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Ex-Teacher Upset With the Term “Groomer” Gets Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Producing Child Porn

On Thursday, 𝕏 citizen journalist KanekoaTheGreat reported: BREAKING: Former Hawaii teacher, Alden Bunag, was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison for making child porn. Bunag was very upset with “right-wingers” on X popularizing the term “groomers.” Prosecutors said he taped repeated sexual activity with a 13-year-old student in a classroom and sent it to […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The QAnon Groomer

Jill Colvin @ Associated Press: Trump’s dinner disaster sparks new rules for his campaign. Alex Griffing @ Mediaite: Trump Insults ‘Loser For Our Nation’ McConnell After GOP Senate Leader Condemned Former President’s Neo-Nazi Dinner. David Badash @ The New Civil Rights Movement: RNC Taps Right Wing Extremists to Head Group Designed to Expand GOP Appeal […]

Epstein Groomer Ghislaine Maxwell Transferred to Cushy “Low-Security” Federal Prison in Florida Where She Can “Learn to Bake, Partake in Inmate Talent Shows, and Teach Yoga”

The convicted child predator was recently transferred to a low-security federal prison in Florida where she will serve the remainder of her 20-year sentence. Source

‘OK Groomer!’ Leftists Who Talk To Your Kids About Sex Triggered By The Term ‘Groomer’

If there is one thing leftists cannot stand, it is the use of undeniably accurate terms that convey truthful information. Just think about how leftists tie themselves in knots trying to define – or avoid defining – the word “woman.” Using these undeniably accurate terms hurts liberals. BYPASS THE CENSORS Sign up to get unfiltered […]

Are You A Pedophile Groomer? 9 Things To Look For

Oh no! Everyone’s calling everyone else “groomer” and now we’re all confused! Are you a groomer? Is your neighbor a groomer? Let the experts at The Babylon Bee help you sort it out. Here are all the warning signs you may be a groomer:1. Do you talk about sex with 5-year-olds behind their parents’ back?2. […]

Kim Jong-un orders North Korea nuclear weapons to be placed on alert

     North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has reportedly ordered all of Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons to be placed on full alert, citing the need to be ready “at any time.” The announcement came as Kim Jong-un attended a test-firing of a new multiple rocket launcher, urging the military to “promptly” deploy the weapons system that can […]

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