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Second Launch Attempt For America’s Private Moon Lander Scheduled For Early Thursday After Initial Glitch

Just over a month following the incident where America’s first commercial moon lander in half a century experienced a catastrophic fuel leak hours after United Launch Alliance’s new Vulcan booster blasted the spacecraft into orbit, a second US company is gearing up to send a robotic lander to the lunar surface aboard a SpaceX rocket.  Elon Musk’s […]

Lunar Lander Released by NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Dies

Lunar Lander Released by NASA’s Artemis 1 Mission Dies Date: November 23, 2022Author: Nwo Report “…the communication didn’t come back.” Posted BY: Bill | NwoReport Tragic news from space! A Japan-made CubeSat called OMOTENASHI (Outstanding MOon exploration TEchnologies demonstrated by NAno Semi-Hard Impactor) has died after being released by NASA’s Artemis mission. “Though we tried […]

Japan’s 1st Moon Lander Suffers Communication Failure After Launch

Japan’s space agency said Thursday that communication with its moon lander Omotenashi was lost after launching from the NASA center the previous day, and that it was working to stabilize its position. NASA on Wednesday launched its unmanned spacecraft, Artemis 1, carrying the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s (JAXA’s) Omotenashi lander and Equuleus satellite. JAXA said […]

Chinese lander touches down on Mars in ‘pre-set zone’ in Beijing’s first mission to Red Planet

China’s Zhurong rover has stuck a successful landing on the surface of Mars, according to state media, in the culmination of the country’s first independent mission to the Red Planet after the ship departed from Earth last summer. The unmanned lander reached its destination on Mars’ Utopia plain on Saturday, Xinhua News reported, noting that […]

Biden chooses Jewish geneticist Eric Lander to lead Cabinet-level science office

JTA — US President-elect Joe Biden has chosen Eric Lander, a geneticist and professor at MIT and Harvard, as presidential science adviser and director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Biden will make the position a Cabinet-level appointment, meaning Lander will have to be confirmed by the Senate — an apparent signal of […]

New Study Claims Life Does Exist On Mars and It Was Found By The Viking Lander In 1976

387 Shares A new study published in the Journal Astrobiology suggests that the 1976 Viking (LR) experiment found evidence to support microbial life on the surface of Mars. Forty years ago, before we had any idea there was liquid water on Mars, and that the red planet was the closest thing to Earth within our […]

‘Marsquakes’ mission: All you need to know about NASA’s InSight lander (VIDEO)

READ MORE: ‘Marsquakes’: NASA to probe seismic activity on Red Planet (VIDEO) What is it? The Mars InSight lander is a $1billion US-European project designed to study subterranean events on Mars. In essence, the office desk-size machine checks the vital signs of the Red Planet, using a drill to burrow nearly five meters (16ft) below […]

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