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YouTuber Louis Rossmann vows to close shop rather than enforce NYC’s Covid pass

    A popular YouTuber and New York City business owner has vowed to defy a new rule that will make vaccination mandatory for certain indoor activities, arguing that the policy is unreasonable and authoritarian. Louis Rossmann, whose biting commentaries on ‘right-to-repair’ and a wide range of other issues have earned him a large social […]

Self-Emancipation Continues To Rise At The St. Louis City Justice Center

Like Christ on the third day, detainees in St. Louis jails have risen to challenge state oppression. “Apparently, Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner fights racism by sustaining it, while presiding over the mass incarceration of hundreds of inmates, a majority of who are poor and Black.” In the early morning hours of April 4, 2021, a day […]

First Look Inside St. Louis’ “Hooverville-Style” Tiny Home Village For Homeless

Via: ZeroHedge: A modern-day “Hooverville” has been constructed in St. Louis, Missouri, consists of dozens of people who have been left behind in the “K-shaped” recovery. The tiny house village, a temporary housing program erected by the city, is located off Jefferson Avenue just north of downtown. The shanty village built during the pandemic depression is […]

St. Louis Inmates Take Over Units After Weeks Of Complaints

Above photo: Inmates at the St. Louis City Justice Center took over two units in the jail on February 6. Doyle Murphy. NOTE: Here is a statement from the inmates: Sometime in the early morning, the inmates of the St. Louis Justice Center staged an act of civil disobedience because of the inhumane treatment by […]

Remembering Rabbi Louis Jacobs

A Torah scroll. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Any Anglo Jew from the 1960s will be familiar with the “Jacobs Affair” that divided the Jewish community more than any other religious debate in its history. There were other conflicts: between Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Reform and Traditional. But none as bitter or as lasting as this. I was […]

Louis Jacobs

January 29, 2021 by Jeremy Rosen Read on for article Any Anglo Jew from the 1960s will be familiar with the “Jacobs Affair” that divided the Jewish community more than any other religious debate in its history. Jeremy Rosen There were other conflicts, between Sephardi and Ashkenazi, Reform and Traditional. But none as bitter or […]

Black Inmates Begin 2021 With Uprising In Saint Louis Justice Center

Above photo: The Saint Louis City Justice Center, located at 200 S. Tucker Boulevard. Two Staff Allegedly Held Hostage In Struggle for Humane COVID-19 Response. For prisoners, there is no alcohol nor flowers,But the night is so lovely, how can we celebrate it?I go to the air-hole and stare up at the moon,And through the […]

WATCH: Rioters Set Police HQ on Fire in St. Louis

Violent rioters set fire to the police headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, Wednesday night amid nationwide unrest following a Kentucky grand jury decision to not charge police officers in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. “St. Louis, Mo.: The police headquarters was set on fire by rioters,” reported Post Millennial editor-at-large Andy Ngo. St. Louis, […]

WATCH: St. Louis Police Officer Demanding Sex ‘Knew Exactly What He Was Doing’

In June 2015, Brittany Walker was six months pregnant when, she says, a St. Louis police officer coerced her into giving him oral sex. She had called the police for help after her estranged husband took the family car, but says the officer who showed up had something different on his mind. “Are you freaky?” […]

WATCH: St. Louis County Police Reprimand 11 MetroLink Officers in Investigation Into Covered Security Cameras

ST. LOUIS COUNTY – Eleven St. Louis County police officers assigned to patrol MetroLink were issued written reprimands — some for loitering in Metro security offices and others for covering security cameras in the offices. County police, in a news release issued Friday, also said several other allegations of misconduct were determined to be “unfounded […]

St. Louis Police Are Now Under Federal Investigation For Violating Protesters’ Civil Rights

This week, the FBI and the Justice Department opened investigations into the conduct of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officers for unconstitutional actions during protests in September. The federal investigation is just the latest in a string of actions by courts and community leaders to hold the St. Louis police accountable for its systemic abuses […]

Louis C.K. Accused of Sexual Misconduct by Multiple Women

In 2002, a Chicago comedy duo, Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov, landed their big break: a chance to perform at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colo. When Louis C.K. invited them to hang out in his hotel room for a nightcap after their late-night show, they did not think twice. The bars […]

St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Conflict Of Interest

Above Photo: Dave Phillips/ Flickr Police sergeant Brian Rossomanno lines his pockets with police budget It has finally come to the attention to the majority of St. Louis residents that Sgt. Brian Rossomanno’s national security contracting business, 0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC, is contracted to train the police department. Beyond this being a glaring conflict of interest, […]

