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‘Belt And Road’ Western Hemisphere Investments Has China Firmly Rooted In America’s Backyard

Authored by John Haughey via The Epoch Times, The United States has been so focused on global security concerns that it has overlooked investing in its own backyard’s economic and military needs for decades. But China hasn’t. With its Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, also known as “One Belt, One Road”), China has become South […]

It’s Official: Earth Has Endured Hottest Northern Hemisphere Summer On Record

The U.N. weather agency says a record warm August capped a season of brutal and deadly temperatures. Source

The state of ice and snow in Northern Hemisphere 2017

     With the media continually talking about global warming and melting ice, I thought I would take a minute to show you up to date statistics of Greenland Ice Growth, the way NSIDC change the visuals on ice metrics, the amount of new Arctic ice and the amount of snow cover across the N. Hemisphere. […]

Unusual hot and cold temperatures mixing across the Northern Hemisphere

     With the media focused on a central European heat wave, the conveniently left out of the same temperature map that Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the deserts of N. Africa are below normal temperatures. Also snow in USA in August comes as a surprise, but Al Gore’s ascent from $2 million to $300 […]

Dead whale found on beach in Odisha, India

     Two days after a 33-feet long Sperm whale beached on coastline of Ganjam district in Odisha, a 66-feet long whale washed ashore on an unmanned island of Kendrapara district in the state. Though it is not clear to which species the whale belongs, Rajnagar divisional forest officer Bimal Acharya said the 66-feet-long animal bore […]

The power of networking: Groups are better than individuals at sniffing out lies

People are not generally great at detecting deception, but new research shows that discussing with others makes a big difference.      The official board game of my house is One Night: Ultimate Werewolf, and whenever we play, the unspoken (or, more often, spoken) assumption is that my roommate Adam is always the werewolf. To be […]

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