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Exclusive – Mike Braun: Americans Frightened of Leftist ‘Craziness’ from a Democrat Congress

ATLANTA — Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) told Breitbart News in an exclusive interview on Wednesday that Americans are frightened at the prospect of Democrats having full control of Congress. He said that Georgians would rise to keep the Senate majority in Republican hands. Braun spoke to Breitbart News as Georgia remains embattled in the two […]

Alex Houston, CIA ASSET “Having Anal Sex With a Small, Very Young, Frightened Black Boy”

Cathy O’Brien says that she and her daughter, Kelly, escaped from Project Monarch when Mark Phillips came on the scene. He says he worked with Alex Houston on a big business deal involving Hong Kong and China. However, he was subsequently told by a representative of the Chinese Ministry of Defence about Houston’s background and […]

Frightened Cow Escapes Slaughterhouse, Hides In Forest For Weeks

A cow has managed to escape her fate at a slaughterhouse in the Netherlands by hiding in a small forest in the town of Lettele.  According to locals, multiple attempts to catch or kill the cow named Hermien have been futile. The cow and her siblings escaped last year when they were being transported to the […]

Rob Reiner: ‘GOP Frightened to Death of the Browning of America. They Will Lose This Last Big Battle of the Civil War’

Renegade Editor’s Note: Who in the GOP (gay old pedophiles) is even pro-White? Don’t be fooled by the Bagelian dialectic. Also, I guess it’s up to me to point out that this is yet another anti-White jewish supremacist. By Chris Menahan Actor Rob Reiner said Sunday on Twitter that the government shutdown is actually part of […]

Frightened of upsetting Saudi Arabia, ‘Sensitive’ UK Terror Funding Inquiry May Not Be Published

An investigation into the foreign funding and support of jihadi groups that was authorised by David Cameron may never be published, the Home Office has admitted. The inquiry into revenue streams for extremist groups operating in the UK was commissioned by the former prime minister and is thought to focus on Saudi Arabia, which has […]

Why Neoliberals are frightened of Duterte defeating ISIS

     Liberals will never side with Rodrigo Duterte, even if he crushes ISIS in Philippines. Even as he fights ISIS, the western liberal elite and their mainstream media allies have nothing good to say about the Philippine President. Reports have surfaced that under the leadership of President Rodrigo Duterte, the Philippine armed forces are using […]

Bizarro world: Think Progress editor argues that males can menstruate and get pregnant

     The fight between basic biology that most little kids learned in elementary school versus the bizarre progressive politically correct agenda that would see anyone using any public bathroom for any reason and no such thing as distinction between a man and a woman has just taken a train to crazy land. It’s one thing […]

Polyamory: Is it Really Possible to Romantically Love More Than One Person at the Same Time?

21st May 2016 By Dr. Kelly Neff Guest writer for Wake Up World One the greatest struggles of our modern monogamous relationships is the limitation of only being able to romantically “love” one person at the same time. It feels confusing and counter-intuitive, because we know we can “love” so many people at once, across […]

Cop Sentenced For Masturbating In Public, Now A Registered Sex-Offender

Santa Clara Police Sgt. Thomas Leipelt has been found guilty of sex-crimes and sentenced to 45 days in jail. He is also now on the sex-offender registry. So what did this cop do to warrant this punishment? It turns out, Sergeant Leipelt and his girlfriend were having sex in a backroom of his girlfriend’s workplace. […]

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