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MTG Says Trump Should Stop Hanging Out With the Kind of Racist Riff Raff MTG Hangs Out With

The fallout from former President Donald Trump’s dinner with Ye and white supremacist Nick Fuentes has apparently resulted in new restrictions on who can meet with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks that’s a great idea. That’s the same Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who spoke at a conference Fuentes organized earlier this […]

Are The Kids Ok?-When Do We Start Hanging Mass Murderers Of Children?

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But Unlike The Sheep, I Died With My Testicles Hanging and Still Intact

The casterated Sheep bleat pitifully as their throats are cut- They jumped through all demanded hoops and toed the line but- It did not save them from the mass slaughters of the jackals plan- I may have been assassinated, executed many times but I died a man- I died by blade, poison, shot from hiding […]

WNBA Players’ Rescue Mission Foiled As Key To Griner’s Cell Hanging Ten Feet Above Ground

MOSCOW — A daring attempt by a group of WNBA players to rescue Brittney Griner was foiled when the keys to her prison cell were found to be hanging from a hook ten feet off the ground. Source

Hanging Cures A Liar Using Lies To Mass Murder Americans

It is a scientific FACT, hanging a liar who is using lies to Mass Murder Americans will stop the Mass Murdering liar from Mass Murdering more Americans with more lies. Source

Putin Hobbles Down Red Carpet With Arm Hanging Limp On Iran Trip

WATCH: Putin Hobbles Down Red Carpet With Arm Hanging Limp On Iran Trip Date: July 21, 2022Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: Billy | NwoReport Russian President Vladimir Putin looked odd as he got off a plane in Iran to meet with leaders, walking strangely with one arm hanging by his side as he swung […]

Family of Clinton Advisor Found Hanging From Tree with Shotgun Blast to Chest Blocks Release of Files Detailing Grisly Death Scene

Another Clinton advisor is dead.

FDA Who’s Officials are Already Facing Hanging For Violation of Nuremberg Code Considering “Approval” of FOURTH Rothschild’s Human Herd Culling Chemical/Biolgical Kill Jab Dose Despite Death Dangers To Jabbed

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considering the approval of a fourth Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine dose despite the dangers associated with the experimental injection. According to the Daily Mail, the FDA is currently reviewing data about another booster shot. Officials at the agency are also considering whether to make these second booster doses […]

Target Dodges Looting By Hanging JCPenney Sign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In a genius move to deter looters, a local Target store has disguised itself as a JCPenney.  “We got tired of getting completely ransacked every time something happened in the news, so we decided to do something about it,” said Store Manager Andy Boreschnoz. “To our knowledge, no one has ever shown interest […]

18th Century Post-Mortem Punishment: Gibbets ‘Hanging In Chains’ In England

The curious English have a predilection for heaping abuse upon the corpses of the unfortunate dead, including a cruel and unusual punishment the bodies of executed murderers were subject to in the 18th century, namely hanging in chains. The setting is the period running from the early years of the 18th century through to the […]

MSNBC Reporter Seen Hanging ‘The Jurors Are Here’ Sign On Their Hotel

KENOSHA, WI—As deliberations continue in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, concerns have been raised about the jurors’ safety as an MSNBC reporter was spotted hanging a sign on their hotel reading “THE JURORS ARE HERE”. The jury had indicated they were a little bit concerned as they saw the van tailing them and alerted authorities, but […]

Maskless Nancy Pelosi Pictured Hanging Out with America Hating Marxist George Soros and Son This Past Weekend — Evans News Report

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New Orleans 911 Operator Wanted for Allegedly Hanging Up on Calls

Police are searching for a New Orleans 911 operator accused of hanging up on citizens calling for help, a New Orleans Police Department spokesperson said Thursday. “Officers are looking for Precious Stephens, a 25-year-old woman who faces charges of malfeasance in office and interfering with an emergency communication for an August 23 incident,” WWLTV reported. […]

Blue And White And In The Red, Gantz May Be Hanging In Race To Pay Off Debt

Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party has spent the better part of the past month polling just above the 3.25 percent vote threshold for entering the Knesset. In his best polls, Gantz wins five Knesset seats. In his worst, he falls below the threshold and wins none. In a race as close as […]

Iran summons EU envoys for protesting reporter’s hanging

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Elsztain’s control of IDB hanging in the balance

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Music from above: WATCH pianist play concert while hanging upside-down at 40m height

More than a hundred music-lovers gathered at a construction site in the French city of Nantes on Friday to witness the unconventional show. They were all seated in deck chairs and given headphones so they could conveniently observe the levitating performer while listening to his music in good quality. Putting a massive piano in the […]

The Last ‘Peace Process’ Warrior: Abbas Hanging by a Thread

The “deal of the century” is a farce. We suspected that, of course, but, upon his return from Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed in more detail why the long-anticipated plan of the administration of US President Donald Trump has no basis in reality. Netanyahu told his Cabinet that there are “no concrete details” […]

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S.

