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‘NYT’ runs an op-ed justifying violent resistance, and some Zionists abandon p.r. duties

We’ve said repeatedly that Israel suffered a P.R. disaster in the last Gaza attack: western media for once openly questioned the reasoning and morality behind yet another murderous onslaught on an imprisoned population, the fifth in the last 12 years. Some observers speak of a sea change in the American discourse, and of course point […]

Stop Justifying the Deaths of the Meron 45

My daughter called me before the Sabbath in terrible pain. Beyond trying to process the deaths of 45 religious Jews at Mount Meron during Lag B’Omer celebrations, she was in an argument on a chat group with a woman who said that the deaths had a reason. This woman prophesized that God sent these 45 men to their deaths in order […]

Fauci Given $1 Million Prize from Israel for Justifying Talmudic Tyranny

Anthony Fauci became the kosher Covid cop for not only America, but pretty much the whole world. What he says about masks, vaccines, social distancing, and lockdowns becomes gospel for the cabal controlling the world. He is the ultimate “mensch” for them, giving scientific justification for the Talmudic tyranny we find ourselves all living under […]

The dumping of the Class 1A Ecotoxin 1080 in NZ landfills & DoC’s in-house studies justifying it

Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch From the NO to 1080 use in NZ Facebook page Regarding the toxic landfill sites, more from the Greymouth Star, 10 August 2000: From the article (image below): “Manager of the 1080 pellet producing factory, Bill Simmons, said dumping 1080 was accepted as normal practice and there was no cause for alarm […]

Debunking 18 Claims Justifying the Gaza Massacre

Debunking 18 Claims Justifying the Gaza Massacre By Riham Darwish, After spending a great deal of time online, I read and watched endless virtual conversations about who’s at fault and who’s not in the wake of the over 60 casualties in Gaza on Monday. Discussions varied from whether Israel is exercising a righteous act of […]

The Old Testament, written by Jews, justifying the jewish occupation of Palestine appears to be the earliest example of “fake news”

“No evidence of the events described in the Book of Genesis has ever been found. No city walls have been found at Jericho, from the appropriate era, that could have been toppled by Joshua or otherwise. The stone palace uncovered at the foot of Temple Mount in Jerusalem could attest that King David had been […]

FCC Admits No Documentation Justifying Shutting Down Comments After John Oliver Net Neutrality Segment

Above Photo: From This federal agency has a responsibility to maintain a functioning website for the public to comment on proceedings that have a profound impact on our economy, our democracy, and the future of the Internet. It’s clear that the FCC has failed to perform this basic duty, and now they are refusing […]

3 Chicago Cops Charged For Falsely Justifying Teen’s Death

Three Chicago police officers have been indicted on state charges of conspiracy, obstruction, and misconduct for allegedly writing false reports in order to justify the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald. A fourth officer was charged with murder in November 2015 after police dash cam footage revealed him shooting the teen 16 times as McDonald […]

700yrs to orbit Sun: New dwarf planet spotted beyond Neptune & Pluto

“The icy worlds beyond Neptune trace how the giant planets formed and then moved out from the Sun. They let us piece together the history of our Solar System,” says Dr. Michele Bannister of the University of Victoria in British Columbia, one of the researchers behind the finding. “Almost all of these icy worlds are […]

UFO resembling jellyfish seen ‘swimming through the sky’ over Mexico

     Have UFO hunters just sighted a gigantic, glowing creature ‘swimming through the sky’ over Mexico? Or is it just a plastic bag? Tireless alien-hunter Scott C Waring of UFO Sightings Daily says, ‘It is not often you get to see a UFO that moves like a living, breathing animal, but this is one of […]

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