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Pathogenic Bacteria And Fungi Found On Masks: Study

The researchers found that the face side of the masks had more bacteria, whereas the outer side of the masks contained more fungi. Source

Lion’s Mane: Shaggy Fungi for Your Brain and Neuronal Health

By GreenMedInfo Research Group These unique fungi have a taste similar to lobster and a “mane” like a lion’s, but their greatest attribute of all may be their propensity to boost cognitive function and support a healthy brain Lion’s mane mushrooms (Hericium erinaceus), with their shaggy, mane-like spines, stand out among fungi not only for […]

Russia holding the line to prevent total global war

     The deployment this week of a US missile system in Eastern Europe is another step towards all-out global war. Despite Western propaganda demonizing Russia, the truth is that it is Russian military might that is actually holding the line to prevent such a cataclysm. The United States and its NATO allies are already at […]

Lavrov: Russia has had enough: No more ‘business as usual’ with U.S.

     Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov gave a remarkable press conference that was entirely ignored by western media: For Russia, there will be no more ‘business as usual’ with the European Union or the United States. A new stage of history is dawning which can develop only on the basis of equal rights and all […]

DNA samples from fungi collections provide key to mushroom ‘tree of life’

Enlarge Purdue mycologist Catherine Aime and fellow researchers used DNA from preserved fungi to solve the long-standing mystery of how mushrooms are related to one another. Credit: Purdue University / Tom Campbell Genetic material from fungi collections at Purdue University and the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, helped a team of researchers resolve the mushroom “tree […]

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