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Republicans have a brand-new reason to impeach DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas

(NaturalNews) There are so many reasons why Republicans ought to have already begun impeachment proceedings against Department of Homeland Security Secretary… Source

GOP-controlled Texas House votes to impeach Republican AG Ken Paxton

Moments after the vote, Paxton’s office said the impeachment was “based on totally false claims” and pointed to internal reports that found no wrongdoing. House investigators said the attorney general’s own probe into Paxton’s actions includes false and disproven claims. “No one person should be above the law, least not the top law enforcement officer […]

Rep. Gaetz: ‘We Don’t Have the Votes’ to Impeach Secretary Mayorkas

A Republican-led effort to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas may falter—despite the party’s narrow control of the House of Representatives. Republicans, who have been critical of Mayorkas’ handling of border security, have called for his impeachment as a way to remove him from office. But impeachment proponents have not yet been able to drum […]

FBI Arrests Peter Navarro One Day After He Vows to Impeach Biden

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) arrested former White House economic adviser Peter Navarro on Friday, acting on a referral from the Democrat-run House that held him in contempt for refusing to testify at the partisan January 6 Committee.

Steve Bannon: We’re Going to Impeach ‘PEDO’ Biden for ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’

Steve Bannon fired a warning shot at the corrupt Democrat Party, warning them that President Joe Biden will soon be impeached for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ Steve Bannon:  This is the part.  We destroy the Democratic Party at the school board level, at the county official level, and at the county official level, and at the […]

Ted Cruz: GOP May IMPEACH Biden If They Win Control Of House Again

A CNN correspondent noted how Joe Biden appeared “confused” throughout an entire interview as he repeatedly mistook COVID home tests for anti-viral pills. The comment was made in reference to Biden’s 20 minute interview with ABC’s David Muir, during which the president attempted to defend his response to the pandemic and complaints that people in […]

It’s Time To Impeach Our Government

It’s Time To Impeach Our Government The Liberty Beacon / This article was posted by TLB Staff Time To Impeach Our Government By: Brett Stevens Our government has appointed itself as the judge, jury, and the executioner of its own alleged misconduct. Unsurprisingly, it has found itself innocent. This is an inherently corrupt system and […]

Don’t Impeach Trump. Impeach the Deep State for Its Conspiracy to Kill the Constitution

All that was required of them was a primitive patriotism which could be appealed to whenever it was necessary to make them accept longer working hours or shorter rations. And even when they became discontented, as they sometimes did, their discontent led nowhere, because, being without general ideas, they could only focus it on petty […]

Wyoming GOP censures Liz Cheney for vote to impeach Trump

Cheney, a staunch conservative, has received heavy criticism from Trump loyalists for her vote to impeach the populist former president, who is facing a Senate impeachment trial beginning next week. Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida headed to Wyoming to hold an anti-Cheney rally Jan. 28, laying into her with a plethora of insults. But House […]

Stop Using UK Precents to Impeach Trump; They Don’t Apply — The Duran

[embedded content] Stop Using UK Precents to Impeach Trump; They Don’t Apply News Topic 33: The impeachment of Warren Hastings that the Democrats are constantly referring to: 56 more words Stop Using UK Precents to Impeach Trump; They Don’t Apply — The Duran Share this: Like this: Like Loading…

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Impeach Michelle Obama

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Kinzinger: ‘Was Not a Hard Decision’ to Impeach, We Didn’t Need to Look for Evidence, ‘It Was Brought Right to Us’

On Wednesday’s “PBS NewsHour,” Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) stated that voting to impeach President Donald Trump wasn’t a difficult decision for him to make, and that “the evidence was not something we had to go discover. It was brought right to us on the 6th.” Kinzinger said, “Truthfully, it was not a hard decision. I […]

No Grounds to Impeach Trump — The Duran

[embedded content] No Grounds to Impeach Trump News Topic 14: Democrats’ Proposed Impeachment Article Needs Work | National Review Democrats Need a Do-Over on Their Impeachment Article | National Review The ‘Incitement of Insurrection’ charge will lead only to protracted political wrangling. n all likelihood, President Trump is going to be impeached by the House […]

Slotkin joins call to impeach Trump, last of 25 Jewish Democrats to do so

JTA — Elissa Slotkin, the Jewish Democratic moderate from Michigan whose role was critical in impeaching US President Donald Trump in 2019, is in favor of impeaching him a second time. Slotkin was among the last Democrats to sign on to this week’s impeachment effort, and the last of the 25 Jewish Democrats to do […]

Trump Calls Democrats Move To Impeach Him ‘Absolutely Ridiculous’

President Trump spoke to reporters for the first time since his supporters stormed the US Capitol last week as he traveled to an event in Texas on Tuesday. Trump called the social media clampdown a ‘catastrophic mistake’ and also said that his speech before the US Capitol siege was ‘totally appropriate’. “If you read my […]

Manchin: ‘So Ill-Advised’ to Impeach Trump Now, House Dems ‘Know the Votes Aren’t There’ and It’ll Divide

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that there are not the votes to convict President Donald Trump in the Senate, and an impeachment effort now would be “so ill-advised for Joe Source

Nancy Pelosi Launches Dastardly Plan to ‘URGENTLY’ Impeach Donald Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi unveiled her dastardly plan on Sunday to “urgently” impeach President Trump again following the storming of Capitol Hill last week. “In protecting our Constitution and our Democracy, we will act with […] The post Nancy Pelosi Launches Dastardly Plan to ‘URGENTLY’ Impeach Donald Trump appeared first on News Punch.

