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Controversial genetically modified tomato set to invade American gardens

(NaturalNews) A new genetically modified tomato seed has been released for sale to gardeners, despite receiving little scrutiny from the FDA. Critics worry that… Source

Of families, mills, and gardens

“It is true that there are many people who prefer to flee and search for a safe place outside the Gaza Strip, but this is not the case for the majority of people…It is not easy to start life again away from a homeland that you love.” Source

Community Gardens – #SolutionsWatch

The earth is abundant. If you don’t believe me, just join your local community garden. Join James as he takes a trip to Osaka to learn about Japanese organic gardening and gets his hands dirty in the soil. The post Community Gardens – #SolutionsWatch first appeared on The Corbett Report. Source

Searching for the Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The real location of the elusive Hanging Gardens of Babylon has eluded researchers for centuries. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Asia Ancient Places Asia Read Later  Source

Vertical Gardens: Researchers Determine Efficacy of Cheaper Cooling Method

Hot summers can be expensive, with air conditioners and fans driving up household electricity costs; however, researchers from the University of South Australia (UniSA) have identified a scientifically valid and inexpensive cooling method humans have known about for nearly a century. In a study from the UniSA, living walls or vertical gardens—walls that are entirely covered with […]

USDA is tracking community gardens! Red flag

[embedded content] This is from Doug and Stacey. We’ve posted their videos just twice so far on the topic of living off grid. Here we have a topic rearing its head again … one that is of concern to all of us world wide as the global plans tighten up further, global food supplies manipulated […]

The Classical Gardens of Suzhou: A Sight to Behold

Some of the most beautiful sights to see in China are the classical Suzhou gardens.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia Read Later  Source

Aztec House and Floating Gardens Discovered Under Mexico City

Archaeologists performing excavations in Mexico City’s Centro neighborhood dug up more than they bargained for when they uncovered the hidden ruins of an ancient Aztec dwelling,  Read more Section:  Artifacts Other Artifacts News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Americas Read Later 

Historical Chinese Gardens: Sanctuaries For The Mind And Body

In a garden, art, science, nature and the mind collide. It is no surprise then, that many stories in ancient religions and philosophies are set in gardens.  Read more Section:  News History Read Later 

Will “Victory Gardens” Make Comeback As Global Food Crisis Worsens?

Will “Victory Gardens” Make Comeback As Global Food Crisis Worsens? 9 Mar 2022 Ryan DeLarme Spring in the Northern Hemisphere is two weeks away, and interest in planting gardens could rise as the breadbasket of Europe was choked off by the Russian invasions of Ukraine, jeopardizing global food exports resulting in skyrocketing prices.Even before the turmoil […]

Olive gardens in Iran to expand by 4,000 hectares

Olive gardens in Iran to expand by 4,000 hectares – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Iran plans to increase the area under olive cultivation across the country by 4,000 hectares in the current Iranian calendar year (ends on March 20, 2022), an official with the Agriculture Ministry announced. “Considering the demand and the existence of the necessary […]

Bangkok ‘taxi graveyard’ comes to life with mini-gardens

A mass graveyard for Bangkok’s flamboyantly coloured cabs left idle and decaying by coronavirus curbs is coming to life with mini vegetable gardens and frog ponds set up to help feed out-of-work drivers. In an open-air parking lot in the west of the Thai capital, green shoots fed by monsoon rains sprout from the roofs […]

The Gardens of the Goddess

Renegade Editor’s Note: This is a strange story of how women from all over were brought to serve Aphrodite. It’s interesting how they were somewhat segregated according to race. By Pierre LouysFrom Aphrodite [1932] THE temple of Aphrodite-Astarte was erected outside the gates of the city in an immense park full of flowers and shadowy […]

Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are: ‘These Flowers Are White Supremacist’

Kew Gardens in London is going to begin informaing visitors about how racist certain plants are. No, this is NOT satire. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you agree to our Terms of Use. The Royal Botanic Gardens, funded by the UK government, is set to “change display boards for plants such as sugar […]

Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are

Mumford & Sons guitarist Winston Marshall was forced to issue a groveling apology after he was labeled a “Nazi” merely for praising a book by journalist Andy Ngo which is critical of Antifa. The controversy began over the weekend when Marshall tweeted about the book, Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy, when the […]

Caligula Palace, Gardens And Private Zoo Discovered In Central Rome

Rome is one of the richest sources of new archaeological finds and some, like this one, are really amazing. Recently, archaeologists unearthed a Caligula palace along with gardens and a private wildlife park in the center of Rome. The Caligula palace remains are offering new insights into the life of one of the most terrible […]

Post-lockdown field trip? Visit some of Israel’s (320!) archaeological gardens

Israeli law requires that any object discovered in the country which is of historical interest, or was created before 1700, becomes the property of the State. It must be reported to the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) within 15 days. And if it is found on a construction site, work is to be halted immediately after […]