City Of St. Louis Feeling Effects Of Ongoing Protests

Above Photo: Protesters March Down  I-64 in STL Tuesday evening 10/3/17. Richard Reilly-@rrconstructor on ig and twitter. Google is blocking our site. Please use the social media sharing buttons (upper left) to share this on your social media and help us breakthrough. St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Has an Epiphany After 19 days of protesting, it seems that […]

Mass Arrests In St. Louis As Police Brutality Protests Continue

Above Photo: Twitter screengrab – @nassimbnchabane Police in St. Louis conducted mass arrests on Tuesday night after a group of activists blocked traffic on a city highway in the latest protest against former police officer Jason Stockley’s acquittal for the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, an unarmed black man. Faced with a heavily armored police line […]

[WATCH] St. Louis Cops Caught on Video Beating Mentally Ill Man with Baton and Punches

St. Louis Metropolitan police were caught on video viciously beating a mentally ill man because he wouldn’t respond to orders of “put your fucking hands behind your back” – once again reminding us why it’s best to never call police when dealing with family issues. After all, you can’t expect help from people who are […]

Calls For Resignation Of St. Louis Police Chief

Above: Protesters Outside of Stadium. Photo by Danny Wicentowski Protesters marching through downtown St. Louis on September 25, 2017 focused on a matter ripped from the headlines  — the treatment of black officers on the city’s police force. Then they called for the resignation of Acting Police Chief Lawrence O’Toole. The group originally assembled at Market and […]

St. Louis Police Declare All-Out War On Protesters, Media And Even Themselves

Before Circuit Judge Timothy Wilson found Police Officer Jason Stockley not guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, St. Louis activists and religious leaders warned that it could get ugly. They said they were going to “shut it down.” They were right about the “ugly” part. Since then, every corner […]

St. Louis Police Declare “We’re In Control” As Crackdown On Protests Enters Fifth Day

Above Photo: Protesters marched in silence down Market Street in St. Louis on Monday, marking the fourth day of demonstrations since a former police officer was acquitted in the 2011 shooting death of a black man.CreditCristina Fletes/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, via Associated Press “We’re in control,” announced the head of the St. Louis, Missouri Police Department, Lawrence […]

Police Tactics Kettling, Mass Arrests Questioned In St. Louis

Above Photo: From Note: After the acquittal of a police officer there have been days of protests in St. Louis. Police have made matters worse because of their reaction to the protests. Police have used the technique of “kettling” i.e, trapping protesters and arresting all of them. Police corral everyone in the area behind a […]

Disturbing Video of St. Louis Police Indiscriminately Pepper Spraying People On The Ground With Hands Up

Download your free copy now. Source Article from 00

More Than 80 Arrested As Riot Police Break Up St. Louis Protest Over Officer’s Acquittal

Above Photo: Men protest outside the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department after the not guilty verdict in the murder trial of Jason Stockley, a former St. Louis police officer, charged with the 2011 shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith, who was black, in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., September 15, 2017. REUTERS/Whitney Curtis T. LOUIS (Reuters) – More […]

Army of protesters, some flashing guns, swarm St. Louis, trash mayor’s home, injure cops, in night of rage

Source: BizPac Review St. Louis, Missouri braced itself for protests following the verdict on the Stockley trial, in which police officer Jason Stockley was found not guilty for shooting and killing a black man after a car chase. But the demonstrations Friday night were more violent than city officials had anticipated–reaching the […]

St. Louis Police Chant ‘Whose Streets? Our Streets’ While Making Arrests During Protests

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[WATCH] St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Breaking Out Culpepper’s Restaurant Window During Protest

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Louis Farrakhan: “They’re Developing A Patsy For The Murder Of The President”

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan spoke earlier this year at “Saviour’s Day” about the assassination of President Donald Trump, and said that there was a development taking place to ensure there was a patsy for his murder. “Right now, they’re developing a patsy for the murder of the president,” he said. “These wicked people, […]

St. Louis Police Officer Executed Man and Planted a Gun in His Car

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No Cameras and No Jury For Ex-St. Louis Police Officer on Trial For Murder

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St. Louis County cops brazenly cover up camera to hide their corruption

     Newly-disclosed documents show St. Louis County police sleeping on the job, lounging in a security office, and even covering a security camera to hide it. St. Louis County Police have made headlines for highly questionable conduct on the job, as newly obtained public records reveal officers slacking en masse for cell phone time, sleeping […]

Protest Inhumane Conditions In St. Louis Jail

Above photo: By @ktbcn6278 on Twitter. St. Louis, MO – St. Louis police in riot gear used pepper spray to disperse protests Friday outside a jail that has drawn intense criticism for not having air-conditioning while the city has faced a heat wave. About 200 people demonstrated for the closure of the St. Louis Workhouse, a medium-security […]

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