Why impeach Trump at this late date? One word, says Bernie Sanders: ‘Precedent’

Sen. Bernie Sanders on Friday delivered a one-word answer to those wondering why Congress should impeach President Donald Trump even though he only has days left in office: Precedent. “It must be made clear that no president, now or in the future, can lead an insurrection against the U.S. government,” Sanders (I-Vt.) tweeted Friday amid […]

Republican Would Consider Democratic Effort to Impeach Trump After Capitol Assault

FILE PHOTO: US Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) speaks during the third day of Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Capitol Hill in Washington, US, October 14, 2020. Photo: Patrick Semansky/Pool via REUTERS At least one Senate Republican would consider supporting a possible effort by congressional Democrats to […]

Michigan State Rep: Impeach ‘Karen’ Gretchen Whitmer for Nursing Home Massacre

Michigan state Rep. Matt Maddock has called for the impeachment of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer due to her criminal coronavirus nursing home policy that led to the death of numerous residents. Maddock claims that if Whitmer would have included the legislature in the decision-making process, Whitmer’s nursing home policy never would have been implemented. “There would […]

‘Go Ahead’: Donald Trump Dares Nancy Pelosi to Try to Impeach Him Again

President Donald Trump on Monday spoke about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refusing to rule out impeachment to stop him from nominating a replacement for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court. “Go ahead. I want them to do that … I’m the only guy in the world that could get impeached for trying to […]

Is David Brock illegally funding an effort to impeach Trump?

     David Brock’s Media Matters for America appears to be granting hundreds of thousands of dollars in charitable funds to political groups that are trying to impeach the president and unseat Republicans across the nation. Brock’s Media Matters for America is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that has tax-exempt status. That tax-exempt status comes with […]

‘Mentally unstable, armed with nukes’: US billionaire looks to impeach Trump

‘Mentally unstable, armed with nukes’: US billionaire looks to impeach Trump RT October 21, 2017 A US billionaire has launched a campaign, calling for the impeachment of mentally unstable President Donald Trump, who has brought America to the brink of nuclear war. Tom Steyer, an American billionaire and self-identified environmentalist addressed the public in a […]

Untrump the World — It Won’t Self-Impeach

Untrump the World It Wont Self-Impeach By Remarks at United National Antiwar Coalition in Richmond, Virginia, June 17, 2017 Did you hear about Trump calling up the mayor of Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay and telling him that, contrary to all appearances, his island is not sinking? I want to focus on one […]

Behind Closed Doors Dems are Figuring Out a Way to Impeach Trump

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show According to reports , Congressman Michael Capuano attended a closed-door meeting with his fellow House Democrats to discuss the idea of impeaching Donald Trump. Capuano warned his colleagues that “emotions are high” and there needs to be “a discussion within the caucus — […]

Rep. Al Green Begins Official Process To Impeach Donald Trump

U.S. Rep. Al Green, D-Houston, speaking in favor of impeachment of President Trump from the floor of Congress on May 17, 2017. (Photo: Rep. Al Green’s YouTube Channel)  WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Al Green, a Houston Democrat, announced Wednesday he would begin proceedings to impeach President Donald Trump. “There is a desire … to see […]

CrossTalk: Can The Establishment & Media Impeach Trump?

There is a media war being played out before our eyes. The American mainstream media are intent on destroying President Donald Trump. Trump returns the contempt. Is the media making themselves the story? And is this dangerous? Host Peter Lavelle is CrossTalking with Roger L. Simon, Roy Gutterman, and Patrick Henningsen. .READ MORE TRUMP NEWS AT: 21st […]

David Brock Memo Reveals Democrats Plan To Impeach Trump To Avenge Hillary

A leaked David Brock memo reveals an orchestrated plan by the Democrats to push for the impeachment of Donald Trump in order to avenge Hillary Clinton’s loss last year.  The founder of the far left group Media Matters, spoke to over 100 liberal donors last weekend at a resort in Florida. Donors were gathered at […]

Attempted Political Coup Now Taking Place In D.C. With Effort To Impeach Trump For Fabricated “Obstruction of Justice”

This is a high priority alert. The Washington Post, now exposed as a CIA propaganda front, and the New York Times (a fiction-pimping anti-American rag owned by a Mexican national) have tag-teamed their way to their desired finish line: The impeachment and indictment of President Donald J. Trump. This has been accomplished through the publishing […]

Americans Get Ready To Leave United Nations

As the people of the world continue to show signs they are waking up and rejecting the New World Order’s plans in droves, members of Congress are seizing the moment and pushing for America to exit the United Nations. In the wake of Brexit, there is a growing belief that the idea of America exiting […]

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