Study Shows School Gardens Help to Prevent Nutritional Deficiencies in Children

Phillip Schneider, Staff Writer Waking Times It’s no secret that kids in America don’t eat as many vegetables as they should. As non-processed fruit and vegetable intake have been linked to a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, obesity, and hypertension in adulthood, the importance of childhood vegetable consumption is becoming increasingly relevant. According […]

Community gardens: Why urban preppers are building these gardening plots

(Natural News) If you live in the city but you want to start prepping, don’t despair. You can start a kitchen garden in your own home, or you can join other preppers and cultivate a community garden. Community gardens have once again risen in popularity, and this is probably because most city-dwellers […]

Florida Court Strikes Down Front-Yard Edible Gardens for Miami Shores

November 13, 2017 By Jason Erickson Apparently the right to feed yourself and your family is indeed not a fundamental one, as a Florida attorney previously declared. A longstanding battle between 17-year homeowners at the Village of Miami Shores, Tom Carroll and Hermine Ricketts, appears to have reached its sad conclusion. In 2014, […]

[WATCH] Video Shows On-Duty Miami Gardens Cop Taking Woman Into Hotel

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – When a police call came that a 23-year-old woman with mental problems had walked away from a group home, Miami Gardens police Sgt. Javier Romaguera was supposed to help her. After picking her up, Romaguera can be heard in a radio transmission claiming he was taking her to her former residence […]

Antibiotics and Intestinal Health: Balancing Our Internal Ecosystem

17th June 2016 By Tom Rothsey and Christina Lavers Contributing writers for Wake Up World The discovery of penicillin in 1928 is considered one of the most important developments in the history of modern medicine. Since their inception antibiotics have without a doubt saved many lives by helping people to overcome serious infections. However, today according to […]

Preempting Dissent

Print Friendly The legacy of the Bush administration and the so-called “War on Terror” includes a new logic that stretches well beyond the realm of overzealous security agencies, airport security and international relations, and into suppressing public protest; expanded surveillance aimed at entire populations, but especially activists; and mobilizing fear for social control. Special police […]

Lake Riesco Mysteriously Disappears Overnight in Patagonia, Chile

Pictures and videos show that most of the 1,400 hectares of lake Riesco have disappeared overnight near Aysen, Patagonia, Chile. Nobody knows what’s happening over there. The lack of information from any official teams increases the mystery. Sinkhole? Geological fault? Or lack of rain? Lake Riesco, or Lago Riesco in spanish, has almost completely disappeared from […]

Western presstitute media protects real villains from Panama Papers leak

     Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their massive stashes, often corruptly obtained and all involved in tax avoidance. These Panamanian lawyers hide the wealth of a significant proportion of the 1%, and the massive leak of their […]

While Paris Burned, Obama Was Busy Ordering More Muslim Migrants To Be Admitted To U.S.

The move comes after President Barack Obama pledged in September to admit an additional 10,000 Syrian refugees in 2016, torn by four years of civil war and disorder. ~ Videos The U.S. State Department confirmed the plans to open a refugee settlement processing centre in Erbil, Iraq, before the end of 2015, and to resume refugee […]

Huawei Develops New Fast Charge Lithium-Ion Batteries

Huawei Develops New Fast Charge Lithium-Ion Batteries November 14th, 2015 Via: Android Authority: Huawei says its new lithium-ion batteries can achieve charging speeds ten times faster than normal batteries. The company has shared videos of two types of batteries. One has a 600mAh capacity […]

Magic Passports Redux: Syrian Passport Allegedly Discovered on Paris Suicide Bomber

We’ve heard this one before, but this time they are doubling down on this all-too familiar set piece. Details are emerging after last night’s horrific events in Paris, and one particular item of investigation is all too familiar. AFP, RT, Reuters, ITV, Sky News, AP, Fox News and Sputnik, are all reporting that a Syrian passport was found either on, or near, the body of one […]

Notorious skunk ape of Florida likely just a free-ranging jenkem huffing nigger that couldn’t assimilate into society

Notorious skunk ape of Florida likely just a free-ranging jenkem huffing nigger that couldn’t assimilate into society Florida skunk ape likely just a free-ranging, jenkem huffing nigger exuding methane gas from his orangutan-like body, if the jenkem huffing niggers in Apefrica are anything to go by … The notorious American skunk ape, also known as the swamp […]

Chelsea Flower Show triumphs despite the rain

London’s Chelsea Flower Show is a spectacular event: the mother of all garden shows. Now in its 102nd year, not even the non-stop rain could put a damper on the gardens. The one big theme is colour: no more of those pristine white Sissinghurst gardens. Everyone is using lots of vibrant plants, with irises being […]

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