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Commercial Forays Into Social Issues Highlighted by Simons Ad on Assisted Death

The man who launched a boycott of a Quebec fashion retailer that ran an ad on its website highlighting medical assistance in dying says the ad demonstrates the willingness of corporations to weigh in on social issues, even to the point of being controversial. “It’s become the new thing that if you’re a corporation and […]

Labor Sec’y Walsh: ‘Inequity of the Job Market’ Highlighted by COVID Means We Need to Deal with Immigration

On Friday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Varney & Co.,” Labor Secretary Marty Walsh said that the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted “the inequity of the job market, which means that we really need to have a serious conversation at some point in this country about immigration.” Host Ashley Webster asked, [relevant exchange begins around […]

Vivekananda: Monk who highlighted Humanism of Hinduism

As we celebrate the birth anniversary (12th January) of the saffron robed monk who projected spirituality of Hinduism, the diversity and syncretic nature of India, it is very reassuring. His teachings are in total contrast to the present scenario, where many saffron robed are promoting hate and inciting violence in the name of same religion. […]

Libyan Refugee Crisis Highlighted Crime Problems

Illegal migration has turned into a lucrative business a long time ago as hundreds of thousand Africans and Asians stream into Europe. For criminal networks, law enforcement agencies and even international terrorist groups it has become a bonanza to capitalize on. Shortly before his tragic death, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi was warning the EU that […]

Video: Fauci Declares Pandemic Has Highlighted How RACIST America Is

Scientists in the UK working as advisors for the government have expressed regret for using what they now admit to be “unethical” and “totalitarian” methods of instilling fear in the population in order to control behaviour during the pandemic, according to a report. The London Telegraph reports the comments made by Members of the Scientific […]

Oregon University Fires Jewish Shakespeare Scholar Who Highlighted Alleged Antisemitism, Sexual Abuse by Senior Management

Riley Center at Linfield University in McMinnville, Oregon. Photo: Wikimedia Commons / DerRichter A Jewish professor at a private university in Oregon was fired from his position on Tuesday, weeks after highlighting alleged sexual abuse of students by board trustees, along with detailing on social media the antisemitic harassment he experienced at the hands of […]

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted barriers to vital digital financial services for refugees ǀ View

How do you get by without a bank account? This is a question asked daily by millions of refugees worldwide who simply don’t have access to standard financial services. Even the digital and online services that many of us take for granted – tools that help us to save, transfer and receive money – are […]

Afghanistan’s movement of light; consequences

Alwaght- Afghanistan is still incapable of following its infrastructural programs including mining, electricity power production at home and building its economic and security infrastructures. In fact, the lack of security in addition to political and security challenges have been barring the Afghan governments from proceeding with the country’s economic growth policies. Meanwhile, electricity power, an […]

Slovakia: Pro-Invasion Party Crashes

The only major political party in Slovakia to have supported the current nonwhite “refugee” invasion of Europe—the Krestanskodemokratické hnutie (Christian Democratic Movement, KDH) has been swept from parliament in that country’s elections, losing all sixteen of its seats. The KDH is a member of the European People’s Party (EPP), which includes Angela Merkel’s Christlich […]

Jewish Imperialism is Backdrop to Russian History

  December 31, 2015 Source Article from

New Wave of 300,000 Invaders Coming

European Union (EU) leaders and the controlled press have deliberately covered up a warning from the Greek foreign minister Nikos Kotsias that a brand new wave of over 300,000 nonwhite invaders has just started their trek from camps in Jordan and Lebanon—as the United Nations announced that a record official 218,000 invaders entered Europe […]

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