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Study Links Rare Type Of Deadly Abdominal Blood Clots To Covid Jabs

A medical study has found a link between a rare type of blood clot in the abdomen, splanchnic vein thrombosis (SVT), to the Covid injection. SVT is blood clotting in the splenic vein, mesenteric vein, […] The post Study Links Rare Type Of Deadly Abdominal Blood Clots To Covid Jabs appeared first on The People's […]

Canada Links Citizens’ Bank Accounts to Social Credit Score

In a major push to seize control of the public’s financial freedom, Canada is radicalizing its banking system by linking citizens’ bank accounts to a tyrannical social credit score. The Canadian banking system will soon be transformed by a so-called “open banking” framework. Proponents are framing this as a more “inclusive” way for banks to […]

Biden sends $15 million to Bangladesh despite its links to terrorist organizations and history of corruption and human rights abuses

(NaturalNews) The administration of President Joe Biden has approved a $15 million taxpayer-funded grant to Bangladesh to prevent so-called climate change despite… Source

Largest multicountry COVID study links vaccines to potential adverse effects

A new study on COVID-19 vaccines that looked at nearly 100 million vaccinated individuals affirmed the vaccines’ previously observed links to increased risks for certain adverse effects including myocarditis and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The study was conducted by the Global COVID Vaccine Safety project and took into account 99,068,901 vaccinated individuals across eight countries: Argentina, Australia,… […]

NIH virus lab in Montana with links to Wuhan Institute of Virology found to be carrying out risky virus research

(NaturalNews) Daily Mail has obtained exclusive footage from inside a controversial Montana lab in which risky research is being conducted on animals with funding… Source


How the WEF and United Nations work with “government-corporate collusion to bypass democracy” NEWS UNCUT 27 JAN 2024 20 4 Share By Oliver May SOME of us have already pieced together what the future holds if you are not rich and powerful. If you have managed your time well enough to afford a little research […]

Growing Concerns Over Links Between Transgenderism And Violence

Authored by Darlene McCormick Sanchez via The Epoch Times (emphasis ours), Mental health issues that manifest in gender confusion, combined with potent cross-sex hormones, can be a recipe for violence, some experts have said. (Illustration by The Epoch Times, Shutterstock) Since 2018, five people who identified as transgender or were gender-confused have gone on killing […]

The Sinister Links Between Jeffrey Epstein, CBDCs, and Bitcoin

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL The purpose of this article is to create awareness of the urgent threat of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), to discuss and describe Jeffrey Epstein’s potential involvement in both funding CBDCs as well as his possible role in changing the underlying purpose of Bitcoin, rendering it unusable as a cash […]

Global Study Links 17 Million Deaths to COVID-19 Vaccine, Reveals 0.126% Mortality Rate

Dec 1, 2023 by Nobelprisets protestkommitté in Research Denis Rancourt, a Canadian former professor of physics with over 100 publications in recognized scientific journals, together with three researchers – with professional expertise in microbiology, epidemiology, statistics and big data management – calculated the mortality rate for each dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. They used vaccination rates […]

Study links tiny pieces of plastic in the environment to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases

Study links tiny pieces of plastic in the environment to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases It is no secret that the plastics in our environment are making us ill, but recent research demonstrates the power of a specific type of plastic to destroy our brains and cause diseases such as Parkinson’s and Lewy body dementia. The […]

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Chris Cooper I also use the excellent Brave browser – If links do not appear simply toggle off the Brave Shield for the Tap website. Links will appear. Source

The Shift: Biden links Israel and Ukraine in speech, calls for more military aid

Biden gave a speech linking U.S. support for Israel and Ukraine, while a slew of resignations of U.S. officials over support for Israel begins to spread. Meanwhile, House members get death threats over Palestine support. Source

The deep links between the Iranian opposition and the Israeli lobby

Sep 17, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen English By Karim Sharara Between monarchists, separatists, terrorists, and liberals, it’s a wonder the Iranian opposition ever managed to stay under one roof. However there is one thing they all do have in common: their ties to the MEK cult and the Israeli lobby. Iran’s opposition is officially fragmented, although […]

Study links Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine to VAIDS in children

(NaturalNews) According to a study published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers, children vaccinated with Pfizer’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine… Source

After Long Silence On ‘Long Vax’, Science Magazine Links Autoimmune Disorders To COVID Shots

Science reported that in addition to abnormal blood clotting and heart inflammation, the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines give rise to “another apparent complication”. Source

Limited Hangout: Newly Declassified CIA File Loosely Links JFK’s Assassination to UFOs, “Now, Conspiracy Theorists Are Asking Even More Questions”

One of the newly released documents revealed the name of the CIA official who intercepted Oswald’s mail in the months before JFK’s killing: Reuben Efron. It turns out Efron had a UFO encounter in 1955 when he was on a train journey through the Soviet Union with Senator Richard Russell, Democrat of Georgia, and an […]

