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Footage Shows Moment Cop Paralyzes MMA Fighter

Amanda Froelich | True Activist In recent weeks, there has been more news concerning police brutality and fatalities than all of 2016. First, a man named Alton Sterling was killed by police in seemingly unjust circumstances; then, a man named Philando Castile was unlawfully shot four times in his […]

Boy Awarded $174,000 After Flu Vaccine Causes Permanent Brain Damage

The family of a 10-year-old boy who was left permanently brain damaged after receiving a flu vaccine have been awarded $174,000 in damages.  The British government have compensated Josh Hadfield for his impairment after he received a Pandemrix influenza vaccine when he was four years old in an effort to combat the alleged H1N1 flu […]

Nice terrorist is NAMED: French Tunisian Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel

A terrorist gunman has killed 84 people and seriously injured dozens more after he used a 25-tonne lorry to go on a mile-long killing spree by mounting pavements at high speed and ploughing through crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice last night. The killer, a 31-year-old French Tunisian named by Nice […]

“Washington, the War Criminal Capital of the World is Driving the World to Nuclear War”: Paul Craig Roberts

Iran interested in pumping gas to Bulgaria-Greece link

Iran is seriously interested in delivering gas to the interconnection between Greece and Bulgaria, the latter country’s Energy Minister Temenuzhka Petkova has announced. After meeting counterpart Bijan Namdar Zangeneh in Tehran, Petkova has noted that Iran stands ready to deliver amounts of gas to both countries via the link as soon as it is ready. […]

Severely malnourished child on strict vegan diet removed from parents care after hospitalization requiring surgery

     A one-year-old boy in Milan, allegedly being raised on a strict vegan diet, has been taken away from his parents after being hospitalized weighing just five kilograms. The boy was taken to Milan’s Fatebenefratelli hospital by his grandparents on July 2nd, but doctors were shocked to discover the one-year-old weighed as much as an […]

Dr. Gabor Maté: Addiction is a response to childhood suffering

     The Fix Q&A with Dr. Gabor Maté on addiction, the holocaust, the “disease-prone personality” and the pathology of positive thinking. A Hungarian-born Canadian physician, Dr. Gabor Maté specializes in the study and treatment of addiction and trauma. He is well known for his firmly held belief in the connection between mind and body health. […]

Iranian official censures West’s double standards on human rights

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iran’s top human rights official slammed certain Western countries for adopting double-standard approaches towards the issue of human rights, saying they are using the issue as a “tactic” to reach their political objectives. Speaking to the Tasnim News Agency, Mohammad Javad Larijani, the secretary general of Iranian High Council for Human Rights, […]

After “Brexit”: A Social-Democratic Re-Founding Of Europe?

In the context of hopes and fears of a weakening of the market-liberal forces within the EU[2] as well as numerous calls by EU leaders and mainstream media figures of a need for renewal,[3]Gabriel and Schulz have adopted – some might even say: stolen – the left-wing demand of a “re-foundation of Europe” and they have […]

Yemen war; failed peace talks, return to battlefield

Alwaght- After a long time of watching closely the Yemeni peace negotiations in Kuwait, it appears that the conflict returned to its original place: the battlefield, where the recent developments have brought about new equations the results of which are not only limited to the frontlines but also affected the negotiating table in Kuwait where […]

Expert – Brexit Will Cause Temporary Turmoil But UK Will Remain In EU

Britain’s exit from the EU will cause turmoil, but only temporarily, as the UK will eventually remain part of Europe, according to American author and radio host Stephen Lendman Lendman believes, as do others, that the Union will continue and nothing will change as that is what the powers that be want. “There will be […]

Democrats end House sit-in protest over gun control

Democrats decided to end their day-long sit-in protest on the House floor over gun control Thursday. Rep. John Lewis, who launched the sit-in Wednesday morning that eventually drew 170 lawmakers, lit up social media, and infuriated House Republicans — but spurred no legislative action — said the fight was not over. “We must come back […]

Iran becomes IIASA member

Tehran, June 19, IRNA – Board of directors of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) on Sunday confirmed Iran’s membership in the international institute. Iran National Science Foundation will represent Iran in IIASA. In the 88th IIASA meeting in Laxenburg, Austria, all the 24 member states were present. Following an electronic voting on […]

World Refugee Day : Syrian Journalists, Leaving To Tell The Tale

Print Friendly Above Photo: (REUTERS/Muzaffar Salman) Journalist of all kinds – professional and non-professional, Syrian and foreign – run the risk of violence and reprisals throughout Syria. The violence, started by the government crackdown, can now come from any quarter: from government forces, from armed “opposition” groups and from radical Islamist militias such as the Al-Nusra […]

Iraqi Fallujah liberated from Daesh terrorists

Baghdad, June 17, IRNA – Iraqi forces have liberated key areas in Fallujah from Daesh terrorists, raising the national flag of the country over the government buildings.  The Iraqi Prime Minister Heidar al-Ebadi was informed on Friday about the liberation of the former Daesh stronghold in a joint letter communicated to him by the head […]

A look at US public crimes across the world

Tehran, June 17, The Iran Project – Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has suggested holding American human rights week in Iran from this year.  United States has committed so many crimes in the 20th and 21st century that it is unprecedented to name a week for reviewing and investigating American […]

