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Do 3,000-year-old Bronze Age Horned Helmets Have Trans-Continental Links?

A team of researchers has sampled organic matter from residue found inside a rare and deeply ancient bronze horned-helmet in Denmark. But their claim that a long-distance prehistoric oceanic trade route connected Scandinavia with the Mediterranean is not resting well with everyone. Back in 1942 a Danish peat cutter was digging in a bog on […]

Horned US Capitol stormer moved to Virginia jail for organic meals

WASHINGTON (AP) — A man who stormed the US Capitol while sporting face paint, no shirt and a furry hat with horns was moved to a jail in Virginia on Thursday after a federal judge ordered authorities to provide him with organic food while he’s in custody. Jacob Chansley was transferred to the Alexandria Detention […]

The Perplexing Horned Helmet of Henry VIII

One of the most bizarre artefacts exhibited today in the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds, England, the peculiar horned helmet of Henry VIII has attracted much scholarly attention. Nevertheless, the horned helmet is still surrounded by much uncertainty. As its name suggests, scholars believe that the helmet once belonged to the notorious Tudor king, Henry […]

7,000-Year-Old Horned Face Image Discovered Under Ancient Polish Home

Archaeologists excavating in the village of Biskupice, Poland have discovery a mysterious 7,000-year-old ceramic fragment depicting a horned face image. The team of archaeologists were excavating three ancient homesteads at a prehistoric settlement associated with the Linear Pottery Culture (abbreviated as LBK from the German: Linearbandkeramik). During their excavations, they discovered over 3,000 ancient artifacts […]

Horned Gods

By Ron McVan As long as a people live, their gods are immortal. The gods and goddesses of our folk help us to navigate that great mystery of life which manifests from the One. No true pagan has ever been gnawed by doubt about the divine nature; only those who betray the God within and […]

Santa’s Horned Helper: The Fearsome Legend of Krampus, Christmas Punisher

In ancient times, a dark, hairy, horned beast was said to show up at the door to beat children, and carry them off in his sharp claws. The Krampus could be heard in the night by the sound of his echoing cloven hooves and his rattling iron chains. The strangest part was that he was […]

Dead minke whale found washed up on Fife beach in Scotland

     A 23ft whale has washed up on a popular Scots beach after becoming tangled in fishing gear and drowning. The mammal, which is believed to be an adult male Minke whale, was spotted lying on the West Sands beach in St Andrews, Fife, on Wednesday evening. Experts from the SRUC’s Marine Animal Strandings Scheme […]

New technology selects high-affinity proteins

A species of trap-jaw ant has been found to exhibit a previously unseen jumping behavior, using its legs rather than its powerful jaws. The discovery makes this species, Odontomachus rixosus, the only species of ant that … Source Article from

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