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Return to the Dark Ages: European steel, metals industries plead with EU to stop de-industrializing the continent with its sanctions against Russia

(Natural News) Dozens of relevant stakeholders sent a letter to European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, European Council President Charles Michel, and several others in key position of power calling on them to take immediate action to “prevent permanent deindustrialisation from spiralling electricity and gas prices.” Western sanctions against Russia have made it prohibitively […]

WEF’s AI to Decide What Industries to Liquidate to “Stop Economic Growth”

Enjoy Your Universal Income, Stop Working, and Shut Up by Igor Chudov A brand new video from the World Economic Forum’s agenda article! The agenda is to stop the growth and decide what industries to shut down.  Some very juicy quotes from the video (with timestamps) 4.23: Some economists think the solution is to reengineer our […]

Analysis: Industries Importing Foreign H-2B Visa Workers Steal $1.8 Billion in Wages Since 2000

Employers in industries that hired most foreign H-2B visa workers for nonagricultural jobs over the last two decades have stolen about $1.8 billion in wages, a new analysis reveals. Every year, businesses in the landscaping, conservation, meatpacking, construction, and fishing industries are allowed to import tens of thousands of foreign H-2B visa workers to take […]

Our Practices & Industries

Our Turkish law firm can even advise on numerous features related to the Employment Law. Grayce Trevino is a case supervisor at Nyman Turkish PC. She is an unmatched advocate for her clients, gained by way of her intensive law firm istanbul turkey expertise fighting towards the Social Security Administration to win advantages for her […]

Majority of directors of world’s top insurance companies tied to polluting industries

Credit: DeSmog Just over half of all directors at 30 of the world’s largest insurance companies have affiliations to polluting companies and organizations, reveals an investigation by DeSmog, including several individuals holding senior roles at some of the world’s largest energy companies. The findings raise concerns over a potential pervasive conflict of interest on the […]

$15 Wage Becoming New Average In Some Industries

Above Photo: Activists take part in a protest outside of the Old Ebbitt Grill to call for a full minimum wage with tips for restaurant workers in Washington, D.C. on May 26, 2021. (Mandel Ngan / AFP / Getty Images) New data show that, as wages have risen across much of the economy, the average […]

Precarity of Migrant Labour in Punjab’s Textile Industries

Punjab faces a severe power crisis in the literal and metaphorical sense.Unprecedented shortage in power supply, power thefts and rise in power demand has turned it into a power-starving state. Facing an acute shortage of power supply amidst soaring demand of power from the agricultural sector. Gap between demand and supply traces to increase in […]

United States buying up NZ’s primary industries

Having already sold off our assets & robbed us of sovereignty one wonders at this. My own personal thoughts take me back to Bill Gates’ (pusher of GMOs) large scale purchase of farming land in the US itself. I dare so no good will come of any of these scenarios given the planet is unfortunately […]

Israel Aerospace Industries successfully tests extended range Barak defence system

Browse > Home / News / Israel Aerospace Industries successfully tests extended range Barak defence system March 23, 2021 by Aryeh Savir – TPS Read on for article Israel’s Aerospace Industries (IAI) successfully rested its Extended Range (ER) Barak Defense System, it stated Monday. The Barak in action. (IA) The Barak ER can intercept targets […]

Report: Joe Biden to Make Climate Change Top Priority, Targeting Oil and Gas Industries

President Joe Biden is expected to announce sweeping policies on Wednesday to address so-called manmade climate change, including putting millions of acres of federal land off-limits for domestic energy production and elevate environmental concerns to a national security issue. On his first day in office, Biden signed an executive order to put a 60-day pause […]

The Brexit bonanza for Spain: Cottage industries spring up to help bewildered expats navigate new paperwork

Spain has the highest number of British residents of any EU country with at least 300,000 registered with authorities while many more are thought to live there without notifying the government usually for tax reasons. As the deadline of December 31 approaches when Britain departs the EU, companies are charging Britons huge sums to negotiate […]

The REAL history of the Western medical/vaccine industries that you weren’t told (Pt 1)

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch This revealing article comes from a book  by Mark S. Grenon: “A World Without DIS-EASE, Is It Possible?” Pages 39-98. Click here for eBook: Quote from the author: “The only thing man has ever learned from history is that man has never learned from history! ARE YOU READY TO LEARN ABOUT […]


