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Trump’s NATO non-commitment comments give European members chills

“NATO is the basis for our security,” Czech Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said Thursday at a news conference in Poland, commenting on Trump’s remarks. “I expect that also in the United States, whoever wins the presidential election, I hope the United States will remain a solid NATO partner.” ‘US can’t lecture Turkey on rule of […]

Pepsi Gets a Bright Idea: Put Aspartame Back into Diet Brand

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Group   Pepsi Co has decided to bring back a taste from the old days with their new “diet Pepsi classic sweetener blend” for those consumers who want aspartame in their soda. Beginning in September of this year, the soft drink giant will […]

Military Intel Chief Says Israel Will Make Sure ISIS Is Not Defeated in Syria

Pictured: Major General Herzi Halevy, Israel’s military intelligence chief by The Daily Sheeple Worried that the “superpowers” might leave Syria and put Israel in a “hard position,” Israel’s military intel chief has come out to say that they “prefer ISIS” over Assad and don’t want ISIS to be defeated there. It’s an incredibly overt admission […]

Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars

Orlando Gay Bar Fake Shooting Fraudsters Cheat American Public of Millions of Dollars In what is a most malicious example of fraud and deception, as well as virtual theft, Orlando Pulse Nightclub-related fraudsters have bilked unsuspecting donors of countless thousands of dollars, now held in the millions. It is all done in a premeditated fashion […]

Cernunnos: Looking Every Which Way

Cernunnos is probably the most famous yet least understood of the Celtic gods. Like the other Gaulish gods, he’s left us no mythology, only images. If we want to know what sort of god he was, then, there’s no alternative to sitting down with those images and looking closely. When we do, we discover some […]

Sandy Hook: Obama Admin Confirm Shooting Was Just ‘Terror Drill’

Los Angeles school expert, Paul Preston, says he has evidence that the Obama administration confirmed that the Sandy Hook shooting was a ‘terror drill’ in which ‘no children were killed’.  Paul Preston obtained information from the U.S. Department of Education who acknowledge that the Sandy Hook shooting: had been a drill; no children had been killed; […]

“All Whites are Racist” and Must Destroy Themselves Says White South African Activist

Steve GoodeWhite Genocide Project June 20, 2016 Gillian Schutte, a White South Africa “feminist” and “social justice activist” says that all Whites are genetically “racist“, and the final solution is to abolish “Whiteness.” “I agree with the position of the radical Black youth of today’s struggle against whiteness. Why should they point out the ‘good […]

Somalian Attacker of White Women Won’t Face Hate Crimes Charges

It’s been two weeks since an Atlanta-area mother and her daughter were attacked at their home by a burqa-clad Muslim woman who stole the American flag from their front yard and charged at them, swinging the flagpole at the mother’s head. The family says their lives have been turned upside down by the attack, and […]

Debunked: No, Russia Is Not About to Release Hillary’s Emails

Reliable intelligence sources in the West have indicated that warnings had been received that the Russian Government could in the near future release the text of email messages intercepted from U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server from the time she was U.S. Secretary of State. The release would, the messaging indicated, prove […]

Finance Minister Says Closing Borders Will Drive Germans To Incest

Germany’s Finance Minister told a German newspaper this week that closing European borders would lead Germany to incest. Defending his government’s migration policy with a strange argument Wolfgang Schäuble told Die Zeit “Isolation is what would ruin us – it would lead us into incest” Sputnik news reports: “Muslims are an enrichment of our openness […]

Alcohol banned at Euro 2016 fan zones, ‘sensitive’ areas after fan clashes

“I have asked for all necessary measures to be taken to prohibit the sale, consumption and transport of alcoholic drinks in sensitive areas on match days and the day before, and on days when fan zones are open,” Cazeneuve told the journalists.  UEFA to sanction Russia over stadium violence, threatens disqualification for English, Russian teams […]

Hillary Clinton For President Marks The Day The Music Died In America

Americans with the help of the establishment have decided that Hillary Clinton is a good choice to occupy the White House for the Democrats. The stupidity of the choice arrived at with the help of the presstitute media marks the end of hope of salvaging the world from an impending apocalyptic end. All those who […]

50 Dead, 53 Wounded In Orlando Nightclub – Deadliest Mass Shooting In US History

Orlando police warned residents to stay away from the area, and urged people not to call their offices. They declined to provide the number of casualties, saying details will be available later. Bomb sniffing dogs are on the scene. It was the second deadly shooting at an Orlando night spot in as […]

MULTICULT FAIL: Google Under Fire for Racist Search Results

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78% of Israelis support annexing West Bank settlement Ma’aleh Adumim

78% of Israelis support unilateral annexation of Ma’ale Adumim, poll finds JPost 31 May by Lahav Harkov — Right-wing MKs draft bill to apply sovereignty in West Bank city the day after PM expresses support for Saudi peace plan; Gush Etzion calls to be included in annexation effort. The Knesset Land of Israel caucus called […]

The Shuttening: PayPal Shuts Down BDS France

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2016 You’re no “Pal” of mine, Jew! I thought PayPal had pretty much finished shutting people down. They were one of the first companies to begin stealing people’s freedoms, and have done monthly purges since 2013. But now they’re upping the game, shutting down anyone who even remotely veers against […]

2.5K asylum-seekers ‘disappear’ from Finnish reception centers – report

“It’s a risky situation, we do not know who these people are, why they have come here and how they currently make their living, if they haven’t obtained asylum [status] but decided to stay here,” Sanna Palo, head of the Central Bureau of Investigation said in an interview with MTV3. “A serious threat is posed […]

Saudi Arabia’s Powerful Oil Minister Ali al-Naimi Fired By Royal Decree

This is big and could lead to very volatile oil markets in the near term. The key, of course, is whether this will lead to any change in Saudi philosophy toward the oil price, which is currently one of full pumping and a lower price to crush marginal producers in the United States and elsewhere, It is […]

ALERT! Everyone who lives in these states needs to contact their governor and representatives to encourage this action to stop Obama’s invasion…

Donald Trump’s New Campaign Adviser Is A Man Of Mystery

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s new campaign adviser is helping him look more presidential. The man of mystery comes with a bag of tricks that is going to make the Donald a more palatable candidate for the White House regardless of his past. At a recent private meeting at a beachside Florida resort, the kingmaker who in […]

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