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Ketchup, mayo and other common staple foods tainted with toxic PFAS chemicals

New research published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters reveals in-depth how deadly per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances, also known as PFAS, are leaching out of plastic containers and contaminating the food products they contain. Confirming what earlier research also found, the study focused on the tendency of PFAS to contaminate various pesticide products […]

Eating Ketchup Helps Man Survive 24 Days Lost At Sea

Elvis Francois, 47, was rescued by the Colombian Navy after he signaled a plane with a mirror. Source

Ketchup Actually Originated in… Ancient China?

If asked, the first all-American meal to come to mind will probably be a hamburger, fries and a healthy dollop of ketchup. Unfortunately, none of these items actually originated in the United States. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

New California Laws for 2022: More Duplexes, Fewer Ketchup Packets and All Mail-In Elections

By Andrew SheelerFrom The Sacramento Bee SACRAMENTO, Calif.—A slate of new California laws set to go into effect on Jan. 1 touches on everything from police accountability to housing reform, ketchup packets, and how veterinarians gather blood donations for sick pets. Some laws Gov. Gavin Newsom signed last year, such as a ban on the […]

Heinz Ketchup Banned and Why You Should Avoid It

24K Shares As tasty as it is, you may want to avoid Heinz ketchup because of what’s hiding in its ingredients. Heinz Ketchup has recently been banned in Israel from calling its product ketchup as it doesn’t include enough tomatoes. But there are more reasons why you should be cautious about this product. As tasty […]

Sauce of the problem: Surgeons find ketchup packet inside woman’s bowel

For six years the woman believed the bouts of acute abdominal pain she suffered were caused by the chronic intestinal disease. READ MORE: Doctor suspended for reusing disposable anal catheters on multiple patients The 41 year old suffered the symptoms in three-day spells before they would resolve spontaneously, a case study in the British Medical […]

This is Really Why Heinz Ketchup Bottles Have Number ’57’ On Them

Every time you whack a dollop on a bacon sarnie, dunk a chip in it or smother your full English in it, it’s staring you in the face. But what do the words ’57 varieties’ on every bottle of Heinz tomato ketchup actually mean? Of course you may think that they’re telling us how many […]

French Restaurant Bans Cell Phones, Ketchup, Coca-Cola & Mayonnaise

Next Story Going out to dinner can be an awesome experience. It can be fun, connective, and most importantly, you get to eat a delicious meal that someone else so graciously prepared for you. What’s going on at the dinner table can differ from culture to culture as well, each with their own set of […]

Israel Bans Heinz Ketchup Because it’s Linked to Liver, Pancreas, Immune System, and Brain Issues

The food industry only allows it to be sold as “tomato seasoning”, not “tomato ketchup”. Triggered by a series of tests conducted by an Israeli food company also selling ketchup.  The tests revealed that, although Heinz boasts over 60% tomato as an ingredient, there was only 21% tomato concentrate in each bottle. Heinz Ketchup Ingredients […]

‘Children of War’: Heart-rending WWII diaries of Soviet children published in English

“In adults’ diaries, the author is still trying to build some sort of drama, while children have been sincerely writing about what they saw and felt, and that’s the main value of these documents. They haven’t been edited by anyone, they’ve been written honestly, with no censorship or self-censorship applied,” the book’s editor, Tatyana Kuznetsova, […]

Saudi 9/11: Obama To Release Part Of Secret 28 Pages

President Obama is set to release some parts of the secret 28 page document that was classified in the 9/11 report. There is speculation the documents may reveal a Saudi connection to the terror attacks that killed over 3,000 people in 2001. The Independent reports: The former head of a bi-partisan committee that investigated the […]

Mexican Citizens Burn Giant Effigies Of Donald Trump For Easter

Burning effigies that represent Judas Iscariot is part of a Mexican Holy Week tradition, but this year villages celebrated the Easter ritual by burning effigies of Donald Trump! Trumps anti-immigrant views have sparked outrage in many Central and South American countries SBS reports: In Mexico City’s poor La Merced neighbourhood, hundreds of cheering residents yelled […]

5 Best Super Foods For Thyroid Health

Another epidemic is sweeping across the world. According to experts, there are as many as 30 million people suffering from a form of thyroid disorder in the United States alone – and half of them are undiagnosed. That is a staggering 12% of the nation’s total population. Worldwide, approximately 430 million people are estimated to […]

Here’s What Fear Does to Your Brain

At Halloween, we confront our biggest fears on the streets instead of in our nightmares: Mummies skulk as if they just crawled out of their tombs; ghosts seem to have arisen from the grave; and spiders, snakes, and skeletons run around us. BUT WHY DO WE SUBJECT OURSELVES TO THE THINGS THAT MAKE OUR SKIN […]

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