The Center for Internet and Society in its own words “Undertakes policy-focused, applied, and academic research on topics at the intersection of internet and society, and driven by concerns of digital rights and public interest. Our teams are based in Bangalore and Delhi. “ Sunil Abraham started  Center for Internet and Society (CIS) in 2008. […]

Iranian pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and food industries expo kicks off in Damascus

SANA – The Iranian Pharmaceuticals, Medical Supplies, and Food Industries Expo kicked off on Tuesday at Dama Rose Hotel in Damascus with the participation of 40 companies. The expo, which will run until January 11, is sponsored by the Iranian Embassy in Damascus and the Iranian-Syrian Economic Relations Development Committee. Assistant Health Minister Habib Aboud […]

How Bitcoin is Affecting Different Industries

Since Bitcoin arrived (ok not ‘arrived’) as there is no physical back in 2008 there have many companies and big Industries like Dell and Microsoft that take advantage of the crypto currency, and if you have a business of your own but are not using bitcoin, then you really could be […]

Health Ranger: Why independence science TERRIFIES the food and supplement industries (but shouldn’t)

(Natural News) Over the last few years, Natural News has set something in motion that absolutely terrifies the food and supplement industries. What have we done that’s so frightening? We’ve started to use good science to analyze foods and supplements for heavy metals, pesticides, industrial chemicals and more. We were instrumental in accelerating the independent […]

Gov’t Ruined 653,249 Lives Over Cannabis in 2016 Because 5 Corrupt Industries Paid Them To

By Matt Agorist In the land of the free, citizens found in possession of a plant — that grows wild on every continent except Antarctica — can and will be kidnapped, caged or killed. In fact, in just the short time it took you to click this article and read this first paragraph, […]

Israel sends 3 missiles to intercept intruder drone from Syria… unsuccessfully – media

The drone was reportedly spotted by Israeli air defenses as it was approaching Israeli airspace. “Moments ago two Patriot air defense missiles were fired towards a drone which infiltrated Israeli airspace from Syria,” the military said in a statement on Sunday. An Israeli fighter jet was scrambled that bolted after the intruder and fired an […]

Rouhani: Judiciary should be shelter for nation

Tehran, June 28, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said here Tuesday that Judiciary in the country should be powerful and act as a shelter for the nation. President Rouhani made the remarks at a ceremony on marking the national Judiciary Week. The ceremony was attended by heads of three branches of the Government as well […]

Iran’s coverage: Diplomacy, not military, to end Syria crisis: Iran FM

Daily look at Iran’s late-breaking news and upcoming events:   Iran’s peace plan can help resolve Syrian crisis: Zarif Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is in Norway for an official visit, urged the necessity for finding political solutions to a five-year-old conflict in Syria and described the Islamic Republic’s four-article peace initiative as […]

West failed in war on terror since it prioritized alliance with Arab monarchies: Cockburn

Alwaght- The US, Britain and Saudi-led coalition intervention in Yemen has paved the way for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) to create its own mini-state. In an article written under the title of “Thanks to UK and US intervention, al-Qaeda now has a mini-state in Yemen. It’s Iraq and Isis all over again”, Patrick […]

Government stonewalls natural NTX molecule that shields liver from harmful effects of alcohol consumption

(NaturalNews) Humans have partaken in alcohol consumption for as long as we can remember; in fact, scientists traced the origins of brewing back to 10 million years ago after discovering that “our primate ancestors evolved the ability to metabolize alcohol,” according to the Los Angeles Times. However, it wasn’t until now that a […]

Iran will never stop improvement of defense power, DM says

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Hossein Dehqan said on Monday that the enhancement of the country’s defense power will not be stopped even for a moment. The Iranian administration and president has not overlooked the improvement of the country’s defense power even for a moment, General Dehqan said, adding that it will […]

So it begins here: U.S. city ‘overrun’ with criminal refugees

Disintegration Of Iraq Could Be A Matter Of Days Now

Petr Lvov (NEO) : As the international community was absorbed by the rapidly changing situation in Syria, where government forces are finally getting an upper hand, the situation in Iraq has slipped the attention of the better part of geopolitical analysts. The rapid developments that are taking place in Iraq may soon lead to the disintegration […]

COP 21: UN plan to make legally binding climate change laws – worldwide

Source: Tools For Freedom Cop 21 or the Paris Climate Conference that is scheduled to take place in Paris on November 30, 2015, will be unlike other UN climate summits or climate conferences in the past. COP 21 has a scarily grandiose objective: in their own words “to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement […]

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