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‘I Know You’re Not Crazy’: Pennsylvania State Trooper Accused of Having Ex-Girlfriend Involuntarily Committed

Pennsylvania State Trooper Ronald Davis has been arrested for allegedly forcing his ex-girlfriend into a mental health program and is facing false imprisonment charges. Source


Florida man kills his Pregnant Teenage Girlfriend for refusing to get an Abortion

Donovan Faison, a 21-year-old man from Florida, has been arrested and charged with a double homicide that shocked the community. The victims were his girlfriend, 18-year-old Kaylin Fiengo, and her unborn child. The tragedy unfolded nearly 10 months ago when Fiengo was found dead in her car at Sanford’s Coastline Park. She had driven to […]

Obama Told Ex-“Girlfriend” He ‘Repeatedly Fantasizes About Making Love To Men,’ Biographer Reveals


Swden court protect Migrant who set fire to Mother and Girlfriend

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe » Swden court protect Migrant who set fire to Mother and Girlfriend     The identity of the foreign man who last weekend murdered a mother in her 50s and an 18-year-old woman in an arson attack in a Stockholm suburb is being classified as secret. The Södertörn district court […]

Give Your Girlfriend What She Wants for V-Day: A Screaming Orgasm

Whaddup, sex gods? Are you getting stoked for V-day? Ready to head into Pound Town with no return ticket? That’s right fellas, the day of love and [redacted] is nigh—get your girl what she actually wants this year: to cum for once in her god-damned life! That said, even those with the best of intentions […]

Failed to Make Your Girlfriend Cum AGAIN? Try This ‘Delay Spray’

Are you a one-minute man? Do you feel like that punani Dasani, and every single time you “quench your thirst” you manage to spill your entire load in seconds? Sad—but you’re not alone. Lots of dudes have trouble lasting for the full circa 20 minutes it takes the average lady to reach orgasm, but fortunately […]

The Best Gifts for Your Girlfriend, Wife, or Side Piece

We know, we know: When it comes to the holidays, the best gifts in life—love, friendship, and a cure for IBS—can’t be bought. But the coolest ones can, as evidenced by a CBD bath bomb subscription, and a pair of gem-encrusted, pearl-drop shrimp earrings that could’ve time traveled from the 1972 Surrealist Rothschild ball right […]

French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’

Home » Crimes, Eurabia, Europe » French Father Stabbed along with 8 months Pregnant Girlfriend by ‘Young People’     Four “young people” (possibly migrants as that’s how they are called in France) were arrested in Cavaillon on Monday October 18 after attacking the parents of another young person they knew. Around 11 p.m., they […]

Tennis star happily shoots content for influencer girlfriend Costeen Hatzis as they attend the star-studded Hello Molly 10th anniversary boat party in Sydney

Nick Kyrgios joined girlfriend Costeen Hatzi at Hello Molly’s exclusive 10th anniversary boat party in Sydney on Thursday. In addition to Tammy Hembrow, Skye Wheatley, and Kylie Jenner’s best friend Greek American Anastasia Karanikolaou, the upscale event was also attended by the 27-year-old tennis champion. The loved up looked thrilled to attend the exclusive VIP event […]

ACH (1847) Mark Dankof And Dr. Patrick Slattery – The Dankof Report #20 – You’ll Be Bubba’s Best New Girlfriend!

In today’s show originally broadcast on July 14 2022, Andy presents “The Dankof Report” with its hosts Mark Dankof and Dr. Patrick Slattery for a show entitled, “You’ll Be Bubba’s Best New Girlfriend!” We discussed: the Washington State Judge who was reprimanded for warning a defendant that he faces the prospect of being raped in […]

Man Angry at His Girlfriend Smashes Ancient Greek Artifacts Worth $5 Million!

A man “mad at his girl” broke into The Dallas Museum of Art in Texas and destroyed three Greek artifacts, estimated to be worth up to $5 million and faces years in jail.   Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Jury Acquits Man of Murder After Death of Girlfriend in 2017 SWAT Raid

A jury on Friday acquitted a Florida man of murder and attempted first degree murder over an incident at the man’s home in 2017. Andrew Coffee IV, 27, was accused of firing at deputies of the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office’s SWAT team during a morning drug raid at his Gifford home in March 2017. His girlfriend, […]

Tory peer’s son’s ex-girlfriend back in Belize jail accused of assaulting hotel worker

The estranged partner of a Tory peer’s son who is accused of shooting a police officer in Belize has reportedly been arrested for assaulting a hotel worker. Jasmine Hartin, 32, is charged with manslaughter by negligence and had been out on bail awaiting trial after the death of Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott on May 28. […]

Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Says A.I. Could Usher In Communist Utopia

Grimes is a terrible musician who is married to a terrible person. She recently came out and said that we should “correctly” allow A.I. to take over all aspects of our lives because it would be the “fastest path to communism” and create “abundance” for all. Like, we could totally get to a situation where […]

Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Grimes Claims AI Could Lead To Communist Utopia

Canadian singer Grimes has baffled TikTok users by sharing a bizarre video in which she claims that artificial intelligence (AI) could help create a communist utopia. The singer has raised suspicion among some who have pointed to her relationship with Tesla billionaire Elon Musk as a red flag. RT reports: The popular musical artist, whose […]

