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Photos Show Principal Laughing, Staffers Cheering as Scantily-Clad Students Give Lap Dances During ‘Man Pageant’

(Law & Crime) — A Kentucky high school is in the spotlight after photos of students wearing skimpy clothing and appearing to dance suggestively for the principal and staffers went viral. The pictures were taken during Homecoming festivities at Hazard High School, according to a statement from superintendent Sondra Combs. One picture shows Hazard High […]

Trillions Boondoggle, AUKUS v China, Laughing at Tyrants – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / Minds / Odysee This week on the New World Next Week: the War of Terror boondoggle is reported on while the scamdemic boondoggle is censored; the AUKUS alliance comes for the Chinese boogeyman while France weeps; and we laugh at tyrants to avoid crying at hellscape. CLICK […]

Report: It’s Not Clear What’s Going On But Kamala Is Laughing So We’re Gonna Assume It’s Something Really Tragic

Report: It’s Not Clear What’s Going On But Kamala Is Laughing So We’re Gonna Assume It’s Something Really Tragic U.S.—In a breaking news report, we have learned that something really tragic has just happened. We’re not sure what it is, but Kamala Harris was just seen laughing hysterically, so we’re going to go ahead and […]

German candidate sorry for laughing scene in flood visit

The front-runner to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany’s September election has apologized for a scene in which he was seen laughing in the background as the country’s president delivered a statement on the devastating floods in western Germany. Armin Laschet, the candidate of Merkel’s center-right Union bloc to be Germany’s next leader, is also […]

Video: Kamala Harris Can’t Stop Laughing, No One Else Finds It Funny

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi told reporters Wednesday that the situation at the border has improved since Joe Biden took office and that it is now on a “good path”. “The fact is that we’re on a good path at the border under the leadership of President Biden … we were in a very […]

Antisemitic ‘SNL’ Slur Is No Laughing Matter

Saturday Night Live cast member Michael Che in a sketch accused of being antisemitic, Feb. 20, 2021. Photo: Twitter. On February 20, “Saturday Night Live’s” (“SNL”) co-head writer and “Weekend Update” co-anchor Michael Che responded to Israel’s news that it has vaccinated half of its population against COVID-19 by suggesting it was only “the Jewish […]

The Origin of the Laughing Merchant Meme

Have you ever wondered what causes this merchant to be so happy? The meme comes from a video about the dispossession of the Palestinian people, based on a true story of course. Source

NANCY? Pelosi gibberish, bizarre laughing; stares off during brain freeze

What’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi? During her weekly press conference, the House Minority Leader — whom some speculate will be the next Speaker of the House if Democrats recapture the majority this November — was seen uttering gibberish, bizarrely laughing and staring off mid-sentence before re-engaging the press during the appearance. […]

VIDEO: RT – “Nazism No Laughing Matter”

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Laughing on the Way to Armageddon

By Paul Craig Roberts The United States shows the world such a ridiculous face that the world laughs at us. The latest spin on “Russia stole the election” is that Russia used Facebook to influence the election. The NPR women yesterday were breathless about it. We have been subjected to ten months of propaganda about Trump/Putin […]

Laughing Their Ossoff: Did Computer-Aided Fraud Play A Role In Georgia’s Special Election Upset

Republican candidate for Georgia’s 6th District Congressional seat Karen Handel declares victory during an election-night watch party, June 20, 2017, in Atlanta. (AP/John Bazemore) GEORGIA — (Analysis) The recent special election to fill the Georgia Sixth Congressional District seat formerly held by Republican Tom Price, who was appointed to Donald Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of […]

DC Judge Tosses Out Conviction Of Laughing Woman

While some of Fairooz’s statements as she was being arrested ― like “Why am I being taken out of here?” ― objected to her treatment, others, like “This man is evil, pure evil,” were more political in nature, and perhaps more likely to support a conviction. Source Article from

Convicted For Protesting Jeff Sessions Is No Laughing Matter

Above photo: Demonstrators are seen on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017, during the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing for Attorney General-designate, Sen. Jeff Sessions. Picture: AP. Washington, DC – On May 1, I stood on trial for having “greeted” Jeff Sessions in Congress before the start of his confirmation hearing in January.  I was […]

Woman Faces One Year in Jail After “Laughing” During Jeff Sessions Nomination

via RT The jury’s conviction of 61-year-old Desiree Fairooz was announced Wednesday. “Our jury found me guilty of each count, and each count carries a maximum sentence of six months in prison,” Fairooz told RT. “I have been judged not on the initial laughter, but that was why I […]

Code Pink Activist Convicted For ‘Laughing’ At Jeff Sessions

Code Pink member Desiree Anita Ali-Fairooz, pictured here confronting Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice over the Iraq war, has been convicted of being disruptive at US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. (AP/Charles Dharapak) A Washington jury has convicted three people of being disruptive at US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing. One of them, […]

