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OLD and Stupid people are always EVIL and must be Banned from Politics internationally

    Why are the most evil people in the world always old? Why are they always scheming, plotting and planning malefic plans on how to harm and enslave the young? Why are they all so hell bent on living as much as they can, clinging to life like a parasite to its host. Notice […]

Qantas CEO: Airline Will Require Passengers Traveling Internationally to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

Photo Credit: Blake Guidry/Unsplash (CBS News) — Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the airline is planning to require passengers traveling internationally to prove they have been vaccinated against COVID-19 after the vaccinations become available to the public. In an interview with Australian broadcaster 9 Network, Joyce said Monday that the company is looking to change […]

NETFLIX MUST BE BANNED INTERNATIONALLY for making Movie about 11Yo Girls Twerking

    [embedded content] A new Netflix movie set to be released next month celebrates 11-year-olds twerking, prompting condemnation about the film sexualizing children. Netflix should be BANNED INTERNATIONALLY after this! “Amy, 11, becomes fascinated with a twerking dance crew. Hoping to join them, she starts to explore her femininity, defying her family’s traditions,” read […]

The israeli government role in promoting Islamophobia internationally

The Israeli government role in promoting Islamophobia internationally By Paul Larudee: Much of the study of Islamophobia is directed at the social and political causes and manifestations, including religious and political dimensions and racist characteristics.  However, Islamophobia is also used as a strategic tool or weapon, i.e. in pursuit of national agenda. Many of us […]

No free speech in Palestine: PA arrests journalist, internationally-renowned peace activist for Facebook posts

Palestinian forces on Monday evening arrested Palestinian peace activist Issa Amro for a Facebook post he published condemning the Palestinian Authority (PA) for detaining journalist and radio director Ayman Quwasmeh the day previously. Quwasmeh was detained by the PA days after Israeli forces raided and shut down al-Hurriyeh Radio (Freedom Radio) in Hebron on accusations […]

Muslim clerics issue fatwa against killing minorities, secular activists in Bangladesh

Since 2013 nearly 50 people, including members of religious minorities, foreigners and liberal activists, have been murdered by Islamist militants, according to Press TV. More than 11,000 people have been arrested over the past four days in a new crackdown in connection with the attacks. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and a South Asian branch […]

Wounded ISIS fighters brought to Turkey hospitals in ‘pick-up trucks’ – doctors, eyewitnesses to RT

Both Islamic State (IS, previously ISIS/ISIL) and Free Syrian Army fighters were able to cross the border from Syria into Turkey en masse and receive medical help – only to then be allowed to go back to resume fighting in Syria, the head of a local doctors’ association told RT’s Lizzie Phelan. ‘Turkey the only […]

Hollande threatens to ban demos as French anti-labor law protests grow

“At a time when France is hosting the Euro 2016 [football tournament], when it is faced with terrorism, demonstrations can no longer be authorized if property, people and public property cannot be safeguarded,” Hollande told a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, according to his spokesman Stephane Le Foll, AFP reported.  “The conditions under which a manifestation […]

No more polygamy & underage wives for immigrants, says German minister

“No one who comes to us has the right to put their cultural roots or their religious beliefs above our laws,” the politician from the center-left SPD party told Bild newspaper on Tuesday. Islam should be taught in all German schools – Bavarian bishop The state of Bavaria alone has been able to confirm 550 […]

RT producer ‘hit with gas canister,’ taken to hospital amid Paris labor reform clashes (VIDEO)

READ MORE: 40 injured, 58 arrested in Paris anti-labor reform protests Tens of thousands of protesters, many wearing masks and hoods, descended upon central Paris on the day when the Senate, the upper chamber of the French Parliament, was to discuss controversial labor legislation that has provoked dozens of demonstrations throughout the year. The two-person […]

Shooting at Police Station Leaves 3 Officers Dead – Shooter Was a Cop

John Vibes | The Free Thought Project San Juan, PR — Police officer Guarionex Candelario held a number of his co-workers hostage this week and killed three of them before he was apprehended and taken into custody. The incident allegedly began with a simple argument at work, but the police […]

Gandhi still right after 90 years: Vaccines are toxic, unhealthy and ineffective

(NaturalNews) Train the body to depend on a vaccine and it will do just that. Train the body to face disease, build immunity through clean air, water and food, and you will build incredible strength, cognition and natural immunity. These are my observations over the past five years, ditching pharmaceuticals, while facing sickness […]

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