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EU Legalizes Child Porn As WEF Agenda To Normalize Pedophilia Accelerates

Germany has decriminalized bestiality and child pornography, Spain now encourages pedophiles to parade their naked victims around the streets, and France does not have an age of consent law anymore. That’s right – Europe has […] The post EU Legalizes Child Porn As WEF Agenda To Normalize Pedophilia Accelerates appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Oregon Legalizes Magic Mushrooms

Oregon launches legal psilocybin, known as “magic mushrooms” access to the public – CBS News Source

Privacy Win: Texas Legalizes Shooting Google Maps Car On Sight

LEWISVILLE, TX — In a move privacy advocates are hailing as historic, Texas’s state legislature has passed a batch of new laws allowing civilians to shoot Google Maps camera cars on sight. Source

Cuba Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage, Adoption In Historic Referendum

“Love is now the law,” Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel tweeted in response to the news. Source

Soylent Green: California legalizes composting of HUMANS

(Natural News) Gov. Gavin Newsom of California just signed into law new legislation allowing dead bodies throughout the state to be composted instead of buried or cremated. Up until now, the Golden State, like most states and the rest of the world, only allowed for the burial or burning of deceased human remains. Now, there […]

Michigan Legalizes Public Urination, Defecation, and Littering to ‘Combat Racism’

Michigan has voted to legalize public urination, defecation and littering in order to help combat “racism and white supremacy.” The city commission of Kalamazoo, Michigan voted unanimously to make these former crimes “civil infractions.” This […] The post Michigan Legalizes Public Urination, Defecation, and Littering to ‘Combat Racism’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

MYTH of Democracy: Slovenia Legalizes Gay Marriage Despite Population Voting Against it 3 Times

Slovenia’s Constitutional Court has legalized gay marriage and gay adoption despite the country’s population voting against it in three separate national referendums. The country became the first former communist eastern bloc country to legalize homosexual marriage, but it did so in complete violation of the democratic will of the people. “On July 8, six judges […]

Florida Governor DeSantis Legalizes Private Jews-Only EMS Ambulance Services

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a new law (CS/HB 805), which allows Hatzalah — a private Emergency Medical Service that caters to wealthy Jewish communities of South Florida — to operate without special licensing requirements: In an event attended by Rabbonim, Hatzalah volunteers, and many community activists and members, DeSantis signed the bill into law […]

Thousands of Depraved Women Celebrate in Streets as Argentina Legalizes Abortion

[embedded content] BUENOS AIRES — Thousands of depraved women cheered, cried, chanted and danced in the streets on Wednesday after Argentina’s Senate voted to legalize the murder of unborn children up to 14 weeks (nearly four months gestation). Abortion had previously been outlawed in the country, with the exception of rape and the life of […]

Spain Legalizes Euthanasia

Photo Credit: Emin Baycan/Unsplash (Evangelical Focus) — The Spanish Parliament has approved the first euthanasia law in the country. The rule, promoted by the Social Democrat government party, PSOE, received 198 votes in favor, 138 against and 2 abstentions. Spain becomes the fourth country in Europe and the sixth worldwide to legalize euthanasia, after the […]

Netherlands legalizes child euthanasia despite opposition from Christian parties

    The Dutch government will allow doctors to euthanize terminally ill children as young as one year old, making the Netherlands the second country in the world to permit the practice. Health Minister Hugo de Jonge announced the change in a letter to Parliament on Tuesday, calling the decision necessary to help “a small […]

Canada Legalizes Sex With Animals

“Acts with animals that have a sexual purpose are inherently exploitative whether or not penetration occurs,” Abella said. The west is becoming sicker and sicker. The Canadian legislature process recently made international news after the Liberal Party, led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, introduced a new bill seeking to establish two year prison terms for people found […]

Sweden Legalizes Wife Beating Under Sharia Law

Swedish lawmakers celebrated International Women’s Day by legalizing wife beating within the Islamic community, citing Sharia law as their justification. In a desperate attempt to cover-up the growing violence from migrants towards women, the beleaguered European country is now giving police and judges a legal excuse to not prosecute men who are caught physically assaulting […]

As California legalizes pot, few smokers realize cannabis is often contaminated with pesticides, mold, heavy metals and chemical toxins

(Natural News) As of yesterday, it’s now legal for adults in California to purchase recreational marijuana. This is being hailed as a breakthrough against marijuana prohibition, but the masses of would-be pot smokers in California seem to carry a popular delusion that rests on the false idea that marijuana is safe to smoke in unlimited […]

Mexico Legalizes the Sale of Certain Medical Cannabis Products for 2018

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times As cannabis prohibition slowly winds down in North America, millions of people are able to access many forms of recreational and medicinal marijuana. In September, Canada announced plans to open hundreds or recreational stores, offering its citizens a chance to indulge risk-free in the consumption of a plant. In […]

Pope Francis Legalizes Euthanasia In Italy

Pope Francis has helped usher in a new law in Italy that legalizes the use of euthanasia for people who feel suicidal.  The head of the Catholic Church used his power to help pass the controversial new law, despite the fact that euthanasia is completely at odds with the Christian faith. LSN reports: Last Thursday […]

SURPRISE: US Finally Legalizes Funding The Creation Of Deadly Viruses

A colorized electron micrograph of the coronavirus that causes Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS. Federal officials ended a moratorium imposed on funding research that alters viruses like this one to become more lethal. Credit Reuters It looks like the cabal that controls the entire world is letting be know that they are exposing […]

New West Virginia Law Legalizes Commercial Hemp Farming Despite Federal Prohibition

July 6, 2017 By Michael Maharrey Yesterday, a West Virginia law went into effect that significantly expands the state’s hemp licensing program, opening the door for anybody in the state to produce or process industrial hemp for commercial purposes. The new law sets the foundation to end federal prohibition of hemp in effect […]

Delaware Legalizes Abortion Through All Nine Months Of Pregnancy

Delaware has caved in to pro-abortion activists by legalizing the ability to have an abortion through all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy.  Governor John Carney signed a bill last week making it legal to kill an unborn baby – even if the woman is just days away from giving birth. reports: Proponents of the […]

Signed as Law: Nevada Legalizes Commercial Hemp Production, Despite Federal Prohibition

Today, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a bill into law to legalize commercial industrial hemp production in the state, despite a federal ban on the same. Passage into law sets the foundation to nullify federal prohibition in practice and effect within the state. A bipartisan coalition of 12 legislators introduced Senate Bill 396 (SB396) […]

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