3 Activists Charged & Convicted For Laughing at Jeff Sessions

Susanne Posel ,Chief Editor Occupy Corporatism | Host of Hardline Radio Show A jury in the Superior Court in the District of Columbia convicted 3 activists from Code Pink for laughing at Jeff Sessions during his confirmation period. Each other the 3 activists were each charged with 2 counts related to disruptive conduct and demonstrating […]

Laughing at the Department of Justice Head – Jeff Sessions – Is A Crime

was born and raised in Wisconsin, traveled the country in a RV dubbed “MARV” and is an advocate of a voluntary society, where force is replaced with voluntary interactions. He’s partaken in projects such as, Motorhome Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Free Keene, Free Talk Live and is the Founder of ____________________________________________________________________________ If you enjoy my […]

Woman found guilty and faces year in jail for laughing at Jeff Sessions

Desiree Fairooz has been convicted for laughing early in Mr Sessions’ confirmation hearing after Alabama Senator Richard Shelby said that the future attorney general’s record of “treating all Americans equally under the law is clear and well documented.” She has been convicted alongside two other protesters who had donned Ku Klux Klan costumes during the […]

Duterte Urges Trump Not To Play With Laughing Madman Kim

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has urged the United States to avoid playing into the hands of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, warning he is is crazy enough to destroy the planet. The Filipino leader has warned President Trump that Kim “wants to end the world.” President Duterte is known for his bold rhetoric and his […]

White Germans Accused of Running an Arab Over with a Car and Laughing

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer April 28, 2017 Blonde German men: The true face of human evil. More fake news from Germany. This story is retarded. RT: Two young men in Germany have reportedly mocked and racially offended an Egyptian student as she lay dying on the street after their friend had run her […]

Another Jewish Problem

by Professor Revilo P. Oliver (May 1985) I have received a remarkable booklet of forty-five pages, reproduced from typewritten copy, and published by the Noontide Press in Torrance, California. The Life of an American Jew in Racist, Marxist Israel is an account of the experiences of Jack Bernstein in an English text written by Leonard […]

Ahead of Friday’s “Day of Rage,” Obama Met for Three Hours with Black Lives Matter Leaders

by Piper McGowin of The Daily Sheeple Gee, could there be a plot afoot? President Obama met with Black Lives Matter members for three hours on Wednesday, as Tweeted out by BLM member Deray McKesson. We are at the @WhiteHouse right now for a 3-hour convening w/ President Obama re: the recent events in #BatonRouge […]


Update: According to Al mayadeen over 500 terrorist killedZiad Fadel ALEPPO:  The Syrian Army is now in full control of the Castillo Highway as it settles its artillery 1km from the access route into the city.  It’s under complete artillery control and the Turks can’t do anything to help, probably because they’re busy trying to […]

Deadly Chemo-Drug Costs 4,000x More Than Gold

19th June 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World One of the oldest marketing tricks in the book is to dramatically overprice something in order to increase its perceived value. Ironically, the less intrinsic value the commodity holds, the more effective such a tactic can be. This could explain what’s going on with […]

Ninth Circuit Court Rules Concealed Carrying of Firearms Not Protected by Second Amendment

Earlier today, a California appeals court upheld the state’s law that imposes permits and restrictions on the carrying of a concealed weapon in public. The Ninth Circuit Court, located in San Francisco, overruled a previous decision in “Peruta v. County of San Diego” by three members of the court that California’s requirement for citizens to […]

The Mind Blowing Power of Meditation to Bring Peace to a Violent World

Christina Sarich, StaffWaking Times We often feel powerless to change the violence we see in the world. We feel utterly destroyed when war tears through Syria, Ukraine, Iraq, Nigeria, and Afghanistan, or our governments put more ‘boots on the ground’ in yet another foreign country it has no business being in. […]

Have You Ever Dreamt Of Walking Into A Pop Quiz At School? Here’s What It Could Symbolize

Have you ever walked in on a pop quiz in your dream? Regardless of your age, you may still dream of walking into a classroom and realizing there’s about to be a test you didn’t know about. Naturally, you are unprepared and most likely feeling panicked. Life is a never ending pop quiz. We are always being […]

Canada hopes for rain to stifle wildfire, rejects international assistance

“There is no doubt that people around the world have been marked by this disaster and have been very generous in their offers of support, but the reality is with all of the assistance of people across this country, we don’t need help from other countries at this time,” he said as cited by the […]

BOMBSHELL: US Government Covered Up Chemical Poisoning of Its Own Soldiers

Adam Klasfeld | Courthouse News Service MANHATTAN (CN) — Now that the federal government has acknowledged that Western-built chemical weapons sickened U.S. soldiers in Iraq, The New York Times says the CIA can no longer deny access to records about it. Times reporters C.J. Chivers and John Ismay uncovered […]

Thank You For Your Service

is a writer living in Iowa City. Besides helping to expose the growing police state, he also writes fiction and does a bunch of other creative stuff, which you can find at his website-Advanced Ape To learn more about Joshua, click here to view his profile. If you enjoy my work please consider donating to […]

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