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Guardians & Murdered Wards: FBI Dropped the Ball on This One Letting the Massive Numbers of Perpetrators Get Away With Murder

Guardians & Murdered Wards I pulled some of the guardian papers and there was this little booklet that came out. It had a little fabric cover. All it was was essentially identifying the name of a guardian and which Osage they were in charge of. And when I opened up the book, I could see […]

In praise of Republican guardians of liberty

More than a few Republican politicians, judges and voters, however, continue to oppose departures from democratic values. Source

Guardians-White Sox Game Postponed Due to ‘Multiple’ Positive Coronavirus Tests

Wednesday’s game between the Cleveland Guardians and Chicago White Sox has been postponed due to several positive coronavirus tests, Major League Baseball (MLB) announced on Wednesday.

Bad Company? Witch Familiars, Spirit Guardians, and Demons

The folklore of the wicked witch and her diabolical animal familiar is a well-known and often repeated tale. When the seasons change and the nights get long it’s not uncommon to see images and symbols of a dark-cloaked witch with an evil black cat or toad at her side. This is a fantastic archetype of […]

Guardians Of Space Camels

Posted on December 22, 2020 by martyrashrakat South Front [embedded content] In a revelation that should have happened on April 1, but actually happened on December 18, the United States Space Force finally revealed the name with which its troops are to be referred as: Guardians. Now, the Space Force not only has the logo […]

Group Overseeing $10 Trillion, Called “Guardians For Inclusive Capitalism”, Signs Partnership With The Vatican

Today in “news that’s going to give conspiracy theorists a full-on stroke”… It was announced this week that a “historic new partnership” between the Vatican and “some of the world’s largest investment and business leaders” called the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” has officially launched. Oh, and did we mention it is being helped along by […]

“Guardians Of The Amazon” Seize Illegal Loggers To Protect Uncontacted Tribe

“Guardians Of The Amazon” Seize Illegal Loggers To Protect Uncontacted Tribe Above Photo: Guardians of the Amazon from the Guajajara tribe: “We patrol, we find the loggers, we destroy their equipment and we send them away. We’ve stopped many loggers. It’s working.”© Guardians of the Amazon Members of an Amazon tribe patrolling their rainforest reserve to […]

The Seed Guardians: Meet the Women of India Who are Revolutionizing Organic Farming

October 19th, 2017 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World For some time now, we’ve been hearing about the important role women have in curbing environmental destruction. After all, the argument goes, the patriarchal system is at the root of our environmental problems — with its sole focus on the profitable bottom line and […]

The Trees Are Speaking – The Heartbreak and Hope of Our Ancient Friends and Guardians

August 24th, 2017 By Jessie Klassen Contributing Writer for Wake Up World As someone who “talks to trees”, I find it incredibly exciting that there is now scientific research to support what our ancient ancestors always knew, that “trees can speak.” The great work of the scientists involved with organizations such as the Heartmath Institute in California have […]

Liberty at the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Liberty at the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 By ns_admin a sequel to a movie loved for its uniqueness must be both the easiest and toughest job in Hollywood. On the one hand, you have a roster of beloved characters and situations. On the other hand, an audience that embraced the first move […]

You Are the True Guardians of the Galaxy: A Graduation Message for a Tyrannical Age

John W. Whitehead, GuestWaking Times “When the rivers and air are polluted, when families and nations are at war, when homeless wanderers fill the highways, these are the traditional signs of a dark age.”— Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart Those coming of age today will face some of the greatest obstacles […]

Chicago students get death threat over Palestine protest

Nora Barrows-Friedman Activism and BDS Beat 30 October 2015 Students take part in a “die-in” protest at the University of Illinois at Chicago on 14 October. (Facebook) Students in Chicago received a death threat after taking part in a Palestine solidarity protest. Another student activist in Santa Barbara, California, was physically assaulted during an argument […]

WHITE WAR: Europeans Arming Themselves With Guns In defiance Of The Jews

After the fall of the Jewish-controlled Weimar regime which denied Germans the right to bear arms, the Fuhrer Adolf Hitler restored guns to the German people. But after the Jews won the second world war they not only disarmed Germany but practically the whole of Europe. In his wisdom the Fuhrer knew that the people […]

Israeli forces have killed 65 Palestinians this month, including 14 children

Violence / Detentions Palestinian killed near Ibrahimi Mosque after soldier lightly injured HEBRON (Ma‘an) 29 Oct — #66 — A 23-year-old Palestinian was shot dead by an Israeli border policeman near the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron after an alleged attack on an Israeli soldier. An eyewitness told Ma‘an that he saw an Israeli soldier shoot […]

Government probe to test media guardians

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says plans for a media inquiry are an attempt to intimidate the industry. LABOR’S media inquiry will test whether the nation’s regulators have adequate power to protect citizens’ privacy from media intrusion and properly handle complaints about news organisations. But Communications Minister Stephen Conroy told Labor MPs the inquiry, unveiled yesterday, […]

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