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California Introduces Digital ID, Starting With Driver’s Licenses

In a concerning move for privacy advocates, California has broadened its digital driver’s license/ID initiative, prompting citizens to place sensitive ID details onto their smartphones. Dubbed “mDL” by the California DMV, this mobile driver’s license can be used in contexts like airport security or verifying age for alcohol purchases. Source

Who’s Behind the Push for ‘Digital Drivers Licenses’ in the U.S. and Mexico?

As so-called digital or mobile driver’s licenses begin rolling out across North America we must ask who is behind the expansion of this potentially dangerous technology. In my previous reporting I have outlined how the push for digital identity programs is a scam disguised as a human right. This scam is designed to lull the […]

Civil marriage licenses available and issued online in Greece

Civil marriage licenses can now be requested online at the country’s municipal authorities and be issued at a person’s digital inbox (at, the government’s public services platform, it was announced on Wednesday, ANA reports. Either spouse can request the license using one’s TaxisNet or e-banking codes to fill out the application online (, pay… […]

Bolshevik Australia to Seize Savings, Homes, Driver’s Licenses of People with unpaid COVID Fines

    Australians have racked up so many fines for violating their governments’ draconian COVID-19 mandates that the state of Queensland is now threatening drastic action against those who haven’t paid up, including the loss of their bank accounts, homes, or driver’s licenses. According to the Brisbane Times, Queensland, whose capital is Brisbane, has issued […]

Australian State to Seize Savings, Homes, Driver’s Licenses of People With Unpaid COVID Fines

Australian State to Seize Savings, Homes, Driver’s Licenses of People With Unpaid COVID Fines Date: November 1, 2021Author: Nwo Report Source:  Michael TennantAustralians have racked up so many fines for violating their governments’ draconian COVID-19 mandates that the state of Queensland is now threatening drastic action against those who haven’t paid up, including the loss […]

Demonstrations In Bloomington During 300-Mile ‘Walk For Licenses’

Demonstrations In Bloomington During 300-Mile ‘Walk For Licenses’ Above Photo: Phyllis Cha. The march in Bloomington Undocumented immigrants, immigrants and allies of the community passed through Bloomington Thursday on day six of their seven-day, 300-mile “Walk for Licenses” through Indiana, according to a press release from Cosecha Indiana. The goal of the walk, which started Saturday […]

Joe Biden Threatens Gun Brokers’ Licenses Who Willfully Sell Guns that ‘Commit Violent Crimes’

President Joe Biden delivered Wednesday’s remarks on the administration’s strategy to prevent gun crimes across the country when he issued a stark warning for gun brokers who have willfully sold guns to people who are not authorized to own one and are used to commit violent crimes. Biden said in April he had originally announced the […]

Sanctuary State Colorado to Give Professional Licenses to Illegal Aliens

The sanctuary state of Colorado will begin allowing illegal aliens to obtain professional licenses, funneling them into white-collar American jobs. This week, Gov. Jared Polis (D) signed into law a plan that will give out professional licenses for jobs in education and health care, among other industries, to illegal aliens. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s […]

Issuance of mining licenses up over 18% in a year

TEHRAN – Iranian Industry, Mining and Trade Ministry data show that 680 mining operation licenses have been issued in the previous Iranian calendar year 1399 (March 20, 2020-March 20, 2021) to register an 18.1-percent increase compared to the preceding year. Based on the mentioned data, 576 licenses had been issued in the Iranian calendar year […]

DEA Knowingly Gave Addicts and Drug Dealers Licenses to Prescribe Opioids—Fueling the Epidemic

By Jack Burns As thousands of Americans die each year from opioid overdoses, an independent investigation into the Drug Enforcement Agency’s conduct has found that it has been issuing controlled substance licenses to drug dealers, drug addicts, convicted felons and dead people, which is just one of the many things that have fueled the current crisis. […]


Trump Doubles Down on Call to Revoke Broadcast Licenses for Jew Run Fake News Media report by Lee Rogers from the Daily Stormer Trump’s 100 percent right. Evil Jews should not be allowed to broadcast fake news in America! After seeing numerous fake news stories reported by NBC News, the President of the United States called […]

Mobile biometric driver’s licenses coming to a state near you

MorphoTrust (MT) is trying to convince motorists that mobile biometric driver’s licenses (MDL) are a good thing. Two years ago MT convinced the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT) to pilot their mobile driver’s license program.  MT wants you to download an image of your driver’s license to your smartphone and use that instead of […]

Driver’s licenses could be coming to your smartphone in Md.

Under a recently launched program in Maryland, transportation officials are testing out new technology that could allow you to quickly access your driver’s license on your smartphone. The digital driver’s license pilot program aims to make obtaining an up-to-date license as easy as downloading an app, officials said. “We are proud […]

States Approving Third Gender Option on Driver’s Licenses

Lee RogersDaily Stormer June 23, 2017 People who believe that there are more than two genders are anti-science kooks! One of the more disturbing trends that we have seen over the past decade has been this push to normalize mental illnesses. Normalizing homosexuality was the first step. Now we see society attempting to […]

Politician Who Profits from Mass Incarceration, Only One to Vote Down Legal Pot

Wichita, KS – If you’re a homeless person in Wichita, Kansas, City Councilman Pete Meitzner and his associates at The Lord’s Diner will feed you. If you’re caught with a joint and locked up at the Sedgwick County Detention Facility, Meitzner and his political associates will feast on you – and any relatives who […]

Major Terror Attack in Paris, Over 100 Dead – State of Emergency Declared

As United States securities officials meet to determine whether there are credible threats to American national security, France finds itself in a state of martial law with residents being told to stay indoors and official announcements that French borders will be closed. The State of National Emergency was declared by French president Francois Hollande after […]

Prominent heart surgeon confesses to role in heart disease scam selling harmful drugs to Americans at a huge profit

(NaturalNews) In a refreshing change of pace, an established doctor has shed light on the fact that many mainstream medical approaches designed to improve health aren’t what they’re cracked up to be. In fact, they’re downright ineffective. While this hardly comes as a surprise when you consider the plethora of side effects that […]

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