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India’s spice trade at risk, as pesticides and pathogens contaminate popular seasonings including turmeric, chili and pepper

(NaturalNews) Pesticides are causing serious problems all over the world. Most pesticides and herbicides, once taken up by the body, go to war with the endocrine system, blocking the body’s ability to regulate its own hormones. In India, these dangerous pesticides are beginning to contaminate the country’s most healthy, top export spices. Countries […]

Truth or Tyranny

An open letter to all the men who are awake to the jewish agenda, yet have not and are not doing anything about it. Gents, you all eventually will have to come to the understanding that you are nothing more than Truth-hobbyists. And that the Truth is just mere scary entertainment to you. Any talk of […]

Extreme adrenaline junkie stages wingsuit flight over active volcano (VIDEO)

     Veteran base jumper and model Roberta Mancino has attempted her most daring wingsuit flight yet – over an active magma-bubbling volcano. Mancino trained for years before embarking on the risky mission that saw her leap out of a helicopter at 15,000 ft and zip through sulfur-infused smoke billowing from one of Chile’s most active […]

One massive storm, extreme weather in the U.S.

One massive storm system. Several different extreme weather results.      A massive low-pressure center swirls over Denver. The effects of the giant comma-shaped storm stretch from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. Welcome light rains in Minnesota. Record April heat in Seattle. Prolific snow totals in Colorado’s high country. Torrential downpours and flash floods along […]

A Very Bizarre Claim About What Eating Chicken Will Do To You According to PETA

People are not happy about Peta tweeting that ‘eating chicken can make your kid’s dick small’. The claim is based on a study which links phthalates – a chemical used in packaging that can migrate into meat and cheese in the US* – to stunted foetal development. So it’s an important thing to raise awareness of. People […]

This Man Could Not See Color, So He Made an Antenna in Order to Hear It

Achromatopsia is a not very common disease which makes people unable to see colors. Neil Harbisson was born with this visual dysfunction, meaning he only sees gray, black and white. Harbisson, who is an artist known for his eccentricity, invented in 2003 a gadget that made it possible for him to hear colours. To add to his […]

Jewish State Happy For Kurds To Have Their Own State

Israeli politicians including Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu would be happy if the Kurds in the Middle East carved out a State of their own. The Israelis are not shy about supporting a Kurdish State although the countries where the Kurds live- Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, strongly oppose the idea. Sputnik reports: Surprising as it may […]

Iranian Commander Blames US For Afghan Drug Production

A senior Iranian Commander has accused US authorities of being responsible for an increase in drug production in Afghanistan.  “The problem of narcotics still persists in Afghanistan as a result of negligence of foreign states towards llicit drug trade in our neighboring country,” General Ali Moayyedi told Afghan police officers at a training workshop in […]

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