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Musk Says Exposing Pedophiles is “Hateful Conduct”

Elon Musk says exposing Pedophiles Teenage Trump as date of known Homosexual Pedophile Khazarian Mafia member is “hateful conduct”. The fact is Musk, Mossad uses proof of pedophilia [embedded content] to blackmail people into betraying their people/commiting treason for Rothschild’s private fiefdom in illegally criminally militarily occupied Palestine. but I would imagine you are personally […]

‘Cruel and Hateful’: Michigan Attorney General Demands Rashida Tlaib ‘Retract’ Genocidal Hamas Chant

Michigan’s attorney general is calling on fellow Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) to “retract” the use of a “cruel and hateful” statement she used to sympathize with Palestinians that has a deeper, genocidal background. Source

PA rejects Netanyahu’s ‘hateful, provocative’ UN speech

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has rejected the “hateful and provocative” speech made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday. This came in a statement issued by the PA’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates. “The State of Palestine rejects in the strongest terms the provocative and hateful speech […]

YouTube Replaces ‘Hateful’ American Flag With ‘Inclusive’ MAPs Flag

YouTube has boasted that it has removed the “hateful” American flag from its list of available emojis and replaced it with the pro-pedophilia MAPs flag to promote “inclusivity.” Independent journalist Ryan Matta reported on the […] The post YouTube Replaces ‘Hateful’ American Flag With ‘Inclusive’ MAPs Flag appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

CNN Warns Viewers: “Sound of Freedom Is Hateful Anti-Pedophilia Propaganda”

CNN has warned its audience that the new anti-child trafficking movie Sound of Freedom is nothing more than a “conspiracy theory” that spreads “hateful anti-pedophilia propaganda.” CNN, along with Rolling Stone, the Washington Post and The Guardian all slammed the box office hit, which is based on true events, as a dangerous conspiracy born out […]

Police Force That Defended Convicted Pedophile Against ‘Hateful’ Comments Enforces Gender Neutral Warrant Cards

The same police force in the UK that defended a convicted pedophile against “hateful” Twitter comments also enforces ‘gender neutral’ warrant cards and claims stores labeling sanitary products “feminine care” is transphobic, it has been revealed. Earlier this week, Sussex Police caused controversy by threatening people who had the temerity to ‘misgender’ Sally Ann Dixon, […]

“Kill All The Whiteys” – Suspect In Brooklyn Subway Shooting Spouted Hateful “Black Nationalist” Rhetoric, Praised “Beautiful” 9/11

In what appears to be the only real news concerning the manhunt for the suspect in yesterday’s shooting, NYC Mayor Eric Adams appeared on “Good Morning America” and NPR Wednesday morning to confirm that Frank James is the only suspect in yesterday’s mass shooting in Brooklyn.

Hateful Joe Rogan Is Spreading Misinformation and Must Be Stopped!

‘They’re Making S*** Up’: Joe Rogan Floats Suing CNN For Claiming He Took Horse DewormerBy  Tim Pearce•Sep 8, 2021• Michael S. Schwartz/Getty ImagesPopular podcast host Joe Rogan floated taking CNN to court after a high-profile reporter for the network falsely claimed on air that Rogan took horse dewormer to treat COVID-19.“Do I have to sue […]

President and Jewish Community at Pennsylvania College Condemn ‘Hateful’ Antisemitic Video Involving Student

Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / Tomwsulcer The president and Jewish center at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania spoke out against an antisemitic video that surfaced in the community, Fox43 reported Tuesday. “Earlier today, we were made aware of a hateful video that appeared to involve a Dickinson student. This video is […]

Ugly Bette: Deadly Texas Storm ‘Payback’ From God to ‘Hateful’ Republicans

Trump-hating actress Bette Midler has gloated that the deadly Texas storm is “payback” from God to “hateful” Republican lawmakers. Midler’s shocking comments comes as millions of Texans suffer through a storm that has claimed the lives of at least 21 people so far. The Hollywood star slammed Republican senators from Texas as “hateful,” “vicious,” and […]