Twitter blocks engagement on links to independent writer platform Substack

The users of Substack, an email newsletter platform, are unable to embed tweets in their stories and Twitter users are currently unable to like or comment on a tweet that links to a Substack publication. This is happening whether or not Substack writers are using their own domain or are using the domain. Source

Capsule Summaries of All Twitter Files Threads to Date, with Links and a Glossary

March 13, 2023 Jaime C. Capsule Summaries of All Twitter Files Threads to Date, with Links and a Glossary For those who haven’t been following, a compilation of one-paragraph summaries of all the Twitter Files threads by every reporter. With links and notes on key revelations By Matt TaibbiGlobal Research, March 13, 2023Racket News 5 January 2023 […]

Study links vaccines to heart attacks: “Markedly elevated levels of full-length spike protein” found in victims’ blood

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) New research published in the peer-reviewed journal Circulation shows that adolescents and young adults who get “vaccinated” for covid suffer a massive spike protein invasion that often leads to a heart attack.Researchers from Harvard Medical School looked at a cohort of children who were hospitalized at either … [Read More…] Source

Man With Neo-Nazi Links Arrested With Ghost Gun and Wearing Body Armor

A man connected to neo-Nazi networks was arrested during what appears to be a routine traffic stop wearing a bulletproof vest and with a loaded “ghost gun.”  Luke Kenna, 43, who has a history of posting support of white supremacist groups and domestic terrorist manifestos online, was arrested during a traffic stop on November 26, […]

Iran top court sentences 4 to death over links with Israel

Iran's apex court has upheld the death penalty for four people accused of working for Israel's intelligence agency, the judiciary said on Wednesday, Anadolu News Agency reports. The individuals were charged with "destroying private and public property, kidnappings and obtaining false confessions", said a statement published by Mizan news agency, which is linked with the […]

FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021)

FROM 2020: Many viewers write in to ask about broken links in the archives. In the spirit of finding solutions, today James runs through a few basic methods you can use to replace broken links when you encounter the dreaded 404 error online. The post FLASHBACK: How Do I Find Broken Links? (2021) first appeared […]

Knight’s Graffiti Shows Swiss Links With King David’s Tomb

A charcoal inscription has been identified at the alleged site of King David’s Tomb on Mount Zion in Jerusalem. Bearing the emblem of the Swiss family von Bubenberg, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) says the pilgrim graffiti shows a direct link between medieval Switzerland and Jerusalem. Extreme Devotion – The Medieval Pilgrimage Born as the […]

Climate ‘expert’ with clear UN, Gates, WEF links advises Kiwis to consider lab-grown meat and milk

From 1News … one of NZ’s leading government mouthpieces… That climate ruse again. “Global sustainability consultant Aimee Christensen told Q+A that industrial countries – like Aotearoa – are struggling to let go of their industries and acknowledge their contributions to historic emissions…” Some of us know why the climate’s changed but they won’t be owning […]

British Police Arrest Man For Calling Out Prince Andrew’s Links To Elite Pedophile Ring

A brave protester who told Prince Andrew he is a “sick, old man” during a procession of the Queen’s coffin in Edinburgh, Scotland has been arrested and charged by police. The 22-year-old heckled Prince Andrew over his Jeffrey Epstein connections as the royal family member walked with his siblings behind his mother’s coffin on Monday […]

Whitney Webb Interview – History Of Epstein’s Network, Intelligence Ties & Links To Today’s Agenda

Joining me today on Moving Target is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her new book and many of the important revelations within. We discuss the overlapping connections that span throughout both US political parties and how there was a concerted effort to keep this from view. We also discuss how much of this story directly […]

Banned By Google For Posting POLITICALLY Incorrect News Links

To anyone who says America is a free country I say bullshit. When Big Tech bans authors from posting links to stories that they disagree with, then freedom of the press as we know it has been destroyed.

Recommended Links: 1 April

Here’s my choice of the best things I’ve read, listened to and watched from around the web this week. Don’t forget to subscribe and share: Share My Work This Week “Wretch 32 and Anwar Hadid reject Israel lobby bid to delete Lowkey” — Some famous faces backed the rapper and Palestine solidarity campaigner against Israel […]

Recommended Links: 25 March

Welcome to the first edition of the new format weekly newsletter. This free weekly post to my Substack will focus purely on recommending reading, viewing and listening on the subjects that interest me — which, as always, are not exclusively related to Palestine. The new format is likely to evolve and change over time, so […]

Twitter blocked links to Daily Mail article that questioned Covid death stats

Twitter has put a warning on an article from the UK’s Daily Mail, one of the biggest news outlets in the country, that describes the article as potentially being “unsafe.” Source

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