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Iran condemns terrorist attack in Almaty

Tehran, July 19, IRNA – Spokesman for the Foreign Ministry expressed Iran’s strong disapproval of inhuman actions and terrorist attacks including that happened in the Kazakh largest city Almaty on Monday. Speaking to reporters, Bahram Qasemi expressed concern over aggressive actions in Kazakhstan. Gunmen attacked a police station in Almaty on Monday. Local sources announced […]

Trump Doctrine: Work with Russia, Draw Back NATO, Stop Arming Syrian Rebels

Republican nominee Donald Trump is anything but conventional bandying around suggestions that the United States force Mexico to pay for a wall to keep undocumented immigrants from fleeing into America, refinancing US debt as though the faith and credit of the dollar were akin to high-risk junk bonds, and declaring “you bet your ass I would” bring back waterboarding because the other side is “chopping […]

Cold front brings July snow to Klamath, Oregon

     An unseasonal cold snap brought snow to northern Klamath County Sunday with additional cold weather possibly arriving next weekend. Areas such as Crescent and Crater Lake National Park saw between 2 and 3 inches of snow, while other parts of the region saw temperatures dip as low as the 30s. Meteorologist Mike Petrucelli, of […]

88 people arrested on charges of terrorism since 2014 while Orlando shooter "slips through the net"

     In the midst of Omar Mateen’s shooting rampage in Orlando, law enforcement officials say the 30-year-old Florida resident called 911 and proclaimed his support for the Islamic State. Although FBI officials say they have not identified any direct connection between Mateen and the terrorist group, his case has once again brought calls for a […]

Free infertility treatment brings hope to many families

Since April 2015, an infertility treatment plan called ‘Barekat-e-Khanevadeh’ (Family Blessing) is underway in Iran’s underprivileged areas in ten provinces and all infertile couples between the ages 20-40 years can benefit from specialized treatment for infertility, free of charge. The provinces include Khuzestan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, East Azarbaijan, North Khorasan, Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, Mazandaran […]

Corruption of science: Scientific studies under fire over bias, influence

     A study showing that sweets were good for kids turned out to be sponsored by candy makers, adding to a long history of scientific research being funded by parties with vested interests in particular outcomes. The 2011 study made headlines for its findings that children who eat candy tend to weigh less than those […]

Fash the Nation Week 41

The Right Stuff May 28, 2016 TRS Radio (WASHINGTON, D.C.) – As a worst case scenario for Democrats continues to unfold, Hillary Clinton struggles to fight a war on two fronts, ditching the woman card after negative polling indicated she was hemorrhaging support. Uncertainty is running high throughout the Democratic Party, as Donald Trump celebrated […]

Palestinian jailed for Facebook post casts light on PA attacks on free speech

When the plain-clothed men came for him, Kifah Quzmar, 27, did not need to be told why they were dragging him out of a popular Ramallah cafe on a sunny afternoon last week. “Call my brother,” he told bystanders before being tossed into the back of a tinted SUV with a yellow Israeli license plate […]

USA forces in Afghanistan confused about mission just like their Government

American forces stationed in Afghanistan are confused about the nature of their mission, a newly-declassified Pentagon report shows. Witness accounts included in the heavily redacted 700-page report reveal that when Taliban militants captured the northern Afghan city of Kunduz last year, US Special Forces involved in the ensuing fierce battle repeatedly asked their commanders how […]

Yahoudi Prince, Ex-Netanyahu Adviser Share Debate Platform in Washington

Saudi Prince, Ex-Netanyahu Adviser Share Debate Platform in Washington Local Editor In a joint appearance of “Israeli” and Saudi Arabian officials, the kingdom’s Prince Turki al-Faisal and “Israeli” regime’s Maj. Gen. Yaakov Amidror shared a stage Thursday night in Washington, debating ways to advance a two-state solution between “Israelis” and Palestinians, while also expressing common […]

Sanders ‘put everything on the line’ for Palestine because BDS movement has changed US conversation — Peled

Miko Peled has a new edition of the book The General’s Son out from Just World Books. Peled was interviewed by Michael Smith for the radio show Law & Disorder that is airing this week, and offered many insights about the shifting discourse. The conversation about Israel inside the U.S. changed dramatically over the last […]

Speculation mounts that Japan’s southern island may split – rocked by dozens of earthquakes

     Over the past 48 hours, our planet has been hit by literally dozens of earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater, and scientists are acknowledging that what is taking place is highly unusual. This strange shaking began toward the end of last week when the globe was struck by five major earthquakes over the space […]

US evacuating military and civilian personnel from Turkey over security concerns

     Citing security concerns in Turkey, the Department of Defense has ordered the evacuation of US military families and civilians from Adana, Izmir and Mugla, as well as the Incirlik air base. Nearly 700 dependents are affected by the order. This decision “allows for the deliberate, safe return of family members from these areas due […]

Vaxxed Documentary To Be Released April 1st In New York

Cinema Libre Studio in New York has announced that it will distribute the controversial film “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” Cinema Libre Chairman Philippe Diaz said in a recent statement: “We chose to distribute this film to correct a major issue, which is the suppression of medical data by a governmental agency that may very […]

Turkey orders closed trial for Cumhuriyet editor threatening to expose Erdogan in court

