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Michael Hoffman – Organized Jewry Killed Christ

Good Friday–According to the politically correct view now in vogue,  the Pharisees of 33 A.D. were more sinned against than sinning.   Christ’s Crucifixion is still happening today.  Christ was crucified because he taught that God is Love;  God loves all people equally.  Judaism believes Jews are Chosen by God.  In fact, they believe they ARE God. We […]

Rosner’s Torah Talk: Parshat Tetzaveh with Avi Hoffman

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Michael Hoffman – Purim Demonstrates Evil of Judaism

Related: Israel Shamir  – Purim Gifts  First Comment by CR I have looked into this before and it appears that Mordecai and Esther are in fact the Babylonian gods Marduk and Ishtar.  This Jewish website agrees: “The Megilla, or biblical Book of Esther, replaced Ishtar and Marduk with Jewish mortals (Esther and Mordecai)” You […]

Michael Hoffman: America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law

Michael Hoffman: America is under Talmudic law, not Sharia law My bedtime reading is the Babylonian Talmud. It’s true. I find horror literature relaxing. I take a volume of the Talmud and a pencil and sit on the edge of my bed and study for 20 to 30 minutes every night, secure in the thought […]

Bruce Hoffman’s new book ‘Inside Terrorism’ is presumptuous and devoid of scholarly value – to say the least

     The author, Bruce Hoffman, was for a long time a director at RAND Corporation in Washington, which he designates in his book as an “independent, objective, nonpartisan research institution” (p. xi). As an external observer, researcher and author, I have followed with keen interest for many years the debate surrounding the phenomenon of terrorism: […]

The warped logic of pro-Israel bully Jonathan Hoffman

David Cronin Lobby Watch 25 August 2017 Should I feel flattered or afraid? Each time I give a talk in London, there is a strong likelihood that the pro-Israel bully Jonathan Hoffman will attend. Hoffman turned up at a recent event held to promote my new book Balfour’s Shadow. Not content with heckling on the […]

Hoffman – Vatican a Cabalist Jewish Front Since Renaissance

by Michael Hoffman ( With regard to the rivalry of competing elites, it is true that in general the Vatican, from the 16th century onward, served Talmudic-Kabbalistic Judaism in a manner radically different from that of the British Crown. But to mistake tactical differences and smokescreen rhetoric for a genuine war between an anti-Judaic Vatican […]

Venezuela Revamps Currency Exchange System

Lucas Koerner (VA) :  Venezuela announced key changes to the country’s currency exchange regime designed to streamline access to dollars for production and essential imports as well as combat inflation. According to Vice-President for Economy Miguel Perez Abad, the government will consolidate its 6 and 13 bolivar exchange rates into a new protected rate of […]

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Just Got BUSTED Doing THIS With Campaign Money… He’s Done

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Socialist/Democrat and presidential candidate Bernie Sanders just got exposed for the corrupt fraud that he is, and this could CRUSH his campaign. The ‘Bern,’ who champions himself as “The Man Of The People” just earned a new title- “The Man Who Funnels Campaign Funds To His Family And Friends!” That’s right […]

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