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Zarif felicitates Muslim nations on Eid al-Fitr

Tehran, July 6, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Wednesday congratulated Muslim governments and nations on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr. ‘May we unite in prayer and practice to cleanse our faith and Ummah from the violence and hatered promoted by extremist demagogues,’ Zarif said in a post in his twitter account. The first […]

FSB searches Russia’s leading opposition radio station over ‘hate speech’ article

Tweets about the raid sent out on Tuesday morning by its long-serving editor Aleksey Venidiktov about the unscheduled visit from seven investigators spread social media panic about the fate of the iconic station. Founded in 1990, Ekho Moskvy rose to fame as the first non-government owned news outlet, and was the only internal media to […]

Thousands without power after warehouse fire caused multiple explosions near downtown Los Angeles

     About 35 residents were evacuated overnight due to a warehouse fire that produced “ferocious” explosions in a community southeast of downtown Los Angeles and left thousands of customers without power. The fire was reported around 2:30 a.m. at a plastics business in the 3700 block of Fruitland Avenue, according to the Los Angeles County […]

The Corrupt and Ignorant Agency – CIA has fomented chaos from its inception

     The American taxpayers have been fleeced for almost seventy years by a so-called “intelligence” agency that has systematically violated the US Constitution, broken practically every federal law on the books, and penetrated virtually every facet of American life. The Central Intelligence Agency’s creation was bemoaned by its creator, President Harry S Truman, who, in […]

The Empire of Chaos: Target Russia. Target China. Target Iran

     Not a day goes by without US Think Tankland doing what it does best; pushing all sorts of scenarios for cold – and hot – war with Russia, plus myriad confrontations with China and Iran. That fits into the Pentagon’s Top Five existential threats to the US, where Russia and China sit at the […]

Missouri lawmakers want a list of every woman who has had an abortion

Comment: Last time I checked, medical information was protected by the Fourth Amendment, as well as HIPA, but I suppose things like the constitution and legal precedent doesn’t matter much when your brain is fried by GMOs and pharmaceuticals and educating by the demagogues of Fox News.      While major anti-choice activists and politicians are […]

Israeli media front spreads lies about Iran-Russia missile deal

     We’re not sure what the deal is with The Jerusalem Post but recently it has published more than one elaborate tale that nobody else wants to touch with a six foot pole. In its latest such offering it picked up a story from the Kuwaiti daily called Al Jarida that Vladimir Putin has decided […]

Lawsuit: Sexual abuse of women allowed to flourish in New York prisons

     Multiple cases of male corrections officers sexual abusing female prisoners were brought to light in a class action suit filed against the New York Department of Corrections, which alleges a “culture of indifference” has allowed sexual abuse to flourish. “Staff sexual abuse is a serious problem in New York’s women’s prisons,” said Veronica Vela, […]

Russian Federal Tourism Agency relies on increase in tourist flow to Iran

The head of the Russian Federal Tourism Agency, Oleg Safonov, hopes for an increase in the tourist flow from Russia to Iran after the easing of the visa regime. “Our tourism ties are actively developing, Iranian tourists visit the Russian Federation very actively. The tourist flow from Russia to Iran is not that big, but […]

Ancient dream come true: South Ossetia to hold referendum on joining Russia

     South Ossetia’s president said the small country wants to hold a referendum of “special form” to join Russia as one of its regions. The move is to help unite the once separated Ossetian people and safeguard it from various threats for decades to come. President of South Ossetia, Leonid Tibilov, said in his address […]

UK govt: ‘Explosive device’ may have downed Russian passenger jet over Sinai

LIVE UPDATES on the Russian passenger jet crash: Search area in Sinai expanded All flights from Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh resort to the UK have been delayed as a “precautionary measure,” the joint statement from the Prime Minister’s Office, the Department for Transport and Foreign & Commonwealth Office said. This will allow time for a team of […]

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