Surveillance Cameras Made by China Are Hanging All Over the U.S. November 13th, 2017 Via: Wall Street Journal: The Memphis police use the surveillance cameras to scan the streets for crime. The U.S. Army uses them to monitor a base in Missouri. Consumer models […]

Dead cow hanging from ceiling draws outrage at Aussie pizzeria

Vegan activists strip off for ‘bloody’ London protest (VIDEO) The Friesian-Hereford cow is hanging from the ceiling of Etica restaurant in Adelaide in order to call attention to the industrialization of the farming industry, according to owners Federico and Melissa Pisanelli. “It’s talking about how the industry has become industrialized, and how it’s moving in […]

Trump has a fake Time Magazine cover with his face on it hanging in several of his clubs (Funny Reactions to Story)

President Donald Trump has several fake Time magazine covers hanging in his clubs. The Washington Post’s Dave Farenthold, who has covered the of the presidency’s effects on Trump’s businesses, reported on Tuesday that four of the presidents resorts and clubs have framed Time magazine portraits hanging in them, complete with fake headlines teasing articles like “TRUMP IS HITTING […]

A ‘hanging offense’: Boston Herald dehumanizes parents who debate vaccines

     In the case Planned Parenthood v. American Coalition of Life Activists, the en banc Ninth Circuit court concluded that a “true threat” is “a statement which, in the entire context and under all the circumstances, a reasonable person would foresee would be interpreted by those to whom the statement is communicated as a serious […]

Ammon Bundy Stripped Naked, Beaten, Thrown In Hole For Hanging Shirt On Bed

(Police State Daily) In a stunning display of disregard for Constitutional protections relating to inmates, federal corrections officers at CCA Nevada Southern Detention Center reportedly stripped Ammon Bundy naked before handcuffing, beating and throwing him in solitary confinement with two dislocated shoulders. Ammon, along with brother Ryan Bundy and five other co-defendants, were found not guilty of conspiring to […]

Iran’s lemon output up by 8%

The General Director of Tropical and Subtropical Fruits Department of Agriculture Ministry Abolghasem Hassanpour estimated that a total of 480 to 500 thousand tons of lemon will be produced in the current year asserting “Fars, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad, Khuzestan and Hormozgan provinces are among lemon producers in the country.” “The product is supplied from July […]

‘Disaster is Imminent’… Constitutional Attorney: "States Have The Legal Authority To Defend Border Under Constitution"

The Prophetic Warning Behind the Death of 13 Bald Eagles

Thirteen bald eagles were found dead recently. A very interesting story is coming out regarding 13 bald eagles that were found dead at a Maryland-area farm over the weekend of February 21,2016 and federal authorities are currently investigating, and offering a reward for any information. The Maryland Natural Resources Police (NRP) were first called to the scene on Saturday […]

Saudi Arabia Hosting ‘Largest’ Military Exercises In Region

Saudi Arabia is to host what has been described as the “the largest and most important” military drills in the region’s history. The drills will last for 18 days with contingents from 20 countries, including Pakistan the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said. The announcement which was made on Sunday said that participating troops were […]

U mad bro? Computers now know when you’re angry

     Most people can tell if you’re angry based on the way you’re acting. Professor Jeffrey Jenkins can tell if you’re angry by the way you move a computer mouse. The BYU information systems expert says people experiencing anger (and other negative emotions–frustration, confusion, sadness) become less precise in their mouse movements and move the […]

Coconut Oil Fights Deadly Yeast Infections, Study Suggests

Home > Coconut Oil Fights Deadly Yeast Infections, Study Suggests Sayer Ji, Green Med InfoWaking Times A common food oil has been found to have potent antifungal properties that could literally save lives.  The coconut palm is perhaps the world’s most widely distributed and […]

Rescued Su-24 Russian Co-Pilot Rules Out Turkish Space Violation ‘Even for Second’

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