Gaetz ex-girlfriend feared alleged sex-trafficking victim taped call for feds

Gaetz’s former girlfriend has played a bit role in the unfolding public drama — she is the woman who sent the lawmaker a nude video of her performing a hula hoop dance that he showed to other members of Congress. But two of her friends, who declined to be identified publicly because of the sensational […]

3 Afghans Beat Swedish Football Player Unconscious as He Protected His Girlfriend

    Three Middle Eastern men have been convicted by a Swedish court for beating a man unconscious after he attempted to protect his girlfriend and her friend from their sexual harassment, according to local media. The attack took place outside an arena in Helsingborg on August of 2019 as the victim, a prominent 26-year-old […]

Police: MS-13 Gang Member Captured on Video Killing Ex-Girlfriend in Front of Daughter

California authorities are looking for a suspected MS-13 gang member who was captured on surveillance camera killing his ex-girlfriend in front of her three-year-old daughter, police said. Karen Ruiz, 35, was taking her daughter to her babysitter’s house Wednesday in Arleta, California, when she noticed Herbert Nixon Flores, 46, getting out of a vehicle to chase […]

Memoirs of an Illuminati Girlfriend

Memoirs of an Illuminati Girlfriend Henry Makow (Kirsten Dunst, not Gretchen) “Deep State Insider Revelations on Presidential Grooming & Donald Trump” This memoir was sent to me anonymously. I think it is genuine but the “revelations” are underwhelming and decidedly pro-Trump. The idea that he wasn’t into underage girls is BS. Nonetheless, it does provide […]

Chilling Video Shows Man Dumping Body of Pregnant Girlfriend on Highway

    Authorities in New York have arrested a 29-year-old man accused of dumping the body of his deceased pregnant girlfriend on the side of a highway in chilling footage. A video released by the NYPD shows a male suspect pull a body from the passenger side of a white coupe parked on the shoulder […]

US: Ape Kills His Ex-Girlfriend, Injures Her Daughter Then Goes On & Injures A Random Man

RCN: A woman was shot and killed and her 3-year old son was wounded Friday night in Walton. Tiffany L. Kidwell […] had pulled into the driveway of her home with her two children in the backseat when […] John C. Gentry approached the vehicle. A domestic violence order was in effect against Gentry […] […]

Man Stabbed to Death by Migrant For Trying to Prevent Girlfriend Being Raped Was Targeted Over ‘Sweden Democrats’ Cap

An eyewitness said he tried to warn a security guard named Mohammad Agha about the suspicious behavior of Manchester Arena bomber Salman Abedi before the terrorist blew himself up, killing 22 people, but was “fobbed off.” The concertgoer approached the suicide bomber shortly before the attack because he looked “out of place” at the Ariana […]

Florida: Simian Charged With Murdering Ex-Girlfriend While Daughter Was in Zoom Class

Just another day in the hood. MyTwintiers: A Florida man is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend to death in front of six children, including her 10-year-old daughter, who was learning online with her class at the time of the murder Tuesday. Donald J. Williams, 27, is accused of shooting and killed Maribel Rosado-Morales, 32, at […]

UKIP Chief’s Girlfriend: ‘Meghan’s Seed Will Taint Our Royal Family’

Scandal-hit Ukip leader Henry Bolton was plunged into a fresh crisis last night after it was revealed that his glamour model girlfriend made racist remarks about Meghan Markle. Mr Bolton, 54, was already facing calls for his resignation after he left his wife for 25-year-old Jo Marney. Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal shocking […]

Vegas Gunman’s Girlfriend Deleted Her Facebook Before Police Released Paddock’s Name

[Paddock] concealed or deleted all of his digital storage. He used at least one prepaid cellphone, though three phones were found in his Mandalay Bay suite. And in the year leading up to the shooting, he collected an arsenal of weapons and ammunition, mostly purchased from internet retailers, along with glass cutters and “numerous” […]

Trial Begins For Hammond Cop Charged With Killing Ex-Girlfriend

Indiana – A Porter County jury stared at graphic photos Wednesday showing how a Portage woman was found shot dead with blood pooled in the carpet around her in 2015. “So, how do we get to this place where she dies so violently?” asked prosecuting attorney Matthew Frost. Frost turned and pointed to Kevin Campbell, […]

Philando Castile‘s Girlfriend Settles With St. Anthony For $800,000

The city of St. Anthony has agreed to a second legal settlement over the fatal shooting of Philando Castile by one of its police officers. And this time, with its insurance coverage all but used up, any settlement would largely come from city coffers. The St. Anthony City Council on Tuesday night voted to pay […]

Florida Deputy’s Son Steals Patrol Car, Pulls Ex-Girlfriend Over, Orders her New Boyfriend Out of Car, then Robs him

One day after a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy shot his ex-girlfriend in the back before turning the gun on himself, the son of another deputy stole his father’s patrol car and pulled his ex-girlfriend over. Christopher Combs, 22, who is a paid cadet with the sheriff’s office, then ordered her new boyfriend to step […]

[WATCH] Cop Kills Driver, Girlfriend Facebook Live Streams His Last Moments

Another July evening in America has been ruined by police shedding blood over a broken tail light, a man’s life ended too soon in the tragic video below, Facebook live streamed from his car. “Stay with me,” said Lavish Reynolds onto Facebook Live video, “We got pulled over for a busted tail light in the […]

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