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American Judges Take Kids Away From Their Parents For Not Wearing Masks

Activist American judges have seized on mask violations as a flimsy justification for denying parents custody of their children. NBC ran a story in April 2020 about a doctor in Florida who was not allowed by court to see her children as her job posed a COVID risk to them. During the same month CNN […]

Capitol riot defendants facing jail have regrets. Judges aren’t buying it.

For many accused of trying to block Congress from confirming the winner of the presidential election on 6 January, an arrest was a reality check. Now they are getting another. As defendants charged in the Capitol siege have been coming through court, some have been shifting blame onto former president Donald Trump, downplaying their actions […]

Judges order 2-month delay in case to compel McGahn testimony to House

Indeed, the fact that the House has since impeached Trump twice — with the Senate acquitting him in both cases — makes the lingering battle over the McGahn subpoena feel like an afterthought. But for a time, the events the House wants to explore threatened to sink Trump’s presidency — in its first year. Mueller’s […]

Gunmen Kill Two Female Supreme Court Judges in Afghanistan

Armed gunmen killed two female Supreme Court judges in Afghanistan’s capital city of Kabul on Sunday, Afghan President Ashraf Ghani confirmed in a statement. Unidentified gunmen opened fire on a vehicle in Kabul on January 17 around 8:30 am killing two judges and wounding two others — the driver and another woman — police in […]

Taliban Assassinate 2 Afghan Female Supreme Court Judges While on their Way to Work

    Two Afghan women judges have been assassinated in the country’s capital in an attack that has been blamed on the Taliban. Gunmen shot dead the two unnamed judges, who worked for the Supreme Court, on Sunday in Kabul, where a new trend of targeted killings of high-profile figures have sown fear in the […]

Gunmen kill two female Supreme Court judges in Afghanistan – police

KABUL – Unidentified gunmen killed two female judges from Afghanistan‘s Supreme Court on Sunday morning, police said, adding to a wave of assassinations in Kabul and other cities while government and Taliban representatives have been holding peace talks in Qatar.The two judges, who have not yet been named, were killed and their driver wounded, in […]

We Need More Public Defenders To Become Judges

Above photo: The 167th Theater Sustainment Command Judge Advocate General section finished a year-long training exercise with a mock court martial at the Calhoun County Courthouse, Anniston, Alabama, Augusty 7-8, 2018. Army National Guard/Staff Sgt. Katherine Dowd. Prosecutors have dominated the bench for too long. Prosecutors and corporate lawyers are overrepresented on state and federal courts. […]

Racist Jewish Judges in Wisconsin Declare Voter Fraud Legal Because It Benefits Their Jewish Agendas

By infostormer -December 13, 20200 A couple of Jewish judges on the Wisconsin Supreme Court said that claims of voter fraud in the recent election were “racist.” Both Jill Karofsky and Rebecca Dallet are Jews and the way they behaved during this hearing was unapologetically Jewish. Wisconsin had rampant amounts of voter fraud. There were wards in the Milwaukee […]

Two Jewish Wisconsin judges denounced a Trump lawsuit. Now antisemites are harassing them

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Netanyahu Trial May Face Fresh Delay As Judges Hint Indictment Must Be Revised

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s corruption trial resumed on Sunday, with his lawyers asking the Jerusalem District Court to dismiss the charges against him due to alleged impropriety by police investigators probing the premier, and the judges indicating they intended to order prosecutors to explain why some parts of the indictment were not sufficiently detailed. Such […]

Bill Cosby: Prior bad acts witnesses met with skepticism by judges in appeal hearing

Judges on the Pennsylvania Supreme Court expressed skepticism today (1 December) at the prior bad acts witnesses in Bill Cosby‘s criminal trial. During the comedian’s criminal trial, the prosecution called five other women to testify, including supermodel Janice Dickinson, as what’s called a “prior bad act” witness. The idea is to establish a pattern of […]

Coons: ‘Hundreds’ of Trump’s Lower Court Judges Shouldn’t ‘Be Allowed to Sit Peaceably’

On Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) said that there should be a “wide-open conversation” on rebalancing the courts, including the circuit and district courts, where there are “hundreds” of judges who shouldn’t “be allowed to sit peaceably without our re-examining the process, the results, and […]

Harris: ‘If We Want to Talk about Court-Packing,’ We Should Talk About Judges GOP Has Confirmed

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN Tonight,” 2020 Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) stated that “if we want to talk about court-packing,” we should talk about the judges that Republicans have nominated and confirmed to the bench. Harris said, “I think that Joe Biden has been consistent about saying that this is not the […]

Corrupt Judges Supporting Armed Hate Groups Paid to Travel Around U.S. and Burn Cities Down (U.S. Becoming Ukraine on Fire)

Sunday, September 06, 2020 by: Ramon TomeyTags: agitators, anarchy, antifa, antifa riots, arrests, Black Lives Matter, black lives matter protests, black lives matter riots, blm protests, blm riots, chaos, civil war, Jeremy Vajko, left cult, lunatics, riots, Snack Van, violence, Washington, Washington D.C.Bypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL2,330VIEWS (Natural News) A protester arrested during Black Lives Matter riots in Washington also joined similar rallies in Portland and Kenosha, police said on Aug. 31. The information came […]

