalNews) Another reason to beware of the toxic ingredients in your food supply is upon us, this time involving the seafood that’s imported into the United States. Seafood has long been the subject of concern, from the radiation that’s lurking in fish affected by the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster, to the child slave […]

New satellite to measure plant health

The Fluorescence Explorer (FLEX) mission is ESA’s eighth Earth Explorer. FLEX will provide global maps of vegetation fluorescence, which can be converted into an indicator of photosynthetic activity. This new information will improve our understanding of how much carbon is stored in plants and their role in the carbon and water cycles. FLEX was selected […]

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