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Jihadists Massacre More Than 50 Villagers in Burkina Faso

Islamic extremists slaughtered more than 50 people this week in an attack in eastern Burkina Faso, AsiaNews reported this weekend.

DECLASSIFIED UK: Margaret Thatcher’s support for Afghan jihadists covered up by UK censors

Thatcher’s Downing Street dossier on “Aid to the Afghanistan resistance movement” is being retained by Whitehall’s Cabinet Office despite becoming eligible for release to the National Archives under the 30-year rule. Thatcher’s team compiled the file from July 1981 to January 1990 during her time as prime minister when she oversaw a decade of covert British support […]

Jihadists Behead More Than 50 People in Football Pitch Massacre in Mozambique

(Barnabas Fund) — Islamic militants turned a village football pitch in northern Mozambique into an execution ground where they beheaded more than 50 people during three days of savage violence between Friday, Nov. 6 and Sunday, Nov. 8. Villagers who tried to flee were caught and taken to the sports ground in Muatide village where […]

121 Bombs Dropped A Day, That’s How You Create New Jihadists

121 Bombs Dropped A Day, That’s How You Create New Jihadists By Dark Politricks Redacted Tonight Bombs, bombs, bombs. The US Congress and the Military Industrial complex cares more about the bombs they drop on hospitals by “accident” than the collateral damage they cause. Collateral Damage that will turn orphans into Jihadists for no other reason than […]

A Brief History Of The U.S. Relationship To Jihadists And al-Qaeda Across The World

By Brandon Turbeville Major hat tip to Washington’s Blog for its article ““Sleeping With the Devil: How U.S. And Saudi Backing Of Al-Qaeda Led Directly To 9/11,” Tony Cartalucci of Land Destroyer Report.  To many Americans who pay only a small portion of their time to what is happening in Syria, the claim that […]

Netanyahu says African migrants worse threat than jihadists

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EXCLUSIVE: Eastern Ghouta’s Jihadists are Ready to Cooperate

Militants from radical groups Faylaq al-Rahman have cut their ties with the Tahrir al-Sham terrorist organization with the aim to leave Eastern Ghouta. It is also reported about several clashes between militants of the two groups. The decision to split was taken after a number of demonstrations in the town of Kafr […]

Britain Says ‘Yes’ to Jihadists, ‘No’ to Free Speech

This letter shames Britain. It’s illiterate (“Your boyfriend have in his possession” and “insight” where it means “incite”), it’s at once pompously officious and sloppily amateurish, and it’s written by someone who clearly has no grasp of basic details like when and when not to use capital letters (“London Hyde park” and “the Leaflets”). Yet […]

ISIS video shows jihadists waiting in French countryside to attack "Paris before Rome"

     The pro-ISIS group that last month depicted the invasion of Washington this week declared “Paris before Rome,” depicting a terrorist invasion that began with cells in the countryside outside Paris before attacking the city. Al-Abd al-Faqir Media released what they called “a cinematic film about the invasion of the Islamic State of the capital […]

Israel And Egypt Form Secret Alliance To Wipe Out Egyptian Jihadists

Israel has been conducting bombing raids on jihadists within Egypt’s borders since at least late 2015 as part of a secret two-year alliance. For more than two years, unmarked Israeli drones, helicopters and jets have carried out a covert air campaign, conducting more than 100 airstrikes inside Egypt, frequently more than once a week — and […]

Breaking: Syrian Army’s 100-hour ghost offensive haunts jihadists out of south Aleppo

BEIRUT, LEBANON (8:20 P.M.) – In an avalanche of major advances throughout Aleppo province’s southern countryside over the last four days, the Syrian Arab Army and allied pro-government militias have chased armed Islamist groups from virtually the entire region. Syrian army-led forces have swept armed rebel factions from southern Aleppo like a specter, blitzing through […]

Daesh Possession of Anti-Tank Missile Exposes CIA Plan to Arm Jihadists

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) — An anti-tank guided weapon made in Europe and sold to the United States, ended up in the hands of Daesh in Iraq within just two months, the Conflict Armament Research (CAR) group said in a newly-published report. CIA DELIBERATE PROGRAM The anti-tank missiles in question were apparently purchased under a secret program run by the Central Intelligence Agency and allegedly destined for Syrian opposition […]

When Washington Cheered the Jihadists

When a Department of Defense intelligence report about the Syrian rebel movement became public in May 2015, lots of people didn’t know what to make of it. After all, what the report said was unthinkable – not only that Al Qaeda had dominated the so-called democratic revolt against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for years, but that the West […]

21WIRE Correctly Predicts UK Whitewash in BBC Panorama’s ‘Jihadists You Pay For’

NOTE: Thank you to our readers and members for helping make this investigation possible. This week, 21WIRE correctly predicted the BBC’s Panorama inevitable whitewash in their program entitled, “Jihadists You Pay For.” Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi and political analyst Lembit Olpik featured a story by 21st Century Wire this week, asking why amidst this […]

Cost of U.S. War on Jihadists: $5.6 Trillion, 7,000 Deaths, 52,500 Injuries

The United States is expected to spend nearly $6 trillion through 2018 on government-wide costs related to the wars waged in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria since 2001, reveals a study by Brown University’s Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. According to Brown University’s Cost of War project analysis, authored by Neta Crawford, the total estimated […]

