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Israeli police hit protesters with stun grenades, water cannon

Protesters against the Israeli government's controversial judicial reform plan today launched a "National Day of Disruption" by blocking roads and marching in cities across the country. At least 22 people have been arrested on charges including assaulting police officers, disrupting traffic and refusing orders to leave major junctions and roadways. According to the Times of […]

Russian Military Is Bombing Ukraine With Grenades in Plastic Cups

A video posted in a pro-Russian Telegram channel shows Russian soldiers dropping a grenade in a plastic cup from a drone. It’s a cheap and, sometimes, effective improvised explosive device that puts a little delay on a grenade before it hits the ground. It’s also a bizarre scene from the frontlines of a war fought […]

Crusaders Were Attacked With These Ancient Hand Grenades in Jerusalem

Archaeologists have for a long time unearthed clay pots in medieval Jerusalem. But now, a new study shows that some of them were likely ‘ancient hand grenades’. Read more Section:  Artifacts Ancient Technology News History & Archaeology Read Later 

Water cannon, grenades, pushbacks and fence breaching as tensions escalate on Belarus-Poland border

Tensions that have been building along the Poland Belarus border for weeks spilt over into violence on Tuesday. Polish border guards used water cannon against migrants on the Belarus side of the frontier. Warsaw says people were armed with gas grenades supplied by Belarus, which they threw over the fences towards Polish guards. Stones and […]

Hundreds arrested as police use stun grenades to disperse Belarus protest

Police in Belarus used stun grenades and tear gas in an attempt to break up a protest in the capital Minsk as weekly demonstrations against President Alexander Lukashenko showed no signs of ending. The protester’s anger has been further raised by the recent death of an opposition activist. Roman Bondarenko died in Minsk earlier in […]

US Air Force Offering Reward Of $5,000 For Missing Grenades

The US Air Force has mislaid a box of grenades and wants them back. An armored box containing the grenade rounds fell off the back of a truck and could be lying about somewhere in the countryside of North Dakota. A US Air Force spokesperson told VICE News. “It is seeking the public’s help to […]

Sweden: Criminals Used Grenades 43 Times in 2017

The Swedish National Forensic Centre has revealed hand grenades were used in connection with 43 crimes and the rate of grenade use has risen 140 per cent since 2014. According to Anna Nilsson, an expert in explosive subjects at the National Forensic Centre (NFC), the surge in crimes involving hand grenades is a new phenomenon, Swedish […]

Suicide vests, grenades seized as nearly 20k militants & families leave E. Ghouta – Russian MoD

Unlike US-led coalition, Russia not hitting civilian homes in Syria with incendiary bombs – MoD The evacuees were moved to Syria’s Idlib province from the besieged enclave, the Defense Ministry said on Wednesday. Some of the militants attempted to leave the area still carrying weapons and explosives, as Russian and Syrian officers said they seized […]

AR-15, Grenades, Tactical Vest Found At Home Of Teen Who Took Gun To Maryland High School

The 18-year-old Maryland high school student accused of taking a loaded handgun and knife to school in Montgomery County, Maryland, last week, had a weapons cache at his home, including an AR-15-style rifle, multiple grenades, a detonator for C4 land mines, more guns, tactical vest, and a list of grievances, prosecutors said. The incident […]

Government Plans Amnesty to Get Grenades off Sweden’s Streets

The Swedish government wants an amnesty period where grenades can be handed in to the police without punishment in an effort to get the explosives off the country’s streets, Dagens Nyheter (DN) reports. The hope is that criminals will choose to give up some of the grenades that are in circulation during the proposed three-month […]

Stun Grenades, Spitting Rabbis, and Zio-Amigos on Christmas Eve

Posted on December 24, 2017  by Richard Edmondson Above we see Israeli soldiers firing stun grenades and pushing and shoving Palestinians dressed as Santa Clause. This comes coincidentally the same day as Guatemala has announced it will follow the US lead in moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. Guatemala is one of the eight states which […]

Israeli army fires tear gas and stun grenades into Ramallah hospital

Violence / Detentions — West Bank / East Jerusalem / Israel Israeli forces fire tear gas, bullets at Palestinian hospital in Ramallah RAMALLAH (Ma‘an) 4 May — Israeli forces fired bullets, stun grenades, and tear gas at a Palestinian hospital in the central occupied West Bank city of Ramallah at dawn on Thursday, sparking condemnation […]

Resistance is NOT Futile: Israeli Soldiers Ambushed By their Own Gas Grenades

A valuable lesson the Palestinians have given to the world: no matter how badly the deck may be stacked against you, never give up! Tuqu is a town in the Bethlehem Governorate. It is located in the West Bank–internationally recognized as Palestinian land. The soldiers in this video are occupiers in every sense of the […]

Smoke grenades at rally against French presidential candidates in Paris (VIDEOS)

Riot police have been deployed at the scene of the rally since the demonstration was not authorized by the city prefecture. “Neither Macron, nor Le Pen,” the protesters have been heard shouting. Students from at least 20 Paris lycees took part in the demonstration, AFP reported, citing educational officials. Protesters were throwing bottles and stones […]

IDF uses stun grenades, tear gas to disperse rally in support of Palestinian hunger strikers (VIDEO)

The march began at the al-Azza refugee camp where the Palestinians set up a solidarity tent in support of the hunger strikers. The protesters, carrying Palestinian national flags and chanting anti-Israeli government slogans, had made all their way to the northern entrance of Bethlehem City when the IDF intervened. The security forces employed stunt grenades […]

British Scientist To Create Worlds First Genetically Modified Baby

Source: Despite the approval, the start of research may still be months away due to the difficulties of obtaining sufficient embryos. The controversial project is thought to mark the second time the procedure will be undertaken. Scientists in China, who carried out the first experiment but are not believed to […]

Report: Black people more likely to be casualties, perpetrators in ‘mass shootings’

     Fear of escalating racial tensions may be why much of gun violence goes unaddressed in US society. A new analysis shows that African Americans constituted the majority of both casualties and perpetrators in 358 multiple shootings last year. The Mass Shooting Tracker, a list of incidents where at least four people were injured by […]

American election: The two death options…

Donald Trump could change American electoral history for the better. Before explaining how, let’s first explore the politics and predicament of the 2016 Republican primary election. About six weeks ago, I projected that Trump would win the Republican nomination. That was before the traditional Republican leadership came out of hibernation to spoil Trump’s chances. It […]

Iraqi Kurds claim downing Turkish helicopter used in airstrikes against them – reports

Previously Ankara acknowledged conducting airstrikes on alleged PKK targets in Iraq. Turkish military is also targeting Kurds inside the country and shelling Kurdish militias in northern Syria. One sortie apparently got wrong for a Turkish assault helicopter as Iraqi Kurdish militia claim they got the aircraft down. Kani Xulam, from the American Kurdish Information Network, […]

The Cop Who Executed a Citizen on Camera is Now Suing the Police Union for Not Defending Him

Dan McCue | Courthouse News Service The former North Charleston, S.C. police officer charged with murdering an unarmed black motorist in April sued a police fraternal group on Tuesday, claiming it unlawfully dropped the ball on his defense. Michael Slager is charged with murdering Walter Scott on April 4 […]

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