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Sadistic Criminals In Action: Endless Torture/Murder of Innocents & Electroshocking Baby in Womb

During the Cold War, the CIA secretly funded mind-control experiments on unwitting Canadians in a program codenamed MK-ULTRA. The experiments laid the groundwork for modern-day torture techniques. And victims and their families are still seeking recognition and justice. By Michelle Shephard, Lisa Ellenwood and Chris Oke October 21, 2020 The following story is based on […]

Going Underground – Ep. 566: UK Arms Killing Innocents in Yemen w/ Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP & Oxfam Inequality Report

Going Underground – Ep. 566: UK Arms Killing Innocents in Yemen w/ Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP & Oxfam Inequality Report Going Underground with Afshin In this episode, we speak to British Labour MP and member of the UK Committee for arms export control, Lloyd Russell-Moyle, about the UK arms sale regime. Deborah Hardoon from Oxfam […]

Possible meteor spotted over Phoenix

     Phoenix – A light in the sky was spotted over the Valley on Saturday night and some are wondering what it was. One of our viewers was able to record the sudden burst of light in the sky before it suddenly disappeared. Some witnesses said it looked like a meteor falling from the sky […]

No Charges for Cop Who Shot Unarmed Teen Boy to Death

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) – The late Ramarley Graham’s mother choked back tears as she told reporters that federal prosecutors will not convene a grand jury to investigate the police officer who shot and killed her unarmed son more than four years ago. “The justice […]

Nervy Israel Jews DEMAND World Censorship

From THE NEW OBSERVER The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel. According to an article in the Times of Israel, Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most […]

Eliminating Cash – The Real Reason

Zerohedge recently posted an article that Norway’s Biggest bank is demanding that cash be banned. The Telegraph newspaper ran an article in May 2015 by Jim Leaviss (head of retail fixed interest at M&G Investments) that calls for all cash to be made illegal. Similar calls to remove cash from the lives of ordinary citizens […]

The Druids

During the Anglo-Saxon period, magic was often practiced among several different classes of people in their own ways. It was considered sinful, but its power was always believed in. Their knowledge of magic was first sought out from the biblical story, The Three Wise Men. According to one legend, the men who visited baby Jesus […]

Ukraine Caught Supplying Weapons To ISIS, Say Russian Hacktivists

Russian hacking group CyberBerkut have uncovered evidence that the government in Ukraine have supplied weapons to ISIS.  The group say that they are in possession of documents that prove that employees of Ukrainian state-owned defence company Ukroboronprom, discussed with the Qatari government officials the possible sale of surface-to-air S-125-SD Pechora missiles. On Saturday the hacking group posted […]

Game of loans: Why are half of all 25-year-olds living with their parents? The Federal Reserve answers

     Back in 1999, a quarter of all 25-year-olds lived with their parents. By 2013 this number has doubled, and currently half of young adults live in their parents home. While the troubling implications for the economy from this startling increase are self-evident, and have been extensively discussed both here and elsewhere (and are among […]

We fabricated drug charges against innocents to meet arrest quotas, detective testifies

  NY Daily News October 14, 2011 A former NYPD narcotics detective snared in a corruption scandal testified it was common practice to fabricate drug charges against innocent people to meet arrest quotas. The bombshell testimony from Stephen Anderson is the first public account of the twisted culture behind the false arrests in the Brooklyn South and Queens narc squads, which […]

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