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’10 minutes of terror’: Giant hailstones kill toddler in Spain (Photos + Videos)


’10 minutes of terror’: Giant hailstones kill toddler in Spain (Photos + Videos)


’10 minutes of terror’: Giant hailstones kill toddler in Spain (Photos + Videos)


Large hailstones storm pound Omaha, Nebraska

     People across the Omaha area called insurance agents, roofers and glass repair shops Friday after a hailstorm tore through the region Thursday night. Rick Gobble spent his Friday morning doing what he called an “odd kind of spring cleaning”: vacuuming glass shards from his car and sweeping the remnants of the back windshield from […]

A look at Iranian newspaper front pages on July 9

Newspapers on Saturday covered the remarks by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, in two separate speeches. The Leader addressed a large group of Iranian people in Eid al-Fitr prayers on Wednesday, and also met Iranian officials and people as well as ambassadors of Islamic countries after the prayers. In his […]

Ancient Earth had more than 2 magnetic poles

     Washington, DC– New work from Carnegie’s Peter Driscoll suggests Earth’s ancient magnetic field was significantly different than the present day field, originating from several poles rather than the familiar two. It is published in Geophysical Research Letters. Earth generates a strong magnetic field extending from the core out into space that shields the atmosphere […]

Tropical cyclone Fantala brings heavy rainfall and flooding in coastal Kenya; 5 inches of rain in 4 hours

     Tropical cyclone Fantala, the strongest on record in the Indian ocean, triggered spiralling winds that caused an insurgence of moist air from the Indian ocean to the adjacent coastlines of Kenya and eastern Tanzania. Prolonged heavy rainfall occurred as a result, lasting days from Wednesday, 13 April to 18 April 2016. This near week-long […]

48 Kemps Ridley turtles have washed ashore dead on Gulf Coast so far in 2016

     Dead turtles have recently washed ashore along the Gulf Coast, and members of the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies are working find out why. Officials are trying to determine if the turtle deaths are linked to the BP oil spill in the Gulf that happened in 2010, WLOX-TV reports. Wendy Hatchett, IMMS veterinarian technician, […]

The American Empire: slouching towards its end

     I’m here to talk about the end of the American empire. But before I do I want to note that one of our most charming characteristics as Americans is our amnesia. I mean, we are so good at forgetting what we’ve done and where we did it that we can hide our own Easter […]

Pentagon cannot account for $223M in anti-ISIS operation spending

     The US Central Command cannot account for $223 million in orders placed during the international operation against Daesh because of inaccurate records-keeping and poor guidance, according to a Department of Defense Inspector General audit released on Monday. Specifically, the Inspector General said they were unable to verify the accuracy of 72 US Army Central […]

Inca child mummy reveals lost genetic history of South America

     Back in 1985, hikers climbing Argentina’s Aconcagua mountain stumbled upon a ghastly surprise: the frozen corpse of a 7-year-old boy. It was apparent that he’d been there for a long time, so the hikers notified archaeologists, who carefully excavated the body. They determined that the Aconcagua boy, as he came to be known, was […]

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