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German Gov’t Begins Freezing Bank Accounts of Conservatives

The German government has announced plans to begin freezing the bank accounts of people deemed “right wing” by the WEF-controlled government. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser announced a raft of draconian measures this week, that critics say […] The post German Gov’t Begins Freezing Bank Accounts of Conservatives appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Trudeau Government Is Sued Over Emergencies Act, Freezing Civil Liberties Protesters’ Ban Accounts

Trudeau’s authoritarian overreach, which a court ruled was unconstitutional, is being challenged by the victims of his actions. Source

Russian City Heating FAILS, Leaving People Deal with -20 Freezing Temperatures

In the frigid town of Podolsk in the Moscow region, a dire scenario unfolds as more than 21,000 residents find themselves in the throes of life-threatening cold, with temperatures plummeting below a bone-chilling -20°C. The community grapples with an alarming heating crisis that has pushed citizens to the brink. Frustration and desperation reach a boiling […]

Top House Budget Dem: I’m ‘Very Open to’ Re-Freezing Iran Prisoner Swap Money

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Claman Countdown,” House Budget Committee Ranking Member Rep. Brendan Boyle (D-PA) stated that he is “very open to” re-freezing the $6 billion in Iranian assets unfrozen under a prisoner swap brokered by Source

Afghans in dire need of aid to survive freezing winter

  READ: Turkiye's 7th aid train reaches Afghanistan Source

NWO Geoengineers Freezing Siberia With Withering Weather Warfare

READ HERE: Extreme cold grips Siberia, as temperatures fall to lowest levels since 2002   Source

Heating Restored in Freezing Kyiv After Russia Launches Another Major Attack: Mayor Klitschko

Heating has been fully restored to Kyiv after the latest Russian bombardment that targeted water and power infrastructure, the capital’s Mayor Vitali Klitschko said on Sunday. “The city is restoring all services after the latest shelling,” Klitschko said on the Telegram messaging app. “In particular, the capital’s heat supply system was fully restored. All sources […]

Ukraine war: Heating restored in freezing Kyiv after Russian bombardment

The city’s mayor Vitali Klitschko says that all city heating and water services were restored after a wave of air strikes on Friday. Source

WATCH: Officers Rescue Boy, Woman from Freezing Pond: ‘They Acted Without Hesitation’

Police in Aurora, Illinois, rescued a nine year old boy who fell through the ice on a retention pond at an apartment complex on November 23. Source

Photos: Photographer’s Dream Encounter With Seal Pup in Russia’s Freezing Lake Baikal

The setting was Russia’s frozen Lake Baikal, and photographer Dmitry Kokh was diving deep under the endless cover of ice. Below him, the lake stretched a full kilometer down. His mission was epic, and lonely—until he spotted the little face of a seal pup emerging from its icy burrow. At once, he had the precious […]

Germany says citizens who don’t enjoy freezing this winter are extremists

(Natural News) The German government is gearing up for widespread civil unrest this winter once the lights go out. According to reports, one of the top search queries on Google in Germany right now is for “firewood” as residents panic at the thought of there being no more Russian gas coming through the pipeline to… […]

62-Year-Old Trapped Inside Capsized Sailboat Survives 16 Hours In Freezing Atlantic Ocean

The unnamed Frenchman sent out a distress signal that led three helicopters and a rescue ship with five divers to find him. Source

US Bans Transactions With Russian Central Bank, Freezing Nearly Half Of Russia’s $630BN In Reserves

According to the Treasury release, the U.S. also announced new penalties on a key Russian sovereign wealth fund, the Russian Direct Investment Fund, and its Chief Executive Officer, Kirill Aleksandrovich Dmitriev, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The announcements marked the latest blow in the West’s financial retaliation against Russia following Putin’s invasion […]

Canada Moves to Make Asset Freezing Under Emergencies Act Permanent & Their Justice Minister Says Trump Supporters Should Worry About Having Their Bank Accounts Frozen

Canada has moved to make the asset freezing part of its Emergencies Act, which was used to target supporters of the Freedom Convoy protests, a permanent fixture. PATRICK DOYLE via Getty Images Wow, who saw that one coming? In order to stop what the Trudeau regime referred to as “illegal blockades,” the government threatened to […]

Iran says US sanctions cannot justify Seoul’s freezing of assets

Iran says South Korea is “obliged” to release its frozen assets, and that US sanctions cannot justify debt non-payment, Anadolu News Agency reports. Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Ali Bagheri, made these remarks on Thursday during a meeting with his South Korean counterpart, Choi Jong-kun, on the sidelines of the ongoing nuclear deal talks in Vienna, […]

Texas accused of moving freezing residents in order to stage cheerleading competition

A cheerleading competition in Texas has been reportedly scheduled to take place over the weekend in a convention centre, prompting outrage among residents as it might end up displacing the people who have taken shelter in the venue to escape the winter storm. The cheerleading competition, which is named “Spirit Celebration” and is hosted by […]

Climate Catastrophe In Texas And The Texans Are Freezing To Death

Texans are freezing to death because of Republican greed. Decades ago, corporations paid off politicians to support the deregulation of the Texas energy market and limit federal oversight of the state’s energy grid. As a result of the latest climate catastrophe, so many Texans lost sewer and water service for days. Their water pipes burst. […]

Bosnia: Hundreds of migrants grappling with freezing temperatures in makeshift shelters

Hundreds of migrants in northwest Bosnia still sleeping rough in freezing temperatures that forecasters say could fall as low as -15C. Individuals and families, some with small children, are stranded near the border to Croatia, often used as the gateway to Europe. “The situation is very bad,” explained Muhammad Khan from Afghanistan. “The weather is […]

Russian man lives to tell his tale after surviving 5 days lost in the woods in freezing cold temperatures

     A Russian man shares his chilling story of how not to freeze to death for five days in the woods with temperatures dropping to as low as 31 C below zero and not to starve by eating pine trees. A 31-one-year-old man from Central Russia’s Chelyabinsk region has got a lucky escape after spending […]

Braving Freezing Cold, Kargil Pours Out To Protest Netanyahu Visit

Braving Freezing Cold, Kargil Pours Out To Protest Netanyahu Visit Above Photo: Braving Freezing Cold, Kargil Pours Out To Protest Netanyahu Visit People marched through the streets of Kargil chanting slogans like “Netanyahu Go Back” and “Resistance Till Victory”. KARGIL: Braving sub zero temperatures residents of this remote Himalayan town in Ladakh region of Kashmir […]

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