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What the latest Libya debacle tells us about U.S. and Israeli indifference to Libyan lives

As protests broke out in Libya following an intentional leak that Israel’s Foreign Minister met with his Libyan counterpart, it became clear that Biden doesn’t mind endangering Libyan lives for the sake of Israeli-Arab normalization, and neither do Israeli officials to score political points. Source

India scolds UK for diplomatic ‘indifference’

READ HERE: Separatist protesters pulled down the Indian flag from the High Commission in London   Source

The US baby formula crisis and capitalism’s indifference to the lives of children

The baby formula crisis that is threatening the lives of infants across the US deepened this week as the out-of-stock rate for baby formula on store shelves surged to 70 percent for the week ending May 22. The shortage rate during the previous week was 45 percent, according to the retail tracking firm Datasembly. The […]

The October massacre of Kashmir -Indifference of Indian liberal’s perspective

Prominent cartoonist Satish Acharya’s illustration in early October provided quite the insights into the recent gruesome developments in Kashmir. The piece features Shraddha Bindru, a Kashmiri Pundit, who’s holding the body of her murdered father, addressing the unknown killer –coward. The cartoon does justice to the mainstream media’s portrayal of the ‘Muslim terrorist’. The bearded […]

The real story behind NZ’s use of 1080 is “a sinister tale of corruption and bureaucratic indifference” says a British film maker (2002)

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch From thegrafboys.blogspot “Poison use a sinister tale” – The Press 2002 The following article appeared in the Christchurch Press in January 2002.What’s intriguing is how the British team quickly identified indicators of an industry built on poison, and how their story echoes the voice of 1000’s of New Zealanders across the country – even […]

Presidents have a long history of condescension, indifference and outright racism towards Black Americans

Image Credit: AFP The fury over racial injustice that erupted in the wake of George Floyd’s killing has forced Americans to confront their history. That’s unfamiliar territory for most Americans, whose historical knowledge amounts to a vague blend of fact and myth that was only half-learned in high school and is only half-remembered now. If […]

US Ramps Up Pressure on Beijing over South China Sea

Image: On October 27, the USS Lassen (above) navigated within 12 nautical miles of territory claimed by China. Following its provocative naval intervention last week against Chinese territorial claims in the South China Sea, the Obama administration is engaged in an aggressive diplomatic offensive throughout Asia, seeking to ramp up the pressure on China over […]

Saudi Indifference to Human Lives and Welfare

Saudi Indifference to Human Lives and Welfare by Stephen Lendman Saudi Arabia is perhaps the world’s most ruthless regime, second only to America and Israel’s partnership, together a true axis of pure evil. Riyadh persecutes its own population ruthlessly, tolerating no dissent, sentencing […]

Apathy, Ignorance And Passive Indifference Are Worse Than Government Corruption And Organized Evil

Saman Mohammadi The Excavator September 15, 2011 In 1946, French writer Albert Camus wrote, “the mind is always a step behind reality. History races ahead while the mind meditates.” That statement was never more true than on the morning of September 11, 2001. It seemed like history took off on a rocket ship with only […]

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