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The Social Disaster: Children Who Frequently Check Social Media Face Significant Brain Changes

Here’s one more reason to limit the amount of time your child is spending in front of a screen. Source

This kind of unprovoked brutal violence is occurring more frequently since the highly toxic Covid injections were rolled out.


This kind of unprovoked brutal violence is occurring more frequently since the highly toxic Covid injections were rolled out.


Book: Barack Obama Frequently Frustrated by Joe Biden — ‘Shoot. Me. Now.’

Former President Barack Obama was frequently frustrated with Joe Biden, a new book claims, first as a Democrat senate colleague and then as his vice president.

Victory Over the Coronavirus in the DPRK: Frequently Asked Questions

On August 10, an all-republican summing-up meeting on emergency anti-epidemic work was held in the capital, Pyongyang, convened by the WPK and the DPRK Cabinet, chaired by Kim Jong-un, who announced a complete victory over COVID-19 and an easing of the “maximum stringent emergency quarantine” level. The total number of cases was 4.77 million out […]

FAKE MEDICINE: “Randomized” drug trial protocols are frequently altered by industry sponsors who selectively remove participants that get sick

(Natural News) When it comes to making and approving pharmaceutical drugs, the science and procedure behind the process is readily corruptible. It can be manipulated to fulfill the wishes of pharmaceutical companies. A team of researchers from the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen has exposed widespread corruption in drug trial protocols. The research, […]

Brits rush for Irish EU passports after Brexit

Search data by Internet giant Google points to Britons’ hunt for the European Union citizenship in the aftermath of the UK’s historic referendum to break away from the EU. British citizens are said to have launched a frantic search for EU citizenship, looking for ways to acquire passports like the “Irish passport.” Britons are concerned […]

Totally dishonest vaccine pusher Paul Offit repeatedly fails to disclose his own financial conflicts of interest

(NaturalNews) The prestigious Wall Street Journal performed reckless reporting last fall when they ran an opinion piece written by millionaire vaccine industrialist Paul Offit, MD, who alleged that the rise in respiratory infections was due to a decrease in vaccination rates. Offit’s piece praises the efficacy of vaccines while leaving out one important […]

Pentagon vows more weapons drops to Syrian rebels: Claims massive gains against ISIS by largely fictional faction

     Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren today announced that the US intends to carry out more weapons airdrops in the Hasakeh Province of northeastern Syria, claiming the “Democratic Forces” faction has achieved massive gains in the weeks since they dropped their last batch of arms there. The Democratic Forces have been hyped by the US […]

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