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In Defence of Infighting. Source

RNC chair: Republican infighting ‘not helping’ party

Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair Ronna McDaniel said that infighting within the GOP is “not helping” the party after presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy called Republicans the “party of losers.” CNN’s Dana Bash asked McDaniel what her response was to Ramaswamy’s comments at the debate, where he blamed her for the Republicans’ election losses in recent years. Ramaswamy… […]

Government once again at risk of shutdown following Republican infighting over who will be the next House speaker

(NaturalNews) The government is once again at risk of shutting down after several Republican hardliners voted with Democrats to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy… Source

CPEC Authority disbanded with infighting and controversy: “Ask the Chinese if you don’t trust us”

The Sharif government in the third week of the current month decided in principle to scrap the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority terming it ‘redundant’ and ‘obstructive’. It has decided to revert to the earlier arrangement of routing CPEC projects through the planning ministry to line ministries for execution for revitalising the country’s biggest, most […]

Violence And Destruction In South Africa Caused By Infighting Among Black Communists

While the mainstream media in South Africa is bending over backward to somehow blame Whites yet again for the widespread arson and looting that has engulfed the nation, the reliable website Africancrisis has provided a simple, concise explanation of what’s really behind the violence: This is a note for folks not familiar with South African […]

‘We Are Not F*cking Leaving’: Proud Boys Double Down After Group Infighting

It has been a rough few weeks for the Proud Boys. In the aftermath of the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection, the far-right, neo-fascist hate group has seen several of its chapters declare autonomy, its organization labeled a terrorist entity in Canada, and a handful of its key members arrested for their role in the Capitol […]

The Lincoln Project implodes amid infighting and scandal

Also announcing their departures Friday were spokesperson Kurt Bardella and Nayyera Haq, who earlier this week signed on to host an online program for the organization. Tom Nichols, a foreign affairs columnist and professor, announced on Twitter that he was stepping down as an unpaid adviser. Jennifer Horn, a senior figure in the organization, resigned […]

Czechs in chaos with political infighting amid virus surge

With a new, highly contagious coronavirus variant gaining force in the already hard-hit Czech Republic, the country is in chaos after Parliament deprived the government of a powerful tool to tackle the pandemic The lower house of Czech Parliament late Thursday refused the minority government’s request to extend the state of emergency, a measure that […]

Infighting Among ‘Stop the Steal’ Activists Intensifies Ahead of Competing D.C. Saturday Rallies

Trump loyalists, conspiracy theorists, religious-right activists, and far-right activists will converge on Washington, D.C., yet again this weekend to make unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud in an effort to keep Donald Trump in the presidency. But while the Nov. 14 “Million MAGA March” saw conservatives and extremists come together for one large rally, the Dec. […]

In propaganda coup for Israel, NYT frontpager ascribes Gaza’s misery to Palestinian infighting

The New York Times has published a long article about Gaza’s misery that begins on the front page today, and then takes up an entire inside page, under the headline, “With Gaza in Financial Crisis, Fears That ‘an Explosion’s Coming.’” The article is a manifesto from Hasbara Central — the Israeli propaganda arm — explaining […]

Ex-Malaysian PM is a Total Shitlord, Hates on Jews

ZeigerDaily Stormer June 28, 2016 On @ajupfront, I challenged ex-Malaysian PM Mahathir on his history of anti-Semitic remarks…but he doubled down: — Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) June 26, 2016 This guy sounds like a total bro. So this Asian dude ruled over Malaysia for 20 years, and he figured out that the Jew controlled the west […]

ANOTHER electrical incident at Washington, DC, metro station – This time sparking ‘fireball’

     Washington, DC residents are bracing for extensive delays on Metrorail in the next year as system officials announced a major safety-improvement plan after two fire incidents at a Metro train station closed two underground rail lines Thursday evening. Metro service on the Orange, Blue, and Silver lines was restored just prior to the Friday […]

Treasure Hunters Dig For Nazi Gold Train In Poland

A train filled with looted Nazi gold is allegedly hidden in a secret tunnel in Poland. Treasure hunters are planning to resume their search for the train that was left behind by the Nazis at the end of World War 2 as they retreated back to Berlin in the face of an advancing Red Army. […]

‘A quarter of a million’ UK students now using sugar daddies, according to app

From: Modernity! Apps have changed the way we date. Meeting someone new is as easy as swiping right. Rick Kelsey meets the power-users relying on apps to find the one, and considers the negative effects of seeking love on your smartphone. A leading sugar daddy app says it […]

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