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Target Shuttering Multiple Stores Due to Looting

Target to Close Multiple Stores Because of Black Crime By infostormer  – September 27, 2023 4 Target is closing several of their stores because black people keep going into them and stealing shit.     Target was a big supporter of Black Lives Matter so it is funny that they are being forced to close […]

All Philly Liquor Stores Closed After Mass Looting

(ZH) Update (1450ET): The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that all Philadelphia Fine Wine & Good Spirits stores are closed on Source

The Looting Conspiracy

So, what’s really behind this explosion in retail theft? And, more to the point, what do the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have in store as their “solution” to this (generated) problem? The answers may surprise you. The post The Looting Conspiracy first appeared on The Corbett Report. Source

France never stopped looting Africa, now the tables are turning

AUG 8, 2023 As developments in West Africa demonstrate, the francophone countries are no longer willing to accept French neo-colonialism. With the fear factor finally removed, Africa’s quest for genuine independence is steadily coming to fruition. Brad Pearce The 26 July coup in the West African nation of Niger, which threatens to undermine French and US military […]

667 people arrested amid looting, fires and violence in France

Protests erupted after police shot dead a 17-year-old boy on Tuesday, feeding deep-seated concerns about police violence and systemic racism inside the country. Source

Who is looting Yemen’s oil, and where does it all go?

There is a hidden war being waged against Yemen, a multinational assault against the country’s vital natural resources. For years, foreign states and companies have engaged in the illicit plundering of Yemen’s oil and gas – war profiteering in the poorest nation in West Asia. The US-backed and Saudi-led war in Yemen has not only created a severe countrywide […]

New York Goldman Banker Gets 10-year Sentence in 1MDB Looting Plot

NEW YORK—A former Goldman Sachs banker was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in prison for his role in looting a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund of billions of dollars used to finance lavish parties, a superyacht, premium real estate, and even the 2013 film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Roger Ng was convicted last April by […]

Men Arrested for Looting Amid Severe Cold Snap in America’

Eight arrests have been made on Tuesday by the Buffalo Police Department’s Anti-Looting Detail, Buffalo police have announced. An anti-looting task force was established to keep the looting in check, which was announced by Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia on Tuesday morning. They announced that four arrests were made by plain clothes detectives between 10 […]

Footage Shows “Looting Across Buffalo” As City Plunged Into Chaos After Blizzard

A winter storm barreled through Buffalo, New York, over the weekend and ended Christmas morning, but the emergency was far from over, as claims across social media indicate widespread looting. Source

China slams US stationing in Syria, oil and grain looting as illegal

December 2, 2022 Source: News wesbites By Al Mayadeen English  The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson slams US hypocrisy, accusing it of continuously violating international laws and rules while claiming that it advocates “the rules-based international order.” The Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Zhao Lijian, opened fire on the US’ illegal presence in Syria, shedding light on the […]

Flash Looting Bonanza: Exotic Car Dealership Looted Of ‘Over $1M Worth Of Watches,’ Tons More Stores Hit

By Chris Menahan An exotic car dealership in Chicago was flash looted by armed thugs on Saturday who reportedly got away with $1-2 million worth of watches. They were just one of many stores hit over the past week. [embedded content] From KOMO News/TND, “Chicago business owner blames mayor after looters steal $2 million in […]

Target Dodges Looting By Hanging JCPenney Sign

SAN FRANCISCO, CA—In a genius move to deter looters, a local Target store has disguised itself as a JCPenney.  “We got tired of getting completely ransacked every time something happened in the news, so we decided to do something about it,” said Store Manager Andy Boreschnoz. “To our knowledge, no one has ever shown interest […]

Over 80% of Culprits Responsible For Looting After German Floods Were Foreign Migrants

A group of Afghan migrants viciously gang raped a mentally handicapped Swedish woman on repeated occasions but cannot be deported back to Afghanistan due to the current political situation in the country. FriaTider reports that the 24-year-old victim lived in a special accommodation facility in Upplands Väsby for people who cannot take care of themselves. […]

Victims of Systemic Oppression Caught Looting TJ Maxx in LA

“White supremacy” was on full display this week when two African American men were filmed looting a TJ Maxx store in Los Angeles. Two men casually walked out of a crowded TJ Maxx in Granada Hills recently, their arms full with what appeared to be stolen items. “That looks great,” one man said as video […]

South Africa Faces BLM Apocalypse as Mass Looting & Rioting Destroy Essential Supplies

Imagine what it would have looked like in America if there were five or six times the number of Blacks taking part in the Burning, Looting, and Murdering (BLM) of recent years. Well, in the U.S. Blacks are supposedly 13% of the population, whereas in South Africa they are around 80%, so we are currently […]

South Africa Collapse: Amid Riots, Police Caught Looting

Via: Daily Mail: Policemen in South Africa have been caught looting goods as the ransacking of stores and warehouses continued into a fifth day – with huge queues forming outside supermarkets amid fears of food shortages caused by the rioting. Footage showed people accosting a man wearing a police jacket beside a hatchback filled with household […]

WATCH: 2nd Night of Looting Begins in Minneapolis Suburb After Police Shooting

A second night of looting broke out in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, Monday night following Sunday’s shooting of an unarmed black man. The looting followed a protest outside the city’s police station. Journalist Sophia Narwitz tweeted a series of videos showing looters breaking into multiple businesses in the Brooklyn Center area Monday night. Btw. Looters. […]

When Will the US and its NATO Allies Answer for the Looting of Libya?

In 2011 Libya, as a result of the armed aggression unleashed by the United States and its NATO allies instead of the “democracy and freedom” that the West promised, ended up in a serious economic and social crisis – and turned into a hotbed of extremists and international crime. As the American publication Diario de […]

The Biden BLOWOUT and the Final Looting of America

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 by: Mike AdamsTags: banking, big government, Collapse, debt bomb, debt spending, dollar, fiat currency, global reset, Joe Biden, looting, riskBypass censorship by sharing this link: Copy URL1,970VIEWS (Natural News) I’m calling it the “Biden Blowout” — the final fake currency printing blowout that will end the dollar empire and crush the last remnants of the once-great nation known as the United States of […]

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