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Yemen heats naval front as Gaza genocide continues, strikes 3 ships

June 14, 2024 Source: Al Mayadeen Listen By Al Mayadeen English The spokesperson of the YAF says that the Verbena vessel in the Arabian Sea was targeted and hit leading to a fire erupting onboard. The Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) targeted three ships in the Red and Arabian Seas as part of the operations in support of […]

As planet heats, U.S. ramps up fossil fuel production, casting a shadow on COP28 climate goals

NationofChange remains a vital, ad-free source of progressive news and activism, all thanks to donations from readers like you. Support our transparent, reader-funded journalism with your generous donation. In a year predicted to be the hottest on record, the United States is paradoxically on track to achieve record-breaking levels of fossil fuel production. This surge […]

Israeli soldiers killed, US base in Syria under fire as region heats

26 Oct 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen By Al Mayadeen English The Islamic Resistance in Iraq has been conducting operations against US occupation bases in Iraq and Syria for 9 consecutive days. Al Mayadeen sources reported today that two Israeli soldiers were killed, and 3 others were wounded, as a result of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon […]

Qatar signs 27-year deal with China as LNG competition heats up

QatarEnergy has signed a 27-year deal to supply China's Sinopec with liquefied natural gas (LNG), the longest such LNG agreement, so far, as volatile markets drive buyers to seek long-term deals, Reuters reports. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, competition for LNG has become intense, with Europe, in particular, needing vast amounts to help […]

Apple App Store Analysis: Starbucks Heats up as the Weather Cools Down

As the weather cools off, the Starbucks Corp. mobile app is heating up. The Starbucks app is the 67th most downloaded application in the Apple Inc. app store as of Friday. The app was ranked 141st on the list at the end of October, before seeing download volume increase at the beginning of November, according […]

Civil War Between Medical Professionals Heats up as America’s Frontline Doctors Sue the HHS

Ryan DeLarme (Ryan DeLarme) America’s Frontline Doctors, a non-partisan, not-for-profit organization, has been engaged in an information war with the likes of the CDC, the WHO, and many other organizations over the safety and effectiveness of the Covid-19 Vaccines, among many other things. On July 19, AFD filed a motion seeking immediate injunctive relief to […]

Row between Madrid and Rabat heats up over Western Sahara rebel leader

The leader of Western Sahara’s independence movement, whose presence in Spain has angered the Moroccan government, will appear via video link before a Spanish court today to answer allegations of torture and genocide. Brahim Ghali’s treatment for COVID-19 at a hospital in Spain has soured relations between Madrid and Rabat. Ghali heads the Polisario Front, […]

5 things to know as wildfire season heats up

Image Credit: National Wildfire Coordinating Group In early May scientists discovered a plume of smoke wafting from a smoldering sequoia that ignited during 2020’s Castle fire, which set California’s Sequoia National Forest alight last August. The fiery remnant is the result of another too-dry winter in California and an ominous marker for the beginning of […]

Palestinian succession battle heats up as Biden prepares to take office

Browse > Home / Featured Articles / Palestinian succession battle heats up as Biden prepares to take office January 8, 2021 by   Read on for article In the run-up to the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, Mohammed Dahlan, the former leader of the PLO’s Fatah faction in Gaza, has launched a major media campaign […]

Struggle over Iran’s largest private university heats up

Al-Monitor | Zep Kalb: On April 23, hours after the conservative daily Kayhan proclaimed that “[Islamic] Azad University is awaiting major restructuring,” four members of the institution’s nine-member board of trustees called a special session. Later in the day, Hamid Mirzadeh, the president of Islamic Azad University (IAU), received a note telling him to either […]

71% Of Americans Anxious About Rigged Economy Agaisnt Them

Print Friendly Above Photo: photosteve101/Creative Commons Welcome to the post-Brexit world – a global economic outlook more uncertain than ever. Before we all go raising alarms though, remember: many of the economic fundamentals in the American economy are strong.  Still, there have been signs of economic uncertainty. The Fed’s being cautious on interest rates. The May unemployment report showed […]

Lugansk People’s Republic calls for diplomatic ‘total mobilization’ – force Poroshenko to abide by Minsk!

     The head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky, has appealed to the Republic’s citizens with a statement concerning Kiev’s failure to fulfill the Minsk Agreements: Dear compatriots! Dear countrymen! Since the very beginning, we have traversed the path of goodness, lawfulness and justice. We went out to hold legal protests against the violent coup in […]

Lawsuit: Lazy San Bernardino Cops Wrongly Jailed 450 People

A California man is saying in a federal class-action lawsuit that the San Bernardino County sheriff’s department has wrongfully jailed hundreds of people over the last five years simply because they are too lazy to utilize available resources. Filed against the city of Colton, the Colton police department, San Bernardino County, the San Bernardino County […]

Thousands Attend London Protest Against Nuclear Weapons

Print Friendly Above Photo: Protesters at the anti-Trident demonstration in Trafalgar Square. From Several tens of thousands demonstrated in London Saturday in opposition to the planned renewal of the UK Trident nuclear missile system. The protest was called by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). A parliamentary vote on renewing Trident, which is housed on […]

The Blood Of The Earth: Agriculture, Land Rights, And Haitian History

Print Friendly Above Photo: In this photo, Haitian farmers maximize productivity in small lots by utilizing a technique – adapted from Nicaragua – of planting in recycled tires. Roberto (Bear) Guerra. Yesterday, January 12, on the sixth anniversary of the 7.0 earthquake, Haitians mourned the countless lives lost. Among the many aftershocks they face is disaster capitalism, […]

Forty Brazilian diplomats issue statement against Dani Dayan appointment

On Thursday January 8, a group of 40 retired Brazilian diplomats signed a statement against Israel’s appointment of Mr. Dani Dayan for the Israeli Embassy in Brazil, re-stating discontentment with the way Dayan was announced and with his role in the settlement movement, which they view as an affront to Brazil’s positions against the Israeli […]

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