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Six Abandoned Cities and Their Haunting Histories

Time is a cruel mistress, and nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even the greatest of empires and cities are doomed to crumble. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Europe Asia Africa Read Later  Source

Ek’ Balam: Haunting Ruins of an Abandoned Maya Kingdom

One of the most fascinating archaeological sites in Central America is Ek’ Balam. Ek’ Balam is found in Temozón, Yucatán, Mexico in the Northern Maya lowlands, several miles northeast of Chichen Itza. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Americas Read Later  Source

Haunting Photos Show Cemeteries, Homes Buried In Ash From Spanish Volcano

CUMBRE VIEJA EXCLUSION ZONE, Canary Islands (AP) — A child’s swing. A fountain in a courtyard. A tray of glasses abandoned under the duress of escape. All will disappear as a blizzard of dark ash blows from a volcano on La Palma island and drifts to the ground inch by inch, foot by foot. Inside […]

Italy marks haunting anniversary of Bergamo’s COVID-19 peak

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Assange Prosecution: A Haunting Reminder Of The Travesty Of Justice

Above photo: A statue of “blind justice” holds a pair of scales, on the exterior of the Albert V Bryan Federal District Courthouse in Alexandria, Virginia. Tim Evanson/Flickr. NOTE: The verdict in Julian Assange’s extradition hearing is expected to be made public on January 4, 2021. We must continue to call for Julian Assange to […]

CNN’s Cuomo: Trump a ‘Dead Man Haunting the Halls of a Country in Crisis’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo said Tuesday on “Cuomo Prime Time” that President Donald Trump’s failure to concede the presidential election to former Vice President Joe Biden made him “a dead man haunting the halls of a country in crisis.” In a clip of former President Barack Obama saying to then-President-elect Trump, “My number one priority in […]

How Cassini’s haunting Grand Finale unlocked Saturn’s secrets (VIDEOS)

Cassini blasted off from Earth on October 15, 1997. After a near-seven-year journey, it arrived at its destination, some 93 million miles from home. Yet it wasn’t until April 2017 that it began its final descent into Saturn. The Grand Finale began on April 26, when the intrepid probe went where nothing from Earth had […]

Photographer Captures Majestic Yet Haunting Portraits Of The World’s Most Endangered Species

Next Story Planet Earth houses an estimated 8.7 million different species, with approximately 6.5 million living on land and 2.7 million in the oceans. The diversity of plants and animals living on this planet is part of what makes it so special to explore, but beyond that, it’s part of a very delicate balance within […]

Mystery Man Protects Woman In Haunting Viral Vegas Photo, Now His True Identity Is Revealed

It was just one of many images of heroism captured during the Las Vegas shooting: a man shielding a fallen woman with his body. Yet, sources had no idea who the man was or where he was from until his identity was recently confirmed as that of U.S. Army soldier Matthew Cobos. According to the U.K. […]

Haunting Animal Photos Show What Life Can Be Like In Captivity In Zoos

Next Story Can you imagine being trapped in a cage, confined to only four walls? Or being left alone in a dark space that was so tiny you couldn’t even turn around? This is the reality for far too many animals, and it’s all for our “pleasure.” Whether it be land animals stuck in zoos, […]

Populations in the ancient Fertile Crescent are the ancestors of modern day South Asians but not Europeans

     An international research team led by Mainz palaeogeneticists demonstrates that populations in the ancient Fertile Crescent are the ancestors of modern day South Asians but not of Europeans. Sedentism, farming, and agriculture was invented some 10,000 years ago in a region between southeastern Anatolia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, an area traditionally labeled as the […]

Can Spirituality Overcome the Oligarchy?

Ethan Indigo Smith, ContributorWaking Times “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” ~ Pericles The Political Bottom Line Everything is political, but firstly it’s biological. This is the concept behind my recent article on biological oligarchical collectivism. It’s simply a swift way […]

Dozens feared dead or injured in huge ammo depot blast & fire in western India

The blast at the Central Ammunition Depot (CAD) took place in the city of Pulgaon, located in the Maharashtra region in India’s west, at around 1:30 am local time. The resulting fire spread immediately and killed at least 15 soldiers and two officers tasked with protecting India’s ministry of defense sites, NDTV reported.  Although, the […]

SOTT FOCUS: Bin Laden alive and well in the heads of US warmongers and gullible people everywhere

     Where would we be without Bin Laden? Or rather, where would the US Empire’s rationale to justify wars of aggression be without Bin Laden? Wherever he is right now, the lanky Saudi playboy cum jihadi has every right to feel proud of the role he was co-opted to play by the pioneers of the […]

Blame Putin!: German Secret Service replicates CIA playbook

     The German government has asked its intelligence agencies to investigate whether Russia is conducting a propaganda campaign in Germany. This is the latest gambit in an ongoing campaign to present Putin as Europe’s bogeyman. As reports have been vague at best and Berlin will “neither confirm nor deny” their provenance, what exactly they hope […]

No rest for wicked: Night can’t save terrorists from Russian bombers (PHOTOS)

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