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US Army’s Hypersonic Missile Hit With Fielding Delay As China And Russia Lead Global Arms Race

US Army’s Hypersonic Missile Hit With Fielding Delay As China And Russia Lead Global Arms Race Assistant Secretary of the US Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology Doug Bush told Defense News in an interview on Monday that the service’s Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) aims to be fielded at the end of the year, contingent on a […]

Iran Touts Hypersonic Missile Testing In Response To US Sending Troops To Region

Iran Touts Hypersonic Missile Testing In Response To US Sending Troops To Region In fresh statements aired by state media and picked up by Al Jazeera and other international sources, Iran says it has not only achieved hypersonic cruise missile technology, but is actually testing hypersonics, in what would mark a historic breakthrough for the […]

China: Simulated War Games Sink U.S. Carrier Group with Hypersonic Missiles

A study in China’s Journal of Test and Measurement Technology concluded, citing a series of software simulations, that the communist nation’s hypersonic missile technology could destroy the formidable USS Gerald R. Ford carrier fleet by evading the ships’ defense systems, the South China Morning Post reported on Tuesday. The war games add to mounting anxiety in the […]

Three scientists working on Russia’s hypersonic missile program charged with TREASON

(Natural News) Russia’s hypersonic missile program is in turmoil and some scientists involved have warned that the country’s research on these weapons is facing “impending collapse.” The warning was part of an open letter written by the colleagues of three scientists working on Russia’s hypersonic missiles who were recently hit with charges of treason. The […]

Leaked Pentagon documents indicate latest Chinese test of hypersonic missiles can evade all existing U.S. defenses

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) While the United States was chasing elusive Taliban and Iraqi fighters in deserts throughout the Middle East for 20 years, China was developing next-gen missile technology that can defeat any known American defensive systems.According to reports, a set of Pentagon files purportedly leaked by Jack Teixeira contain … [Read More…] Source

China may have already deployed unstoppable hypersonic missiles capable of targeting American bases in the Pacific

(Natural News) The chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has warned that China may have already deployed a near-unstoppable hypersonic missile capable of striking American bases in the Pacific. DIA chief scientist Paul Freisthler told a House Armed Services subcommittee that China has been working on building an intercontinental ballistic missile tipped with a hypersonic glide […]

Six Hypersonic Missiles Were Used In Latest Russian Attack, Ukraine Confirms

Russia has claimed that the New York Times report about a ‘pro-Ukraine group’ being responsible for the Nord Stream pipeline attack is a deliberate form of disinformation to distract from the fact that the U.S. was responsible for the blasts. The NYT said that a “pro-Ukrainian group” had sabotaged the pipelines, using a team with […]

US falls behind Russia, China hypersonic race

January 1, 2023 Source: National Interest By Al Mayadeen English  The National Interest reveals the US military’s weakness in the field of hypersonic missiles. The National Interest highlighted yesterday the weakness of the US in developing offensive hypersonic weapons, as well as in confronting them. According to the outlet, the United States urgently needs to develop and […]

Medvedev Says Nukes Can Be Used to Defend New Russian Territories, Warns Hypersonic Missiles Can Hit The EU And US

Former Russian president Dmitry Medvedev said Thursday that strategic nuclear weapons can be used to defend “the Donbass republics and other territories accepted into Russia” and warned the “retired idiots with general’s stripes” at NATO that hypersonic missiles can “reach targets in Europe and in the United States.” From Pravda, ‘Dmitry Medvedev: ‘Hypersonic arms will reach […]

The Superior Hypersonic Missile-Russia’s Extraordinary Weapon

Author`s name Andrey Mihayloff 26.08.2022 15:48 Russia’s Kinzhal hypersonic missile takes complete advantage of both Ukraine and NATO World » Former USSR » Ukraine According to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu, Russia used the Kinzhal hypersonic missile during the special military operation in Ukraine three times. In all of those incidents, the Kinzhal missile has […]

US defence chief slams China’s drive for hypersonic weapons

US defence secretary Lloyd Austin said on Thursday that China’s pursuit of hypersonic weapons “increases tensions in the region” and vowed the U.S. would maintain its capability to deter potential threats posed by China. Austin made the remarks in Seoul following annual security talks with his South Korean counterpart that focused on challenges from China […]

Putin Says Russia Ready To Unveil New Hypersonic Missile

Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed a new hypersonic weapon during a speech at the Russia Calling! Investment conference hosted by VTB Bank on Tuesday, according to RT News. He told attendees the new weapon is a high-speed missile that is “necessary” as a defense shield against “Western actions.” “We have already successfully conducted tests, and […]

Hypersonic Panic and Competitive Terror

During his eventful time in office, US President Donald Trump took much delight in reflecting about the lethal toys of his country’s military, actual or hypothetical.  These included a hypersonic capability which, his military advisors had warned, was being mastered by adversaries.  Such devices, comprising hypersonic cruise missiles and hypersonic boost-glide vehicles, have been touted […]

US Successfully Tests Hypersonic Booster Motor in Utah

The U.S. Navy, in collaboration with the U.S. Army, conducts a static fire test of the first stage of the newly developed 34.5″ common hypersonic missile that will be fielded by both services, in Promontory, Utah, on Oct. 28, 2021. (Northrop Grumman/Handout via Reuters) WASHINGTON—The Pentagon successfully tested a booster rocket motor on Thursday designed […]

