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Israel’s Shin Bet accused of coercing false confession and imprisoning innocent man for two years

     A panel of Israeli judges has blasted the country’s counterterrorism agency Shin Bet, accusing it of dubious interrogation practices and evidence-gathering that led to an innocent man spending two years behind bars. Last month, 23-year-old Khalil Nimri, of East Jerusalem, was acquitted of plotting a bomb attack against a hotel in the southern resort […]

Watching The Hawks – FCC Sees No Evil & Imprisoning Childhood

Watching The Hawks – FCC Sees No Evil & Imprisoning Childhood Watching The The FCC takes steps allowing a radical restructuring of the nations media. A new study explains just how cruel and unusual some of the US penal systems methods really are. Investigative journalist Tony Gosling delves into the medias complicity with government […]

One of the World’s Largest Botnets Has Vanished

With no warning, one of the world’s largest criminal botnets—a massive collection of computers used to launch attacks—has disappeared. Researchers have reported huge drops in traffic for two of the most popular pieces of malware which rely on it. “We can only tell that the Dridex and Locky spam campaigns stopped since […]

North Korea’s Nuclear Perceptions and Deterrence

Nuclear weapons have always had a habit of inviting games of perception.  Will the state in possession of a nuclear option make use of it?  Obviously, there is always precedent that any state with an option will, at some point, make do with it.  The importance here is one of perception.   The DPRK has […]

Armed forces veterans have 50% increased risk of motor neurone disease – Veterans Today

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