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Pope Gregory X Gaslights Christians — Jews Would Never Commit Ritual Murder Because The Bible Forbids Drinking Blood

Pope Gregory X In 1272, Pope Gregory X issued a Papal Bull entitled “Letter To The Jews” which attempted to reassure Christians that the widespread reports of Jews abducting and murdering Christian children for use in their secret occult blood rituals were completely unfounded. In his “Letter To The Jews” Gregory writes, “Gregory, bishop, servant […]

Global financial system will collapse on itself, warns Gregory Mannarino

(Natural News) Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino has warned that the entire global financial system is going to collapse on itself by its own design. “Forget about the markets of the world. The entire global financial system is going to implode on itself by design. This is what central banks are leading to; they need a… […]

Gregory Mannarino: Central banks are about to issue even more debt to make society more dependent on them

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Finance and central bank expert Gregory Mannarino has warned that the world’s central banks are about to issue more debt, putting larger chunks of society under their control.”Central banks are not ready yet to pull the plug,” said Mannarino. “There is not enough people yet fully 100 percent dependent on their system.” […]

The Cat-Quisition: Pope Gregory IX Started a War on— Wait for It—Cats

Anyone with a thing against cats may get some satisfaction from a weird history “fact” circulating on the internet.  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

Risks of Muslim genocide: MEMO in conversation with Dr Gregory Stanton

Join us for a live conversation with Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention, Dr Gregory H Stanton, as we discuss major flashpoints in the world today from India to Ukraine, Israel and China and his thoughts on whether any of these run risks of genocide. Stanton is the founding president and chairman of Genocide Watch. […]

The Tyranny of the “Enlightened” Experts, by Gregory Gordon

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC That you may know a great deal about some small subset of the vast compendium of human knowledge in no way qualifies you to run anyone else’s life. From Gregory Gordon at If you were to stroll through any typical upper-middle-income American neighborhood in 2021, the odds are very high that you’d […]

Gregory Mannarino warns that Wall Street is about to rip Bitcoin to shreds

(Natural News) Is there a future for Bitcoin? Not if Wall Street has anything to say about it. YouTuber Gregory Mannarino announced on Sunday that a futures exchange has now been set up for investors to speculate on the future price of Bitcoin – and according to Mannarino, this means that Wall Street could be […]

Gregory Police Chief Officially Terminated After Fellow Officer Videotaped Him Masturbating in His Office

GREGORY, Texas – Officials with the City of Gregory confirmed Wednesday that Police Chief Robert Meager, Jr., who was accused last month of sexual misconduct, was officially terminated from his position as of Oct. 16. Gregory Mayor Celestino Zambrano said Meager was terminated for violating several policies, and that the City is taking the next […]

Do cops need a warrant to track your phone in your state?

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NBC News’ Gregory to Bachmann: Washington Politicians Know More About Debt Issue than American People

NBC News Aug 15, 2011 David Gregory chooses to debate presidential candidate Michele Bachmann instead of interview her. And surprise! He comes across like an elitist. Print this page. Comment Rules One Response to “NBC News’ Gregory to Bachmann: Washington Politicians Know More About Debt Issue than American People” Good interview. Leave a Reply You […]

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