ISIS Jihadists Surrendering in Iraq and Syria

Jihadists In CIA-FBI Intimidate Vegas Victims

  October 16, 2017 It should be shocking that a mere month prior to the military-style assault on the Route 91 Harvest Festival teams of Saudi strategists and ISIS commanders could openly case The Strip for the planned paramilitary strike. The elements involved in their military-science research included line-of-sight firing lanes, angular ballistics, areas suitable […]

Jihadists eye ‘train derailments & food poisoning in Europe’ – French media

Man with knife attacks soldier in Paris “Due to recent jihadist propaganda urging plans for train derailment, particular attention should be paid to any reports of intrusion or attempted sabotage on the premises of railways,” a seven-page report compiled by the police directorate at the beginning of September reads, as cited by Le Parisien.  The document, […]

Rohingyas — Jihadists?

Above Photo: From Turkish Confusion by Anthony Freda. 1 Sep 2017 – The Rohingyas — or at least some Rohingyas — are now being projected as terrorists, as “Jihadists” out to kill Myanmar soldiers and civilians. Myanmar leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi have spoken along these lines. This view of the Rohingyas is being propagated […]

A French Journalist Who Spent 10 Months In ISIS Captivity Reveals What Do Jihadists Really Want

The war on terror has long been a misnomer, but courtesy French journalist Nicolas Henin, we can now better explain why – as he tells us what jihadists really want. Hénin was chained together in underground cells by ISIS in Syria for 10 months as a hostage alongside US journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff […]

The U.S., Not Russia, Arms Al Qaeda Worldwide, Washington is the Jihadists’ Sugar Daddy

The U.S., Not Russia, Arms Al Qaeda Worldwide By Glen Ford, A Black Agenda Radio commentary by executive editor Glen Ford. “For Russia, the war in Afghanistan is a domestic issue, with a direct impact on the drug trade and terrorist attacks on Russian cities.” The U.S. Secretary of Defense claims Russia is giving weapons […]

Israel Provides Air Support for Syrian Jihadists

“Israel has a long, proud history of ignoring ISIS/Al Qaeda targets, choosing to drop bombs on forces actually fighting terrorists in Syria” — Kevin MacDonald (@TOOEdit) April 27, 2017 A compound near Damascus International Airport was hit with five strikes at around 3:25 A.M. local time on Thursday.  But following its normal bad neighbor protocol, Israel […]

Police Officer Suffers Fractured Spine After Enraged Protester Drops Concrete Block On His Head

The innocent police officers that are beingbrutally attacked during this “summer of chaos” are real people with real hopes and real dreams.  Just like you and I, they want to work hard, raise their families and make this country a better place.  But now many of them have had their dreams for the […]

UK elite using Brexit to remove Corbyn from power

     The political upheavals marked by Brexit, also griped the shadow Labour government. 172 members of the British opposition party voted that their leader, Jeremy Corbyn, be removed from office in an internal vote of no confidence, which was held on June 28. This means that 81% of the MPs from the Labour Party lowered […]

Villain or hero? The many faces of Nadezhda Savchenko

National hero or convicted murderer? Savchenko served as a radio operator and a paratrooper with the Ukrainian army. At 23 she went to Iraq as a peacekeeper and was the only female soldier in her regiment. She graduated as a military pilot from the prestigious Air Force University of Kharkov, which was male-only until Savchenko […]

EU membership Turkey’s strategic goal, visa exemption will accelerate that process – Erdogan

“EU membership, a strategic goal for Turkey, will be a source of stability and inspiration for the region,” country’s President Tayyip Erdogan said in the statement, released to coincide with Europe Day and cited by Reuters. “I hope that the agreed visa exemption [deal] will relieve some of the frustration caused by more than 50 […]

Syria, Battlefield’s News ~ Syrian Army and Syrian Air Force kill mercenary-terrorists, destroy their positions and gatherings, repel attempted attacks [Report, Videos]

Syrian Free Press 19 April 2016 ~ The Syrian Army Air Force on Tuesday launched air strikes against DAESH (ISIS, ISIL, IS) gatherings and positions destroying their gatherings and vehicles in a number of provinces, while army units killed a number of mercenary-terrorists in Sweida. Aleppo Army units carried out operations against gatherings and […]

Legacy of Zaha Hadid: Great architect’s 7 most groundbreaking projects

Hadid, whose schedule had been as busy as ever in recent months, entered a Florida hospital with bronchitis earlier this week, when she suffered a “sudden heart attack,” her company announced on Thursday. Hadid was born in 1950, into a well-known family in Baghdad, and studied math at American University in Beirut, before relocating to […]

Brutal regime: Saudi Arabia strikes Yemeni market at rush hour; no military goal

     UN inspectors, who visited the Al Khamees market in north-western Yemen, where Saudi airstrikes killed over a hundred people this week, found no evidence that the attack could have any military goal. The closest target of any value to justify the bombing is a small checkpoint some 250 meters from the market, which is […]

New dengue fever vaccine ‘effective in 100%’ of human trial subjects

Last year, 48 healthy volunteers were randomly injected with a placebo, or the vaccine, known as TV003, by researchers from the University of Vermont and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. Hawaii declares health emergency to fight mosquitoes carrying Zika, dengue fever Six months later, 41 of the test subjects returned, to be infected with a genetically-modified […]

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