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Hospice workers are being taught how to KILL patients using protocols

Families all across America are coming forward to tell all about how the medical system killed off their loved ones under the guise of fighting the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). Numerous recordings reveal the horrors taking place at America’s hospitals, where sick and dying patients are being kept away from their families while being administered deadly drugs, deprived […]

Hospice Nurse Who Prayed for Baby With Short Life Expectancy Takes His Graduation Photos 17 Years Later

Photo Credit: Michele Eddings Lin OWENSBORO, Ky. — A hospice nurse who cared for a baby with Pfeiffer syndrome, and prayed for the child given low odds of survival, has now had the blessing of taking his graduation photos 17 years later. “What a blessing that by the grace of God Braden West and I […]

Killing For Profit..The Dark Side of Hospice

I’ve noted in NZ they are building these for the ‘aged population’. Used to be for terminally ill. My first red flag. The PPJ Gazette Killing For Profitavailable on Amazon Betrayed By Hospice with host Marsha Joiner.  March 4, 2020 broadcast with Michelle Young Doers. Author:  Michelle Young Doers “They really do have a license […]

Video: China’s new gold backed yuan, 911 and the death of the US dollar

     In this video, Luke Rudkowski reports on the breaking news of both China and Saudi Arabia making geopolitical moves that could cause a U.S economic collapse and obliteration of the U.S. hegemony petrodollar. We go over China’s new gold backed yuan that cannot be traded in U.S dollars and rising tension with Saudi Arabia […]

Erdogan promises to dump migrant deal if EU doesn’t fulfill pledges

EU leaders and Turkey agreed a plan, aimed at opening a “safe and legal” route to the EU for Syrian refugees. Under the deal, sealed on March 20, Ankara is supposed to take back all migrants and refugees, including Syrians, who cross the Aegean Sea to enter Greece illegally. In return, the EU takes in […]

Ancient Viking site in North America discovered using satellites

     Thanks to satellite technology and the efforts of an intrepid group of archaeologists, evidence of a second Viking settlement has been discovered in North America, documentaries set to air next week on PBS in the US and BBC One in the UK will reportedly reveal. According to BBC News and National Geographic reports, University […]

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