DPRK’s Hypersonic Missile

Kim Jong-un keeps his word: the moratorium on nuclear tests and ICBM launches was a verbal statement. That never became a legal document, but it continues to be enforced. The same goes for promises to increase military capabilities: the leader’s speech on the subject set a number of ambitious targets. According to the Proceedings of […]

The Hypersonic Fall of US Prestige

The US has finally admitted that “American credibility” in the world is bulging at the seams. And it’s not just its political credibility. This fall began not with Biden or Trump but with the flawed perception by the current US political-military establishment of its alleged exceptionalism and dominance in the world. Despite the policy pursued […]

Air Force’s Second Attempt To Air-Launch Hypersonic Weapon Fails

For the second time in months, the US Air Force has unsuccessfully tested a prototype hypersonic weapon.  The Air Force’s AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon, or ARRW, separated from the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress bomber during an air-launch test on July 28 when the rocket motors failed to ignite. This test follows the first unsuccessful flight test in April.  Testing […]

Air Force Receives First F-15EX Capable Of Carrying Hypersonic Weapons

On Wednesday, the U.S. Air Force (USAF) officially accepted the first McDonnell Douglas F-15EX Strike Eagle from Boeing at the defense contractor’s facility in St. Louis, reported Defense News. The fourth-generation fighter has been upgraded with larger weapon capacity and advanced flight control systems.  “This is a big moment for the Air Force,” Col. Sean Dorey, F-15EX […]

Putin outlines nuclear deployment plans: New ICBM in 2020, hypersonic glider in 2019

     The Russian military is expected to deploy the Sarmat ICBM in 2020 and the Avangard hypersonic glider warhead in 2019, according to Vladimir Putin. He described both weapons as essential for future nuclear deterrence. The deadline for the deployment of the two weapon systems was confirmed by the Russian president on Friday during a […]

New ICBM in 2020, hypersonic glider in 2019: Putin outlines nuclear deployment plans

Hypersonic glider: US intelligence in panic mode over Russia getting invincible weapon ‘by 2020’ The deadline for the deployment of the two weapon systems was confirmed by the Russian president on Friday during a meeting with defense officials and contractors – the first such meeting since the reshuffle of the Russian cabinet earlier this week. […]

Russia tests ‘invincible’ hypersonic intercontinental missile that can carry 24 nuclear warheads at mach TWENTY making them impossible to intercept

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Russia’s new hypersonic missile put through military tests (VIDEO)

     A video showing a new set of tests of the cutting-edge hypersonic Kinzhal missile has been released by the Russian Defense Ministry. President Vladimir Putin earlier said the weapon is designed to penetrate any possible defenses. The footage features a pair of MiG-31 aircraft carrying a single Kinzhal on its under-fuselage pylons. The planes […]

Is Google Going Underground With Hypersonic Tech?

Is Google Going Underground With Hypersonic Tech? March 6th, 2018 Via: IEEE: Google is carrying out research on hypersonics, probably for new technologies to slash the cost of geothermal energy and tunneling. It could also be acquiring a Washington-based startup called HyperSciences that has […]

A Hypersonic ‘Arms-Race’ Erupts As DARPA Director Demands More Funding To Counter Russia

Moments after President Vladimir Putin used his state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday to deliver a warning directed at the United States that Russia’s latest hypersonic missile can penetrate U.S. missile shields, the director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) frantically informed members of the press that his agency is aggressively pursuing similar […]

China unveils hypersonic missile capable of speeds up to Mach 25

     The Dongfeng-41 will be capable of hypersonic speeds up to Mach 25 and has been in development for more than 30 years. Chinese scientists have tested the weapon eight times since 2012 – and carried out their most recent tests deep in the desert earlier this month. State media reports the missile is due […]

DARPA and Boeing Team Up to Build a Hypersonic Spaceplane

DARPA and Boeing Team Up to Build a Hypersonic Spaceplane May 25th, 2017 Via: Popular Mechanics: DARPA announced today that it has selected Boeing to design and build a new reusable, hypersonic spaceplane called the Phantom Express that would fly into high suborbital altitudes […]

The collapse of Western politics & the end of the Left-Right paradigm

     The Bolsheviks who captured power in 1917 as the Russian Empire was in collapse aimed to abolish politics in a normative sense; politics would be replaced by the administration of policies from above. This has been replicated in the west a century later. Dissent is tolerated only to the degree it can be managed, […]

Erdogan stirs the pot in Crimea: Another provocation aimed at Russia?

     The 13th Islamic Summit entitled “Unity And Solidarity For Justice And Peace,” set up by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (IOC) took place on April 10-15 in Istanbul, Turkey and yielded some revealing but certainly not unsuspected news. At the summit, chaired by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, more signs emerged of a Turkish/GCC attempt […]

Violence Erupts Across France During May Day Demonstrations

Thousands of people across France took to the streets for the traditional May Day demonstrations on Sunday, but there was increased tension compared to previous years. Protesters clashed with riot police during the May Day protest in Paris, held to demonstrate against labour reforms proposed by the French government and to commemorate International Worker’s Day. […]

Monroe Doctrine now the Obama Doctrine

The neo-Monroe Doctrine, which can be called the Obama Doctrine, has seen the Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, State Department, and the Pentagon actively work to oust progressive leaders from power in Latin America. The first leader to suffer under the Obama Doctrine was Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, ousted in a 2009 “constitutional […]

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