Many media trials in Turkey of late have gripped national and international attention, as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan continues his relentless pursuit of alleged enemies of the state. Dundar has been sentenced to life on the charge of espionage – and has vowed to do his utmost to make the wrongdoings of the Turkish government […]

Yemen: Saudi Arabia and Houthis agree to ceasefire

     Saudi Arabia and the Houthis controlling part of Yemen have agreed to a “cessation of hostilities,” the UN’s special envoy to Yemen announced on Wednesday. UN’s Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said the two parties would start implementing a ceasefire from April 10, eight days before peace negotiations take place in Kuwait. “The talks aim […]

Palestinians in Gaza are drinking contaminated water from their sinks

Rayqa al-Malalha, 55, looks out her kitchen window at a putrid wastewater pond in the front yard of her Rafah City house in the Gaza strip. Her municipality does not supply clean drinking water, in part because the toxic pool is leaking into the water piping system. Yet Rayqa’s troubles are not unique. Palestinians in […]

israel jails 7 Palestinian children for throwing stones, it’s illegal unless you are Jewish

7 Palestinian children imprisoned for throwing stones [File photo] An Israeli court sentenced seven Palestinian minors to jail terms ranging from one to three years yesterday for throwing stones. The boys, aged between 14 and 17, were given the sentences for throwing stones at Israeli cars, Palestinian prisoner rights group Addameer said in a statement. […]

Truce, what truce? israel doesn’t understand the meaning of the word

Israeli Military Targets Gaza Civilians, Violates Truce Army Kidnaps Eight Palestinians In The West Bank Soldiers Attack And Detain A Child Near Ramallah Soldiers Attack And Kidnap A Palestinian Teen After Shooting Him In Jerusalem Soldiers Kidnap A Palestinian In Hebron, Injure Another In Gaza Israeli troops invade village near Bethlehem, critically wounding two Palestinians […]

L.A. seizes tiny houses from homeless people

Escalating their battle to stamp out an unprecedented spread of street encampments, city officials have begun seizing tiny houses from homeless people living on freeway overpasses in South Los Angeles. Three of the gaily painted wooden houses, which come with solar-powered lights and American flags, were confiscated earlier this month and seven […]

Austria urges sending migrants back to Turkey, asks EU for €600mn

“Frontex must pick up the people fleeing to Greece. We have to save all of them, but then these people should be sent directly to Turkey,” Austrian Chancellor Werner Feymann said in an interview to the Austrian news site, following a meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Thursday.  In exchange for cooperation, […]

Turkish fighter who bragged about killing Russian pilot appears at Istanbul militant’s funeral

Alparslan Celik is a Turkish citizen, the son of a former district mayor elected from Turkey’s Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) and a member of the party’s unofficial youth military arm Bozkurtlar. He appeared in Istanbul on Wednesday for the funeral of Ibrahim Kucuk, the head of the MHP bureau in Istanbul’s Fatih district, who was […]

IMF: Venezuela Inflation to Surpass 700%…

Email Us For general inquiries and advertising, email: Admin (at) Article submissions, tips, and feedback, email: Tips (at) Send us Snail Mail: P.O Box 8526 Round Rock, Tx 78683 Voicemail/TXT: Feel free to send us a message anytime (512) 222-3067 Source Article […]

Toshiba unveils Fukushima spent nuclear fuel removal robot (VIDEO)

The task of the new remotely operated Fuel Removal System (FRS) is to get rid of the debris as well as some 566 fuel rods from the spent fuel pool (SFP) of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station Unit 3. “In order to return Unit 3 to a stable condition, it is necessary to first remove […]

Nikola Tesla on wireless technology: Describing furture cell phone in 1926

“The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It is the most important product of his creative brain. Its ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of the forces of nature to human needs. This is the difficult task of the inventor who is often misunderstood […]

The Off-Grid Rebellion the Media Doesn’t Want You to Know About

Daniel Arsenault, ContributorWaking Times For many waking up in the modern world, the weight of the planet is on their shoulders. It seems like the more one learns, the more everything is in ruin. Climate catastrophe and secret financial institutions threaten devastation on all sides, the media is run by the corporate elite and filters […]

‘NYT’ and ‘Washington Post’ run professor’s articles defending settlements without stating he is a settler

A month ago the New York Times ran an op-ed deploring the European initiative to label settlement goods, written by Eugene Kontorovich. The article was titled, “Europe mislabels Israel,” and described the occupied territories in the most benign manner: “areas that came under [Israel’s] control in 1967.” Kontorovich was identified in the article as a […]

‘Absolute scum’ — Trump’s frightening anti-Muslim speech

So far, Trump is the only candidate who appears likely to introduce an independent view of Israel into the election. He’s pandering to the right-wing mob right now, but, if he wins the Republican nomination, if he’s serious about gaining power (I think he is), he will re-discover various issues that made him a Democrat […]

israelies: The israel terrorist state, can you believe your Government supports this?

Can You Believe Your Government Supports This? Filed under: Gaza, Jewish Lies, Jewish terrorism, Jewish violence, Nazi Israel, Netanyahu, Palestine, War on Gaza, Zionist entity Source Article from

Synapse discovery suggests earlier detection of Alzheimer’s

     A team of researchers led by UNSW Australia scientists has discovered how connections between brain cells are destroyed in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease – work that opens up a new avenue for research on possible treatments for the degenerative brain condition. “One of the first signs of Alzheimer’s disease is the loss […]

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