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FEBRUARY 24TH, 2023 Source By Miko Peled here is a story about the Roman Emperor Nero, according to which he set  Rome on fire just so that he could see the flames. The story may or may not be true, but when Palestine is in flames, history will remember who lit the match. Benjamin Netanyahu, […]

MSM Outlets Demand To Know Who Guaranteed Bankman-Fried’s $250 Million Bond

Eight MSM outlets have asked the US judge overseeing the case of Sam Bankman-Fried to make public the names of two people who helped front the FTX founder’s $250 million bond. The outlets – AP, Bloomberg, CNBC, WSJ publisher Dow Jones, the Financial Times, Insider and WaPo – along with a separate request by the NY Times […]

More Currency Creation is Guaranteed

The easiest and most advisable “solution” is to just create more currency. Indeed, the history of the US central bank clearly shows this is the choice they will make — they ’ve done it many many times in the past. Source

Judgment over time guaranteed: Truth will out, grinding indefensible right-wing lies to smithereens 

Yes, I anticipate criminal Trump indictments, but I am even more certain there will be comprehensive indictments by scores of historians.

Guaranteed Right To Vote Turned Into An Obligation

Once again the good people of Australia have been conned by this machine called the government that being a corporation aggregate. You (as an adult) or constituent have a constitutional guarantee to be able to vote, unless you’re a woman or an Indigenous Australia, but the last two where from ‘yesteryear’. This right or constitutional […]

What Do an Apology, Reconciliation, and a Sacred Obligation to Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights of First Nations Look Like in Canada?

Flags mark the spot where the remains of over 750 children were buried at former Marieval Indian Residential School in Saskatchewan, June 25 © AFP / GEOFF ROBINS They send a hundred RCMP to go protect a pipeline and not protect people’s lives so we need to push back. They put industry, they put fracking, they put gas […]

Raisi tells Iranian expatriates that investment is guaranteed

Raisi tells Iranian expatriates that investment is guaranteed – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi stated on Thursday evening that the security of “investment” depends on the security of “capital” and “investor”. Raisi, who had traveled to Tajikistan to participate at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit, made the remarks in meeting with Iranians living […]

Govt. guaranteed wheat purchases exceed 4.4m tons

Govt. guaranteed wheat purchases exceed 4.4m tons – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN –Over 4.43 million tons of wheat have been purchased from Iranian farmers at guaranteed prices in the current Iranian calendar year (started on March 21), according to the data provided by the Government Trade Company (GTC). As reported by IRNA, the total value of the […]

Dr. Joe Dispenza- The Magical Formula To Heal Yourself Fast. Guaranteed …

[embedded content]… Source

Hank Kunneman Says Christians Must Continue to Trust the ‘Prophets’ Who Guaranteed Trump’s Reelection

Self-proclaimed “prophet” Hank Kunneman hosted a “Prophetic Pulse Conference Call” Wednesday night, where he continued to insist that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election, mainly because he cannot accept that “all of God’s messengers, prophets, intercessors, [and] Christians were somehow wrong” while “the enemy” and the “fake news” were right. Kunneman is among the […]

Communist California Charity Will Give ‘Guaranteed Income’ to Ex-Felons & Illegal Immigrants

Free gibs for anyone but law-abiding white citizens! Fox News: Hundreds of people living in the California city of Compton, including those out of prison and illegal immigrants, will be eligible to receive guaranteed income as part of a new pilot program over the next two years.  Compton Mayor Aja Brown announced Monday that The Compton Pledge, […]

CDC Director Says Face Masks Are ‘More Guaranteed’ To Protect Against The Coronavirus

Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Robert Redfield told the Senate yesterday that face masks are a “powerful public health tool” and that they may be even be more effective against the coronavirus than vaccines. “This face mask is more guaranteed to protect me against covid than when I take a […]

Finland Tests Guaranteed Basic Income

Participants receive €560 (£473) every month for two years and do not have to demonstrate that they are actively seeking work Finland has been giving 2,000 of its citizens an unconditional income for the last five months and some are already seeing the benefits, reporting decreased stress, greater incentives to find work and more time to pursue […]

Hawaii May Become First State With Guaranteed Income

Above Photo: A bill was recently passed in Hawaii through both the houses of the legislature in a unanimous vote that declares that all Hawaiians ‘deserve basic financial security’ and prompts state agencies to look over ‘universal basic income’ along with other policy. Getty Images   Hawaii is working to becoming the first state to offer […]


Most people, even many “Nationalists”, have no clue, they just think that Nationalism is a sort of separatist racist ideology… Sure they think so because they only know nationalism from their TV and Media run by Jews. Nationalism is being a MASTER in your own country. Your people is a MASTER on the national resources, […]

Weird Animals Found Washed Up On The Beach

Think you are familiar with all animals? Apparently, some rather strange and very unfamiliar creatures have turned up on the shores of beaches around the world! You’d be surprised to see them all. From otherworldly oddities to grotesque monstrosities, we’ve compiled the world’s weirdest! Here 23 weird animals found washed up on the beach. 1. […]

Study Outlines What Coconut Oil Can Do To Deadly Yeast Infections

Coconut oil is one of those super powerful natural resources anyone and everyone can’t stop talking about for its multi-faceted abilities to keep us healthy and happy. A high-burning oil commonly used for cooking in replacement of standard butter, olive oil, and other cooking sprays, it has become the go-to in the cooking world for […]

First 3D Printed Vertebra Successfully Implanted in 12 Year Old Boy

The world’s first 3D printed vertebra has been successfully implanted in a 12 year old patient from China. The patient had a malignant tumor on his spinal cord and was subjected to extensive surgery at Peking University Third Hospital (PUTH). In order to prevent the cancer from spreading, it was necessary to remove second vertebra […]

Know Your Rights When Recording The Police

There are some very disturbing videos circulating the Internet right now, depicting the deaths of unarmed civilians at the hands of trained, armed men. Many of these videos even show individuals being shot in the back, or as they try to flee. ~ Nadia Kayyali These are videos of police officers in America killing unarmed […]

Vienna Syrian peace talks get to first base – Assad remains – Veterans Today

Russia, the US, Saudi Arabia and Turkey got the head of the table … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor Vienna has grand and historic meeting halls The first stage of the Vienna meeting has concluded with significant progress. The terrorist supporters trying to force Assad out had to accept that they had no power […]

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