Instagram’s crackdown on ‘hateful’ DMs speeds up the spiral of Anglocentric censorship on social media

By Nebojsa Malic, senior writer at RT The app founded to share cute photos is now using AI to censor “hate speech” in direct messages, enforcing an Anglo-American notion of banning the ever-increasing expanse of unapproved thoughts on the rest of the planet. Anyone who sends direct messages containing “hate speech” or abuse shall henceforth be […]

Liz Cheney: Massive Criminal Investigation Into Trump’s Hateful Conduct

Anti-Trump GOP Conference Chair Liz Cheney told Fox News on Sunday that there is a “massive criminal investigation underway” into Trump’s role in inciting violence in the Capitol on Jan 6. When asked if she would vote to convict Trump at the upcoming impeachment trial, Cheney said: “If I was in the Senate, I would […]

Taylor Greene kicked off US House committees for hateful conspiracy theories

WASHINGTON (AP) — A fiercely divided US House tossed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene off both her committees Thursday, an unprecedented punishment that Democrats said she’d earned by spreading hateful and violent conspiracy theories. Underscoring the political vise her inflammatory commentary has clamped her party into, nearly all Republicans voted against the Democratic move but none […]

Twitter says Turkish minister’s LGBT comments about protesters ‘hateful conduct’

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Twitter Bans ‘Hateful’ Catholic Organization

Twitter has banned prominent Catholic media organization, Catholic World Report (CWR), for alleged “hateful conduct.” The ban was for describing Joe Biden’s HHS Assistant Secretary for Health Dr. Rachel Levine as a “biological man.” The following tweet was posted by CWR journalist Matt Hadro in January: “Biden plans to nominate Dr. Rachel Levine, a biological man […]

Facebook Announces ‘Hateful Memes Challenge’ With $100K Prize Pool To Identify ‘Hate Speech’

Facebook is offering a massive cash payout to anyone who can build an AI that identifies “hateful” memes. Facebook announced the launch of a bizarre competition called the “Hateful Memes Challenge” this week, in which researchers will compete for a $100,000 prize pool by developing artificial intelligence that can identify “hate speech” in memes. Facebook […]

Bad news for the hateful Left: Trump in EXCELLENT mental health, garnering perfect score on cognitive test

(Natural News) He’s crazy. He’s out of his mind. He’s mentally unfit. He’s too unstable for the job of president. That’s what Democrats and their mind-numbed robotic drone supporters have been parroting now for weeks. After the Trump-Russia “collusion” story fell through, they had to come up with something else — another albatross to hang […]

Weinstein’s ‘Django,’ ‘Hateful 8′, ‘Inglorious Basterds’ A Wake-Up Call For Whites

By Russ Winter Hollywood movie-maker and large political donor Harvey Weinstein is in the news cycle over his long rumored casting couch sexual conduct. As a result of this scandal he is being tossed overboard by Democrats. Trump joined the pile on by stating “he was not surprised about the Harvey Weinstein allegations.” As all this unfolds we now […]

Dr. Duke Destroys the U.S. Congress Resolution hateful LIE about Charlottesville!

Download Today Dr. Duke tore apart Congress over its resolution condemning “white supremacists” for the violence in Charlottesville when even the Washington Post and New York Times have had to confess that the violence was instigated and perpetrated by Antifa. He pointed out the similarities between the Zio media’s misrepresenting the Charlottesville car crash with […]

Dr. Duke Exposes the Ultra-racist, Hateful, Tyrannical ZioMatrix of Power that Seeks to Destroy Our People!

Download Today Dr. Duke had another great show. Please keep us on the air and on-line. Send your contribution to: P.O. Box 188, Mandeville, LA 70470 Thank you. This is an entertaining and informative show that you will want to spread widely. Click here and look for the show dated 8-29-17. Our show is aired […]

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