Canaanite Stronghold From the Time of the Judges Found in Israel

An ancient Canaanite stronghold has been unearthed in Israel. It is believed to date back to the time of the Judges whose history is recounted in the Bible. The discovery is telling experts a lot about the ancient Canaanites and Philistines and the politics and wars in the period of the Judges. The fortress is […]

Judges Toss Murder Conviction of Blackwater Mercenary Who Killed 14 Unarmed Civilians

Three former mercenaries who killed and injured 31 unarmed Iraqis in Nisour Square will be resentenced, and a fourth may be retried. (COMMONDREAMS) — A federal appeals court on Friday threw out lengthy prison sentences of three former operatives for private mercenary firm Blackwater Worldwide—and ordered a retrial for a fourth operative […]

Poroshenko signs controversial law on appointment of Constitutional Court judges

nsnbc : Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, on July 31, signed a new, controversial law on pertaining the country’s Constitutional Court. Critics stress that the new […]

Venezuela’s PSUV regime arrests more parliament-appointed judges as MUD calls for new strike

nsnbc : Venezuelan intelligence officials arrested two more judges who had been appointed by the legislative branch of government on Tuesday. The Roundtable of […]

Erdogan announces 3 month state of emergency in Turkey after coup attempt

LIVE UPDATES: Post-coup crackdown in Turkey Speaking in a live broadcast address following a meeting with the National Security Council in the capital of Ankara, the Turkish leader said the decision was not against the rule of law, and did not violate any democratic freedoms. “The purpose of the state of emergency is to most effectively […]

FDA Announce That DTap Vaccine Causes Autism

The FDA have published conclusive proof on their website that the DTap vaccine causes autism.  According to the FDA’s online Biologics Blood Vaccines document (between pages 6 to 11), a vaccine manufacturer admits on its package insert that their vaccination can cause autism as one of many adverse reactions. reports: Adverse events reported during post-approval use of […]

Men Who Support Women’s Suffrage are De Facto Supporters of Gang-Rape

By Promoting Feminism, White Men are Betraying Their Own Women Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2016 Good job, women-lovers! You really helped by letting women vote! You’re so tolerant and progressive! The negative response to Black Pigeon’s anti-feminist videos (here and here) among the Alt-Right has been somewhat shocking. It has involved purely emotional arguments […]

Feds Crack Down on Payday Loan Pioneer Using Mafia-Busting Law

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   The Department of Justice (DoJ) charged Charles Hallinan, the operator of several payday loan corporations including Easy Cash, My Payday Advance and Instant Cash USA, with 2 counts of racketeering conspiracy because Hallinan and his partner, Wheeler Neff, violated […]

Judge: Big Food Covered Up Spending $22M to Stop GMO Labeling

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Media Spokesperson, HEALTH MAX Brands   A superior court judge in Washington State ruled against the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) for violating “the spirit and letter” of campaign-finance disclosure law in that state. The GMA was found to have been trying to hide the identities […]

20 Muslims Sneak Onto Man’s Property, Instantly Learn Why He’s Called “THE DESTROYER”

Dean James AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS– Dinko “The Destroyer” Valev is a one man border patrol monster! He patrols around on his ATV and chases Muslim border jumpers. This guy is a legend and these Muslims found out exactly why he is called “THE DESTROYER!” He lives out in the country in Yambol, Bulgaria near the Turkish border. […]

Saudi Arabia Deploys Jets To Turkey Saying Assad Must Go

It looks like a joint Turkish-Saudi assault on Syria may be imminent. Saudi Arabia has deployed military jets and personnel to Turkey’s Incirlik Air Base in the south of the country ahead of a possible ground invasion of Syria. Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said on Friday that the removal of Assad was “crucial,” adding […]

Vigil Held Outside Juvenile Detention Center Where Teen Died

Print Friendly Above Photo: From HARDIN COUNTY, Ky. —Mourners gathered in Hardin County Sunday night to remember a teenager who died shortly after arriving at a juvenile detention facility. Dozens stood outside the Lincoln Village Juvenile Detention Center, praying and shouting Gynnya McMillen’s name as they called for answers. McMillen, 16, was found dead […]

Allentown Singing Man Sees His Day In Court

Over the summer we reported on a story out of Allentown Pennsylvania, involving James Ochse. Mr. Ochse is better known as the Allentown singing man in an ultra viral video. The video stars Ochse and Officer Randy Busch. Officer Busch can be seen approaching the singing man. After a few words are exchanged Ochse is […]

First Genetically Modified Human Embryos Ready To Be Created In UK

Scientists say that the first genetically-modified human embryos ‘could be created in Britain within weeks’ A team of Scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London are about to learn whether their research proposal has been approved by the fertility watchdog. If they are given the green light, the world could soon see, “the first […]

What ISIS Monsters Just Did To 4-Year-Old Child Will Make You SICK… Obama Silent

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – ISIS has proven once again that they are insane savages that need to be eradicated immediately. What in the hell are we waiting for? How much more of this insanity does the world have to endure before SOMEONE decides enough is enough? An extremely disturbing report from The Clarion Project shows, […]

What ISIS Monsters Just Did To 4-Year-Old Child Will Make You SICK… Obama Silent

Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS – ISIS has proven once again that they are insane savages that need to be eradicated immediately. What in the hell are we waiting for? How much more of this insanity does the world have to endure before SOMEONE decides enough is enough? An extremely disturbing report from The Clarion Project shows, […]

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