Criminal Zionist Cabal Behind Gun Grubbing Orlando Shooting Hoax

Criminal Zionist Cabal Behind Gun Grubbing Orlando Shooting Hoax It is the arch-criminal Zionist cabal that is responsible for the fake Orlando ‘gay bar’ shooting hoax. The so-called shooter, Omar Mateen, in fact, much of his entire family, are government operatives: The fact is he still works for G4S, but now in a different capacity: […]

Four killed, six injured in Tel Aviv shooting near military HQ

At least four people have been killed and six others injured in a shooting attack at a shopping center in Tel Aviv. Police announced that one assailant was arrested and another was taken to hospital after being shot following the incident that took place at the Sarona food and retail market near the Israeli military’s […]

Treasonous Swedish Prime Minister Spits on Ancestors

Greve HansDaily Stormer June 7, 2016 Creepy traitor Stefan Löfven Yesterday was the National Day of Sweden, celebrating 493 years since Gustav Vasa became the King in the North and humbled the eternal Jute before the fierce might of an empire in it’s infancy. As per usual modern fashion, the treasonous politicians who sell Svea […]

Fear of ‘next in line,’ Algeria moves closer to Russia

     It is believed that the omnipresent Washington can destroy the Algerian state. They do it the old-fashioned way: by instigating riots and “color revolutions”. In Algeria there is fear. The government strengthens security, improves its military capability, and is actively in contact with Russia, hoping to strengthen her communication because it is included in […]

Why shouldn’t Bernie Sanders debate Donald Trump?

The Democratic Party establishment has worked tirelessly in recent months to rid of the Bernie Sanders campaign. While the delegate system has made a Bernie Sanders nomination unlikely, many liberal publications have chosen not to focus on the injustice of the electoral charade in the US and instead on the need for Sanders to bow out […]

OAS Venezuela Talks Suspended amid Complaints over Almagro Bias

Ryan Mallett-Outtrim (VA) : The Organisation of American States ended a key meeting Wednesday, with calls for dialogue in Venezuela amid demands for a suspension of the country from the regional bloc. The OAS held historic talks Wednesday over whether to suspend Venezuela. (@OEA_oficial) The meeting brought together regional representatives to discuss Venezuela’s political situation, […]

Labor minister to attend int’l confab in Geneva

Tehran, June 2, IRNA – Labor Minister Ali Rabiee will embark on a visit to Switzerland to attend the 105th International Labor Summit in Geneva. Rabiee, heading a high-ranking delegation of labor groups representatives and employers will leave Tehran for Geneva on Sunday to attend the International Labor Meeting. The International Labor Conference will focus […]

Lavrov warns strikes against groups not joining Syria truce to run out this week

     Russia’s timeline of not delivering airstrikes against groups in Syria that have not joined the cessation of hostilities will run out this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Tuesday. A US-Russia-brokered ceasefire came into force across Syria on February 27, but it does not apply to terrorist groups such as al-Nusra Front and […]

33rd Tehran Intl. Filmfest. hosts filmmakers from 117 countries

The deadline for submitting films to the international section of the 33rd edition of Tehran Intl. Film Festival was May 21, 2016. Filmmakers from 117 countries have submitted their short films to the festival, including Iceland, Vietnam, South Africa, Albania, Peru, Thailand, Venezuela, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Afghanistan, Algeria and Uruguay. The 33rd edition of Tehran […]

Austria seizes Hitler’s birthplace to save it from Neo-Nazis

“Representatives of the Interior Ministry have been trying for several years to buy the property, but these attempts failed… Now the only option is to transfer ownership to the Austrian Republic through expropriation,” Austria’s Interior Ministry said. The bill was sent by the ministry on Friday. Nazi flag hoisted in Swedish town on Hitler’s birthday […]

Resist tyranny: Let your life be a friction to stop the machine

Transcript: Nightmare and insanity are akin: mysterious and involuntary states that skew and distort objective reality. One wakens from nightmare; from insanity there is no awakening. Whether Americans live in the one state or the other is the paramount question of this era. For two hundred years Americans have been indoctrinated with a mythology created, […]

To Bust People for Buying Crack, Cops Are Now Manufacturing and Selling People Crack

Burque Media exclusively revealed APD’s intentions to become temporary crack manufacturers, after a confidential source shared the affidavit about the impending bust. “Powdered cocaine may be taken into APD’s Criminalistics Unit to be made into crack cocaine,” reads the Affidavit and Motion to Release Evidence, dated February 25, 2016, and signed by a […]

Deustche Bank Brokers Jailed In Biggest Insider Trading Bust Ever

Martyn Dodgson, who was a managing director in Deutsche Bank’s corporate broking team leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in London after appearing on a charge of conspiracy. Two former Deutsche Bank corporate brokers have been sentenced to one of the longest prison terms possible for the crime of insider trading in […]

Deustche Bank Brokers Jailed In Biggest Insider Trading Bust Ever

Martyn Dodgson, who was a managing director in Deutsche Bank’s corporate broking team leaves Westminster Magistrates Court in London after appearing on a charge of conspiracy. Two former Deutsche Bank corporate brokers have been sentenced to one of the longest prison terms possible for the crime of insider trading in […]

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